the TEE tiniest bit of fluff…………

Honest to God….I’m sitting here with my blanket on me….haven’t felted a thing all day or had fibers out and I look down and see a piece of fiber fuzz on the blanket. I grab it to throw it on the ground, realize it’s green, and I leave it there in case I need it in a painting some day. Really? Yes. I bow my head. In my defense, I really can use it. It reminds me of a crack addiction, which I happened to have had once upon a time. There are all kinds of “tweaks” people do when on crack and certain other drugs maybe, dunno. Some hover around the windows peaking out the curtains saying…someones out there! I know someones out there! There are those who drop pieces of the rock and pretend to find them later and keep most to themselves and some…me…..would crawl on the floor looking for dropped pieces. In reality….the only dropped pieces were the ones who hid their crack that way….in plain sight. On the floor. I spent my time scouring the floor….looking for anything that even resembled crack and hiding it in pockets. Later I would lay it all out and burn the ones that could be. Horrendous drug. This reminds me of it with many exceptions but the biggest is………I really do get to use the crack…the fiber. In fact….I will place this tiny piece in a special place so I really don’t lose it and one day…I will point it out. There. It is now in a tiny box. I love tiny boxes. In fact….I have just grabbed fiber and begun a tiny box. Just needed to play. Play is art. Art is play. If it’s not play…it’s work.

I’d like to see a doctor who would see patients on a triage basis instead of appointments….wouldn’t that be great??? Holy crap! I’d also like to see a doctor who would just need to prove he had healed someone before he was paid. 3 month waiting period. Ye know, surgeons promising stuff. You shrink someones stomach…does that work? You change someones face or bust or hips or anything…how much does it help? You’re just avoiding being you. When I really needed to lose weight…..see, I have an odd brain…….I simply decided NOT TO CARE. Not to care if I was big or small, tall or short, fat or thin, pretty or not pretty. Just to not care. We are approaching an anniversary of mine. It began as an experiment and I learned more fully….to just be. One day, I’ll tell ya about it.

Baby Kitten is the source of argument. Jesse wants him to be Smokey, which we named him after Stoney stopped working for me. Then I called him Baby, which Jesse refused and refused again tonight, so……I decided on Stoney. Now Jesse is ticked, Oi ve. Oh man….do you have any idea how many movies or tv shows I’ve seen that suggest that saying……what’s the worst that can happen?…….is gonna lead to catastrophe??? I’m watching one now. Return to Me…one of my all time favorites. Wiz…the wonder kitty was not around so I hollered for him. He was in the hallway ceiling. It was never completed and is missing about 6-8 slats. There are ac vents up there above it and that’s where he was. You have no idea the strength it would have taken him to go there. Animals astound me. He is once again fat….everything swollen with fluid. I haven’t seen him enough today to tell you if its shrunk. Just odd. Well, night night ones of the world. See ya when I wake or so. 1:55am = 11 = master number!!!

Well, Jesse decided we should go to the movies today and I did indeed need some fun….BUT….good grief. He made the movie sound fun and yes, I laughed and Cathy laughed out the wazoo but we also screamed, recoiled and covered our eyes. The movie? This Is The End. If you go see it….prepare for violence and blood and gore along with the laughter. So wasn’t expecting that. Now Jesse feels bad but I told him I think I can handle the scenes that keep playing in my head. LOL.

Kiwi is looking pretty rough today and Billy is picking on him. We’re thinking of letting him have the whole yard and give him a buddy. Better than bringing him inside. Hard decision. BABY STONEY, is doing much better today. Cathy saw him and said…you saved him! Yup,…guess so. He has meat on his bones overnight too. He’s full, like a roundish baby instead of a skin and bones baby. Steve messaged me and said he took peanuts out in a bag and he was a rock star. Said everyone wanted them and liked him then, well, except Anya, who really never had peanuts and Junebug who is standoffish. Yay, something familiar and something to help them bond! Oh…..Steve, if you’re reading….Anya may like the shell. And they love leaves off the trees. Pull the branch down on a Safe to eat tree, and they will go nuts, standing on each other to reach.

Gosh, it’s really Friday already!!!? I’m feeling the creative urge. But more like…..a creative urge to experiment. It’s like I see so many ways to portray something and maybe I’m going about it all wrong. I need to experiment, to play. To try one thing many ways. Planning to go next week I suppose. Gotta plan this out in my mind, what all I want to do there, besides make backgrounds….so I have all the stuff I need, with me. Who knows what the weekend will bring, but I’m ready! I’m actually in a good mood, an odd mood. Well, here’s to hoping that y’all each have something happen this weekend that will bring you giggles and joy. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














3 thoughts on “the TEE tiniest bit of fluff…………

  1. Most beautiful goats. Did you name that cat after me? Hugs. We went to see Blue Jasmine, thought with all the great reviews it would be great, I should have known I do not like Woody Allen movies and guess what I still don’t. Almost walked out.
    Love you

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