When you’re happy and you know it…clap your hands

Ahhhh, yay…something to do! It’s 3:30am and I just this minute finished a painting and am happy with it. I ended tearing up the baby Heaven painting…argument with Jesse and let’s just say……I got pissed. Yup, 8 hours in….I tore it off completely. Then I began a Khalifa photo. I have just finished. See, this has taken 6 hours last night and 10 hours today. 16 hours. Am I really supposed to sell something that took 16 full hours for cheap? My hubby wants me to charge $30 an hour to cover all the costs. Me….All I know is….I took my clothes off for $17 an hour….I think I should at least charge $20 an hour, since I’m growing the goat, washing the fleece, buying other fleeces, and pouring my all into it. Seems fair. If I only work 8 hours, then that’s a $160 painting. I placed those for sale at $50-75. See, I’m selling myself short, cuz I need money. Dang. On top of that……my son and I are going round and round about my art. He actually wanted to needle it himself tonight to fix my errors. Finally, I let him. In the end, he was on the right track but still. His interference is too hard on a weak esteem artist. Like…..not only did I tear the other painting up, but tonight, he comes in and asks…begs, to see it. I say no…he begs more. Finally I let him see it and without him even seeing the photo I’m going by, he says…the head is awful big. Ayyyyyyyyyye! Well, guess what. It may be 3:30am, but I knew I was getting there, so I didn’t stop. I didn’t stop till I knew it was right. I am so happy right now. That’s what happens when I get it right. I get on a high. I am high right now. Gosh, I can’t wait for you to see. This is rare. This is definitely rare. I think I’m happy with it, eh???? Gosh….just posted it on FB and now I’m finding it’s flaws. So typical. Oh, and I may be complaining about Jesse’s interference, but it has happened, so it must be meant to be. And…….he was right about shifting the snout over to the right. Thank you Jesse and thank you Father for the life I live, as I live it. You are so kind this half of my life.

I sat with the girls today for about an hour. Haven’t done that in awhile, but there was a breeze due to possible rain, which did arrive, I ran and helped Jesse put a tarp over the feed on the buggy, then went right back to the girls. It was cool. They’re so cool. It’s always interesting to see which ones come for attention. Etta is always first in line, along with Georgia, but today Milly came too. And Flower always comes, and today, Mimi hung out with me too. Milky is still hovering, but not approaching extremely close. I dumped out one of my rarely used tool bags and turned it into a kidding bag. At the moment, inside it is…..vaseline, KY jelly, a box of gloves, gloves in a baggie(so they all don’t get contaminated when I reach in), a box of ziplock baggies for colostrum or milking, 2 small towels, iodine and a small container for it, scissors and a hair dryer. That’s it for the moment. Well, it’s very late….I’ve calmed some and now to calm all the way, I need to stop typing. Night night sweet ones. You are very good people…know that. Not kidding. Even my son says…..you have good people. Nice people. Yes, I certainly do. Night night nice people. 4:06am = 1 = beginnings. Oh ya….my friend Tracee found my niche. I shall do commissioned works of peoples animals…goats, dogs…ya. Why not. In fact, she commissioned one already. Gorgeous baby Elmer, the only Pinto she got this year. Most awesome. 😀

Not much sleep after going to bed at 5am, but I got up at noon and am draggin. Had to take hubby’s truck to be dropped off, then we went to Walmart. Got $3 towels for kidding. Came home, and the…well, all but 2, of the baby boys were out. They squeezed through. Khalifa and Buddha were still inside crying their hearts out so I let them out for a bit. Don’t want them out too long after Khalifa’s limping the other day, but a few minutes outta be ok. Finally reached the people who rent the FeltLOOM..they were outta country! Best time for me to come is in the morning. Ouch. Still so tired. I’ll try to not paint tonight so I can maybe go to sleep early. Jesse says he’ll come with me if I let him drive some. No license. Hmmm. Hate going that far…country roads the whole way…2 hours…alone. Hmmm. Isn’t that extortion? He’s 20, should be driving but due to his mistakes and the systems flaws…..nope. We get to feel like criminals. If we had the damn money to pay the fines, we’d have paid them! Rediculous to keep someone from driving, ie, holding a job……..over money. Give the kid a license…you might get your money faster, eh? Gee, a no brainer. Oh jeeze…speaking of no brainers…….scientists set to release GMO insects. No brains. NONE whatsoever……and they wanna call themselves scientists. Ha…the smart people. Ya right. Idiots. Sorry Father. Idiots!!!!!

Hubby is out there taking another round bale away from around the boys house. Only 1 or 2 left….he’ll have to buy more and stick em there for the winter is all I know. Not much of a house without walls, eh? Well, think it’s been long enough for Khalifa. Better go put them up. Not easy since they’ve already been fed. Maybe peanuts will do the trick. Well, guess that’s all unless I remember something I just Have to tell ya. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















4 thoughts on “When you’re happy and you know it…clap your hands

  1. That’s my biggest problem with calling myself an artist, that reluctance to charge what I know things are worth. But when we don’t, we not only sell ourselves short, we undercut every other artist out there. We create a false impression that, as a fiber artist, our creations are worth less than if we worked with paint or clay or some other medium. I know it’s hard when you feel that you need money now (boy howdie, do I know how hard it is!), but set your prices where they need to be. Set the expectation that you are worth the money.

    When someone tells me they want to raise animals so they can have cheap fiber, I laugh. Raising it is the most expensive way of getting fiber! Not that I’m giving up my beasties, but it is way cheaper to buy exactly the fleeces I want.

    • Oh man. Ya….cheap fiber! Ha! Nothin cheap about it. Ya…I know. It’s just so frustrating to wait and build and build then release the art and….nothin. They like em…but no buying. Yikes. Ill try. ❤

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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