lookin for my Niche……..?

I have been working so hard, so fast, so furious, that I had no idea what time it was, I am only on my 2nd beer and it is 1am. I posted 7 or 8 of my paintings last night. Took a lot of bravery. Hehe. Afterward, it became apparent that people liked the goat. So….I’m doin another goat. Still have one in process but shoot, may start that one over. Seem to have figured things out. Going about it different, sorta…not much, but subtly. Ye know what folks….I think I’ve finally, finally found my one thing. Sure, I do and will do other things but this is my one thing I can do that not all others can. My tiny niche. After praying and praying, everytime I think I’ve found it…I haven’t. I think this time, maybe I have. I’ll just follow this latest trend with my art and see where it takes me. It’s so fresh….just evolving as I type. My style is changing. My way is changing. As I learn, I grow. So, right now….I have chosen to do a portrait of Heaven. Baby Heaven…much younger than now, but not that much difference. Thing is…….I started it tonight and I already see her. I see her in there and so does Jesse. Just gotta tweak her out…pull, contort and whatever means necessary. I think I’m gaining confidence.

Got sucked in again and it’s now 3am. Kinda lost her but I know she’s still in there. Sweet sweet Heaven, who I had to woo, and I did until that worming day when Jesse caught her by her fur as she ran. Nope, no more trust. Had to be done, but I hate the distance. She’s so sweet she made it into the Billy the Goat story. She has mouth markings that look like a smile. Still nursing, as I saw the other day. Once she’s shorn…I wonder if I’ll see it again. Oh my gosh, speaking of that….I’m starting to get excited. Keep telling Jesse we need to pull those 8 ft weeds so I can see into the pen from the Rv, should I move into it. I’m not positive I will, but once it starts, bet nothing can stop me. One month. One whole month span they can be born in. Yuk and yikes but what the heck, it is the best way to cover them all. I just saw another blogger say that her cashmere goats really only breed in the fall. Hmmm. We shall see.

It’s hard to wrap my brain around. It’s not something typical. Babies in as soon as a week! Am I ready? Nope. Better get ready then. Gotta shear fast fast fast and wash more towels and buy more if possible. New jar of Vaseline and gloves too. Better dump my Iphone photos quick too so I have room for babies! Oh my gosh…..babies! Let the fun begin! Night night sweeters….night night. 3:20am = 5 = change.

I decided to shear a Pretty today, Happy…..cuz first of all, she had a premie last year that died, so in case she goes early….I want her ready. Also, she’s a Pretty, which means a Bitch to shear, so got that outta the way. She actually let us shear her blanket with no problems. After that…Katie bar the door. But…….we gotter done. It was so hot, we all nearly overheated. Then, we began the horrible chore of pulling the 8 ft weeds. We helped some, but it was mostly Jesse, boy that kid is strong. Then he told us just to go inside and he’d finish and we did and he did. Looks great, now I can see into the birthing pen.

There’s a product out there if you haven’t heard, that just about anyone can find a use for. SUGRU. A silicone material that can be molded, sticks to things and cures at room temperature. I can envision so many uses but I saw on the video that someone else already thought of the iphone cord. I use black electrical tape to give support to the cord where it meets hardware…else it breaks. This stuff would be even better. So many possibilities! It’s finally being sold to the US, so grab you some!!! Someone put some on the spine of their book to hold a pencil. Handles for felting needles!!! Sure, I can make em outta sculpey but this stuff cures without an oven. Need to order me some, but gotta wait till I earn more money. I ordered the beatbox and now I’m broke again. I also want some specific wool. It’s a cross breed but their fiber is tee tiny little curls. Need me some.

The painting I started last night….has changed from the photograph I was going by. It began as a baby laying down, and has evolved into a head neck portrait….almost a future Heaven. What she would look like next year. If I look at it like that….it’s working out great. If I look at it like it’s still supposed to be baby Heaven…..arrrgh. I don’t suppose it really matters does it. Baby goat, adult goat…it’s still a nice painting of a good lookin goat! Maybe it wants to be an older version of Heaven. Lol.

Ahhhh, it’s Friday. Good and bad. Get to sorta rest, but on the other hand….so many need sheared right now and doing one a day is just not cutting it. The new food plan is working. We are mixing the new and old together, literally mixing. No more poopy butts. Crystal is looking even better today and Kiwi spent the day browsing for greenies, with the others. I’m so happy everyone is doing ok….finally. This is the worst worm season in my 5 yr history. It’s over, at least the worm storm is over. I am so very grateful………..and a big thank you to all my friends who helped spot issues via the photos. Yay! Well, I guess I’ll talk to ya Sunday if all goes well. Have a grand weekend! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps….I ended up lowering the prices of the paintings already. Find them here… https://www.facebook.com/MamaSheri4444/media_set?set=a.10151855076727248.1073741827.746562247&type=3

















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