when you compare yourself….

Wow. I just wasted away an entire night. I think I just watched a movie. That’s it. No multitasking. Been forever since I’ve done that. Wasn’t planned and I didn’t even know I did it, till I just looked at the clock and realized it’s nearly 1 am. I did weigh out some fiber for someone though. And I did look at and check out my new “range bag” hubby brought me tonight….to carry my own bullets around I guess, lol. He also bought targets. I get to shoot here. How cool is that. Figured out the perfect spot for it. Up on the tractor graveyard. Pitiful stark place now. Once was home to old timey and less old timey tractor parts and implements ….like where they had gone to die. A few vehicles and trucks as well. It’s on top of the clay pit on a ridge. My husband thought of it as trash and allowed salvage people to come haul it away for scrap metal prices. HIGH at the time. Anyway…there are a few mounds, tiny hills….that we can put the target on and not hurt a thing…to practice for the test. I’m not kidding about the holster. I want one. To wear around the ranch when I want to. Then I’ll be comfortable when I Need to wear it…should that ever arise. Whenever I doubt myself in something like this….my brain always pulls up the memory of me sharpening my nails into points, daggars really, and then needing them to save my life a week later.

I wonder if I’ve told that story. The baby had poo problems and needed karo syrup in his bottle. There was a molestation issue going on at the time…one of the boys did it…still don’t know which one, but the mother of one….Bobby’s sister, (hubby), was living two doors up in the woods and the karo syrup was at her place. I needed it. She thought I was saying her son molested, so…….she grabbed a flashlight, while I’m standing there with grocery sacks of the baby’s things strung up my arms and I’m carrying his baby bathtub. She beat me in the head with the flashlight…had me pinned to the ground while her hubby stood above us and watched. I dug my daggar nails in her arms and she bears those scars forever. Her hubby, my friend…ha….finally said enough and she stopped. Bobby’s mom then wanted me to press attempted murder charges against her daughter. Nice family, eh? I was bloody and bruised but no…I did not press those charges.

I’ve had a fairly wild life folks. I definitely musta signed up for “experience” when I was in heaven filling out papers to come to earth. I think I also checked….hates meditation. Can’t get third eye open, and a gazillion artistic desires spread out immensely. And now, here I am…..sitting here in a house in the country with a ton of critters, wondering if my favorite goat has an extremely heavy worm load or a roll. I think the consensus is its worms. Daggum. This is getting old. Well, the girls are getting wormed tomorrow and hopefully some sheared too, and I’ll be collecting baby poo to look for coccidia just to make sure. I didn’t see any before but I’ll look at more. Cuz that’s a different medicine which I now have the meds for if needed. I’ve been watching for these worms. For any worms. I have the scope, I’m trying. And on that note, while Baby kitten is playing with me, I shall say goodnight and sweet dreams to you all good folk. Tomorrow then. 2:14am = 7 = holy. Ya!

Nearly fell out with heat exhaustion. Got Milky sheared for2 reasons….to relieve her of the gross poopybutt that can’t feel good….and to get ready in case she’s pregnant. Can’t tell. No bag and no huge belly. Then, we wormed everyone in the L. That’s when the heat, got me. But we got em all. Still need to do Billy and Khalifa today too. Milky was a dream on the stand…absolutely still. Love her little black spots. She was finally letting me touch her, wonder if this sets us back. Yay, Billy and friend completed. And, I just came in from double duty peanut divvy and photos. The answer is definitive. They prefer raw. I always get raw but heard either way was ok, so this time I got cooked. They ate em, but not with their usual vigor. Introduced em to the baby boys too.

Made an art discovery today. The art I’ve been comparing mine to, is not quite done like mine. I wondered and I wondered and now I understand. It’s simply done differently. Now, I just accept the Sheri challenge, to achieve that level….but my way. I no longer need to be envious. Huge relief. Really glad I figured that out. It feels like……breathe. Yes. Ironic though that I would choose the best…..to hold mine up to for standards, eh??? Yup, that’s me. I have an eye for the good stuff, even the best. Stick me in a barn full of awesome angora goats and I will show you the best one. When shopping……my eye is always drawn to the best. Hubby laughs. So, when you compare yourself to what you consider the best…..ya, gonna fall short….till you don’t. Goal? Hmmm, lol, hopefully.

Ahhh, pizza dough made and rising. Check. Stomach growling, (rare)…check. Plans for today achieved….check. Exhausted…..check. Seriously not feeling well exhausted….yuppers. Ok….think I’ve recovered enough to go roll out the dough. Hope it’s not so hot tomorrow….too much to do. Well prettycool people…..love ya! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














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