Mama can shoot………….!

I AM getting eyes to see. I AM growing spiritually and art talently and lovingly and knowingly and everythingly. I guess this is my world now. Tiny spurts of yuk, amidst the joyous path of green. I can handle that. The 38 years of depression, now that is another matter entirely. Noway nohow do I wanna do that crap again. I AM so very grateful for the fast and speedy shifts that I now go through. I’m on an up moment in time right now. Odd, since my kitten just died. On the other hand…I have more kittens. Life balances. I even helped life to balance this time. I participated. I got the new kitten before the old kitten passed. Speaking of kitten…he played with me tonight. Still not well, has stuff oozing from his eyes and I was wishing I had antibiotics for him. Then I remembered I had Wiz’s. So, Baby kitten is now taking antibiotics. Made me want to call the cat vet I took Wiz to and ask for another dose….but for Kiwi. If the antibiotics were to reduce the water swell in the cat, why wouldn’t they work in a goat???? That would be lying though if they ask me about Wiz. I’ll just have a chat and see what they know about goats. I need a new vet, after all. Seriously.

Jesse and I had talked about letting Kiwi out and giving him a friend, Buddha….since the others were being typical boys and Kiwi is unwell. Jesse decided to let them out. As time crept, I grew uncomfortable. So, I ended up getting Kiwi and Buddha into the pen and the others out. Then that bothered me. I went out cuz the two were crying and something startled the other 4, it was nearly dark, and they came flying like a bullet towards their pen. I let them in. We will separate them tomorrow. OR…, that’s just it….there are always options. OR…..we leave them there together where they are cuz we believe they are now healing from the meds. Oh ya….Buddha looked off tonight too so we wormed him. The plan is to worm everyone this week. Again! Gosh I hate this. Got a new bottle of Cydectin. Hate this. Oh well. It is what it is. I just put an expired bottle of cydectin in the cupboard in case of catastrophe and I need something…but point is…a whole bottle expired??? Obviously not many worm issues. Yikes…..I hate ending on a wormy note……but hey, ashes to ashes. Hehehehe. Night night sweetest of sweet friends and readers. 3:05am = 8 = infinity…..and beyond!!!!! Hehehe.

It’s 5:30 and I’m just now getting back to this. We have been at the shooting range most of the day. A whole ton of that time was spent listening to long stories and long descriptions of things about guns. Very slow talkin. Lol, I was ready to bust and grab my gun and head on back, but I didn’t know where Back was. I thought I did really well, until I asked and they guy said I need to strengthen my arms cuz I shook too much. Hubby made me shoot his 40 and his Judge. Don’t like them. I do however, like my new tiny gun. So, I have to get squeezy balls to build up my arm muscle cuz the concealed license requires fast shooting. Not much aim and for that you need strength. Go figure. But in the end…..I am relieved to find out that I’m still a good shot. The glasses didn’t phase a thing. Hubby tried to get me to shoot the big black long thing with the scope…ie, the coyote shooter and the guy got me outta that one, yay….saying it might kick too much. Actually, the whole lot of us did pretty well…….and after finally getting to shoot my birthday present….I can tell you….I love it. Yay.

Rain. We want it, we need it and today, we got it. Course I had to drive an hour home in it then feed in it and the goats gotta eat in it…..but rain it is and beggars shouldn’t be choosy. The only cover for the baby boy pen is the house eave, so they all line up against the house. Both the boys look good and both are still eating. Soaking wet mind you, but eating. Out in the L…..I was amazed. Two houses to get into and many trees to get under….yet they were all soaked to the bone. So wet that their colors were brilliant. Yup….it is definitely time to get back to shearing. Not that we ever really stopped. It seems it’s year round here now. I do however, have around 20 less goats….that should help some. Tomorrow I really hope I get to clean poor Crystals butt some. It’s just a mess, and it can’t feel good. Right now, it’s almost a race to shear. To shear the babies, who apparently I can’t wait for their 6 month mark….or I get a completely trashed fleece….as it is, I’ll get a partially trashed fleece. Why don’t I let myself shear them at 4-5 months????? Arggh. And there are 4 possibly pregos that are due for shear. The rest will need crutched…, curls removed from backends and back legs….so babies can find the teats….if there are babies. I still don’t know. I’ll never forget the year I swore Maya musta gotten out somehow cuz I kept taking photos of her lay9ing down looking like she’d pop with triplets any minute. Nope. No baby. So….it’s a wait till the bitter end…then finally you’re sure.

Last night, I worked on a new painting…got a decent looking tree finally, then worked on Summers portrait….no better still….and even decorated a dark dull dream catcher, just for fun. Musta been feelin creative last night, eh? Maybe I’m getting a bit better in that department. Ha…..and it kept me up till 4am!!! 65/8888888888888888888888888888888jkdxl23hgsys6saaaaaaaaa…………….hmmmm, someones gaining weight!!! Hehe, he’s playing now too. Hilarious…so tiny… see him swipe at Smooch….so cute. I wish my Kiwi wasn’t soaked to the bone. Well, I guess it’s time. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















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