Good news, good news, good news and some old bad news….

Hmmm, I shall try this again. A gremlin invaded my last attempt. I finally finished the portrait of my daughter….called Jesse down to make sure…I so wanted to be done. I’d been working on this one forever. He said it was good. Not great but good, since it only sorta looked like Summer. He is right. I tried everything. I’m just not there yet. This was my first official human portrait. The self portrait was simply an oval with eyes, nose mouth, etc. added. This one was done more like a painting would be done. Layers of color. Even though I’ve posted it and I keep saying aloud….I’m so embarrassed, I’m so embarrassed…..I still have pride in it because it’s my first. My true first. Yup…..the gremlin was an angel….I hear ya! ( my first blog attempt) The first attempt was too dark. This one is bright. Speaking of bright…..I signed the painting with rainbow firestar. Of course. Hehe, I am all about rainbows ye know. I’m having shooting tingles in my wrist. From typing? Needling? Squeezing the stress ball hubby brought home tonight along with a wheeled gun range bag. Seriously? Well, in honesty, bullets are heavy so a wheeled bag is great, but 2 bags????? Hehe. He’s going gung ho. It’s very late and I need to go to bed soon so sayanara people. Night night. 2:55am = 3 = trinity….= holy. Hmmm, guy on movie just said…your Spirit annoys me. Hehe….when I’m up and happy…..does my Spirit annoy you? Night!

Oh goodness, it’s a good news morning! First up…..Crystals fluid roll is dissolving!!! She’s getting better! Kiwi is still alive and up! AND……drumroll………………Georgia, is with child…lol, kid. We sheared her today and with that belly, yup….for sure. Tried to feel the baby’s movements many times, but lil Cali wasn’t cooperating. Yup…..named it Cali….if a boy, Caliboy. Mea!!!!!! Aren’t you thrilled????? Mea loves Georgia. Oh, but I’m not done!!! We then wormed the mitey goats. Both boys and girls. The girls are improving finally, and Socrates is cured. CURED!!! He can now join Einstein & Darwin in the big pasture with the boys. Beautiful dark gray curls. Even DaVinci is improving more finally. His side when I pull the curl away…is beautiful blonde curls. However, he still has some on his hind end, so he stays. Nobles is pretty much at the beginning of his treatments, so he’s still a mess.

Lisa texted me yesterday to say she would be dying some black curls, how much did I need? Isn’t that awesome? She remembered me needing black! Oh, that reminds me. Time before last in Walmart….I was able to buy sponge to needlefelt on. Right after I start the craft….they no longer carry it. How frustrating. Gonna force me all the way into Austin now. I have to run into town now to put money in the bank so I can order the next thing for Jesse. The beatbox. The music maker software, cheapo stuff, is on the old cheapo laptop….so he still has to create music there. With the beatbox, he can create better music on the better laptop. He will improve immensely.

Back from town. Went avisitin when I got back. So many huge bellies. One day I’m sayin….oh, I don’t know…no bellies…..and other days….wowza. Today was a wowza day. Belle and Happy look the biggest. Course, they still have their coats. True test will be when the coats come off. Now that I’ve seen the Georgia belly…….I’m getting excited. Oh ya….if Georgia has a girl, instead of a state….like Cali, if she has a girl…I’m thinkin Peaches. Oh….and for Milky???? Chocolate. Hehe, Chocolate and Milky. Lol. My Kiwi has a bald patch from fever on his belly….just like Picasso’s entire body. Its thick rough skin. Need to shear him if I want to salvage his coat cuz it just falls off of gets horned off. Oh ya…. Crystal is mad at me. I took her coat. She’s not speaking to me now. That little Flower is so sweet. And her fiber is so cool. Still looks blue mixed with brown. She’s still lost in the herd, but she just stays on the outside now…with Crystal. I guess Milly doesn’t want Crystal around anymore. It’s her first girl baby that I know of. She’s just used to her babies being removed cuz they’re boys. Funny thing…it took me forever to bond with Milly. Didn’t much like her the first year or two but I sure loves her now! So now the two baby girls hang out together….on the far edge of the herd. Like…..where the shade ends….just before that, is where you’ll find those two. Either that or roaming the fields cuz they no longer get milk. Oh, and the purple on Crystal? I made an oops. At the last second, while cleaning up some we saw under armpits…I went to get that last bit and dang…made a tiny nip. Purple stuff just in case. Georgia was a good girl today…a first!!!! She stayed fairly still until we did her feet. Also, we are learning which goats do better with feed while being shorn. Georgia should be fed. Crystal too. Some goats get worse while eating. Feel it out. And some are so good you wouldn’t even need to consider it.

Someone just offered up some pink Shetland fiber with vm, for free, just pay shipping. I‘m gonna split it with another lady. Good deal for me. It’ll be great for portraits….and yes, I shall do more. And I shall improve. Baby kitten is doing well. Getting along with the other cats as the days go by and eating more and more. Very playful. Breathing is nearly normal and sneezes are way down. I think we have made it folks. With all of them. I think the summer crisis is over. I may as well share this now, so I don’t feel so bad. I did lose another goat that y’all don’t know about. She was a sweet older gal who had a severe case of mites. I had her nearly cured, then I introduced the new feed. Long story and I won’t go into detail for several reasons….but the poor dear died of bloat. True bloat. She was alive long enough for me to say goodbye and tell her to go to the light. Then she left. But not before I realized that the sweet girl had been CURED of the mites. That made goat #3 cured. But dead from bloat. Trust me…I know why she died and we are living with it. Mostly a case of new food and too much food. That situation has been remedied. I know there are those out there who would be upset to hear of her passing…that’s why I kept quiet. She was loved. Well, she was loved here too….we just made a mistake. Had her healed, but still made a mistake. Her name was Hope. I called her Hopi. Sorry Lisa, Deb. I really loved my Hopi, and she grew to love me too. We went through a lot together dealing with those dang mites. That was a few weeks ago. Today, I was ready to tell you…also… let you know that that is now 4….FOUR goats cured from severe mites….now that we can count Socrates. Ok…I went over my word limit, but wanted to share about Hope. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














2 thoughts on “Good news, good news, good news and some old bad news….

  1. Ugh, I just LOVE her, I love the look she gives the camera and the way she stands. I just want to kiss her face. Any udder yet?
    I am sorry you lost Hopi. I was thinking that the roll is the edema resolving itself. I noticed it on one of mine today.

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