Butterflies in heaven……

Well, I’ve been working for hours on a painting that I know isn’t working yet I keep going. What’s up with that? Ii mean seriously….it’s obvious. Oh ya…..I’m practicing. Oi ve. This is so hard sometimes. Hard and good at the same time. Like a sour sucker with bubble gum inside. Sweet sweet bubble gum. Bubble YUM. See, there are pleasant surprise benefits to my blogging occasionally. This is one. I was upset, till I wrote those words. Now I get it , so why be upset? So, we have to understand. We have to Get It. Jesse and I constantly find ourselves in argument due to him not getting the WHY of something I’m doing. Or something that’s happening that he perceives as happening to him, which it is, but it’s also happening to others around him. Or around me or you. I’m just using him as an example. Oh, and about the silly practice painting. Gotta call em that, to stay sane. Well, I kept needing some dark, like black….finally out of frustration, my eyes glanced wildly about the room and what did my eyes see? Black alpaca fiber hanging off the edge of another in process painting. Haha!!!!! Got me some black!!!! The alpaca is the background but sometimes it hangs over…so, I now have a source for black. Yeehaw!

I’m asking God for the eyes to see. The eyes to see how to portray what I see, or what is in my mind. Cathy said some people got the blessing of added talent in the bible so she would pray for it for me, how cool is that?????? Oh dear….some of you don’t know. Wiz passed Friday night, very late. It was a horrendous death. I’ve seen aplenty. If only. If only I’d known he would go that night, I would have had him put down, which only takes seconds. This took hours. It started around 7pm and went till 1 or 2am. There were many cries and then in the end…screams and several death throes. Just horrid. We prayed and prayed. Funny, I met some people today at the restaurant hubby chose for lunch. The lady, Donna, liked my pouch, then my hair, then invited us to sit with her when there were no tables. They cleaned us one right next to them and next thing I know, I’ve picked up my plate and my drink and left my table and joined theirs. Little ole hermit Sheri. We had a grand visit. Her husband was an original Haight Ashbury hippy and he showed me photos of old historic hippy signs and cars and buses. Too cool. Their last name was…………..Pray. Honest! It almost seemed like they were angels. Also, everywhere we went today, people were being really friendly. Fascinating. Oh and one more thing. About the Wiz. As he was dying, I built him a heaven. Within that heaven, I told him he would have lots and lots of butterflies to play with. After he died, I posted it on FB and my friend Valerie then posted me a photo of tons of butterflies!!! He was in Heaven already! Too cool…..and ya…if there is no heaven, I’m gonna be disappointed. Yay and night night good people of earth. 3:06am = 9 = endings.

Lately, each morning I wake, drink my tea, and eventually I walk over to lift the blinds on the windows. I usually hold my breath. Waiting to see if Kiwi is alive. He is! Each morning, he is still alive! I’m so grateful. Of all things….the three of us went to the movies today. We saw We’re the Millers. Not too bad. Laughed a lot. Reminded me of the movie RV, so if you liked that, you’ll like this. Yesterday we almost got some rain. We did get a few sprinkles but mostly it was a wind event. The wind blew leaves off the trees and the goats were racing for them. All heads were down, as they chased down the leaves blowing by. Gave me a giggle. Later, Cathy called to tell me there was a rainbow over the place. Finally!!! Yay! Snapped a few photos of the rainbow then went ahead and walked over to the cows to greet the new baby just brought for view yesterday morning. Another boy. They really need to have a girl or two. Not sure if any of the cow babies are girls. More rainy weather today but none here so far. We need it so bring a bit on, eh?

Well, the painting turned out ok….I was able to get the item to look like the item, but it’s too dark. Still counting it as practice. But at least my practice is achieving somewhat desired results. Haven’t reached feltloom people to see about going this week. Am out of solid backgrounds, so will probably tear this up…..and practice again. Crazy. Finally get the content right and the background is all wrong. Why? Cuz I decided to do a brown goat on a black background. No good. Think I’ll give the background one more go before I destroy it.

I am watching the most unlikely of videos off Youtube. A sheep is teaching a young cow how to headbutt. The sheep keeps backing up, then running at the cow only to stop and lightly butt heads. Honest to God….it worked. The cow finally got it. I just love interspecies interactions. Jesse isn’t feeling good, but he has no insurance. Yesterday was a stomach ache and today the back….he says it’s vicadin worthy. Hmmm. Hope he feels better cuz hubby is taking half a day off tomorrow…he has many vacation days he has to take….and we are finally gonna shoot my birthday gun. YeeHaw! Sounds like fun. Okie dokie people. See ya tomorrow. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














4 thoughts on “Butterflies in heaven……

  1. Oh sherri my heart aches for you haveing to see Wiz go that way, but am so glad you were that with him. Love the thought of the butterfies for him to chase in heaven and am so glad you had such a nice dinner with new friends. Sending big hugs.

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