loose ends everywhere……..

Ok. I’ve been pondering. Well, more like things are coming at me for me to contemplate. I used to say I didn’t want to be famous. Well, I think that’s not entirely true. Apparently, it’s the loss of privacy I deplore, not the fact that people know who I am. I was watching a movie the other night and it hit me with a whammo. I do want to be known. Doesn’t everyone have that wish? That desire? I’m speaking from my heart, as usual and asking the question. Do you wish you could be famous? Or known? Recognized? If it didn’t include the paparazzi? How many of you have wanted to write a book but didn’t cuz you heard how hard it is to be published? How many would try if they knew they had a chance? Oh man…I’d love to start a publishing company called…..A Chance. Ya, grandiose ideas. That’s me.

Baby kitten is improving by leaps and bounds. He just plain looks better. He’s playful now and he’s beginning to trust. He prefers to be carried on your hand instead of held. Smooch, I used to wad up my teeShirt and lop her everywhere I went in the house…sometimes even outside. It’s really getting back to normal after Wiz, quick. I have to note…..when hubby’s animals die…they get grand treatment. They get a deep proper hole dug and they get huge rocks placed on top and huge flat rocks as headstones. When my animals die……they get mama’s tears and usually mama’s wailing….a too shallow grave with lyme thrown in to hurry the matter, hehehe…matter…..sorry for the pun. NOT. And prayers for their safe arrival at their destination of choice in Heaven. Sometimes the pups dig them up, sometimes we can prevent it. I’m not sure which is best at this point….the royal graves or the pauper prayer graves.

I showed Summer her painting. She wants me to fix the mouth and the right eye and leave it. Hehe. I showed her the baby goat that I was considering ripping up to reuse the background and she flipped. NO!……….. Charge $500! Lol. Silly girl. So I posted it on FB with my 9 oclock blog link and everyone said KEEP it. So I shall. One said….I expected it to be worse!!! Hehe….love that. I’m just a real girl….attempting to be a real artist…..and having doubts. Usual stuff! Hehe, a girl…I still refer to myself as a girl….! Night night sweeties. 1:45am = 1 = beginnings.

Well, it’s late in the day. Jesse ran to town for scissors, yes…I let him go. Prayed the whole time he wouldn’t get stopped. Cathy and I took the stanchion out under the tree the girls were under and since we were just planning to clean up Crystals poopy butt, we only took scissors… but when we saw how much hay was in the fleece….we took it! That fleece is mine now! Poor baby. Even her mommy is acting like she doesn’t know her. She did fine for the blanket portion but danced the rest of the day and we were using scissors. Yuk. Took forever. The goats had followed Cathy when she went to get something. They didn’t follow her back and Crystal kept crying. Etta walks up. Alone. I said, Etta…can you call Milly over? She went……..maaa maaa and onward came the herd! Awesome. There will be a photo of Crystal on the stand and the goats coming that way…yup. Crystal had a very strange stomach roll……it didn’t feel like fluid but I am worming them tomorrow anyway. Folds, flaps, rolls and dulaps…..sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s normal or not. Kiwi however…..has no more fluid. But he does still have a cough and now a runny nose. I’m giving him the rest of Wiz’s antibiotic. I’m on the hunt for a new vet. No luck so far. But yay on the no fluid!!! Jesse hollered across the way when he was feeding….Mom! Kiwi’s legs are good again! Yup, I know! Now…..to get my hands on more antibiotic. Would rather not do the shot stuff on the baby. On the other hand…..Kachina had a snotty nose before she died. Arrrgh. I’m just prayin.

Hmmmm, I’m having a brain fart and don’t know what else to say. Oh ya!!! I have one favorite scissor….Walmart….westcott. They went and changed em!!! That just really really irks me. You have no idea how many damn scissors I’ve bought to determine the ones that work best and they go and change em???? I’m just hoping that Jesse got the wrong ones. And another thing. The pups apparently cornered a raccoon last night who is now laying outside the front gate….and I’m still waiting to see all the birds….not all accounted for yet….plus…there is a yukky wet spot on Geezer, like he’s been licking a wound. Not great. Oi ve!!!! Just discovered…….he got the wrong scissors! YES!!!!! His screw up is forgiven, but not the potatoes. No potatoes. Had to have mac n cheese boxed last night cuz they were in the truck…..guess what…still in the truck. Roast and???????? Jeeze louise. Oh…..rest of the birds have come home and all are now accounted for except one brown duck…surely shes out there too. Oh man, so happy they didn’t change the scissors. The difference is astronomical. The blades are too thick on the pair that’s $6.47. The right ones are $6.97. He held the new pair against the old pair and they didn’t line up together. Completely different. Like I didn’t know. When the scissors don’t slide under the hair…….I know. I’ve stepped on Baby kitten twice today…….now he sees my boots comin and he runs. One of those days I guess. Is mercury retrograde still??? LOL. Well, I better hang this up before something elses yukky happens. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.


















4 thoughts on “loose ends everywhere……..

  1. MamaSheri you looked great at the range with your little black B’day present. I support women arming themselves, and yay for the concealed carry. Keep up the great work with the fiber art. I’m proud of you for your recovery from the depression. You are a strong beautiful woman, just like my wife, who also doesn’t see how strong and beautiful she is. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Skip! Ya, I’m ready to protect myself, and hubby got targets tonight to shoot here!!!! I’m working on the art….still judging bit still working. And yes….we women can be do hard on ourselves it’s rediculous. :)). ❤

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

  2. I am assuming Crystal is the white sheared goat with the black one smelling her bum. That is some roll going on there, not sure what to make of it. Odd thing is in the picture where she is scratching, the roll has moved forward and can be seen in front of her front legs. I hope you figure it out

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