a Mama’s dream………..

It hasn’t really soaked in yet that the goats are gone. Ten goats at once is a lot. He actually wanted more but I only had boys available at this point. I think the best way to deal with selling them, is to buy my kid something to start his life off. We’ll start with a better laptop and the beatbox. That way, after he learns it well enough, he can get a job as a DJ in Austin. Way better money than a dishwasher, but he actually likes that job. That big fire nextdoor filled it once again with smoke, so they still haven’t reopened and Jesse hasn’t worked. See, if I think about that part….then it’s doable. So, let me tell you about the tag fiasco. I double checked about the tags for transport and went to town and got some yesterday. We get to the vet and he asks for the scrapie tags. I said, no scrapie tags, don’t need em in Texas or North Carolina. He says I need to call each time. He calls. North Carolina now requires it. I just checked yesterday. So…no way will he give health certificate. So….my new friend took his chances with prayer. Yay for prayer.

And so you’ll know, these goats were sold at an extremely low price…due to my request for a drastic sale, so don’t go envying me all you goat owners with mouths to feed thinking, oh man, she sold 10! What I did…was I removed 10 head from the property. The main objective! And, I get to buy Jesse those two items…he says we have enough now. So…YAY all around. A lovely couple gets to start a new life with the most awesome creatures on this planet and make new little baby creatures and learn to spin and enjoy their lives. I think that’s awesome. I am approaching my 5 yr anniversary with the goats….Oct. 13 I think. Pretty sure it was 2 days after my marital anniversary. My mind gets fuzzy at night. Hmmm, might be the beer. And ye know, even though I charged a low price…..I get to buy my kid stuff. I’ve never really been able to do that so I am quite ecstatic! It’s a mothers dream to do things for her kids. To help them get back on their feet when the stumble. Hubby has helped Summer many times many many times, but mostly only at my urging. But yet he does it. And now I get to do it. Hehe, so much for paying for feed…heck no.

I wonder how much the trip will change their personalities. Like Junebug for example, is a Donna baby, so I never got to pet him or make friends with him. What will this fear do? He was born here, never left the ranch. So many new things are and will be coming at him and I wonder if he will now be friendly. Or if the friendly ones will now Not be friendly cuz their hearts are broken. I wonder such things and I shouldn’t but I is what I is. Oh golly golly! I just talked to Steve. He’s in Alabama and he says he loves them already!!!!! YeeHAW! I don’t know why I was worried. I mean, I paid $300 for 3 of those goats and the rest were born here while I improved and improved along the way. Oh, I’m so happy now. He likes them. She likes them. Oh, but my Kiwi is coughing. They are literally at my bedroom window, remember? Well, night night my fine folk from around the world. I see you. Love!!!! 1:11am = 3 = trinity….also = 111, triple master number somehow auspicious. Night!

It’s a good day. The goats arrived safely to their new homes, yay!!! Kiwi is still ok…out there grazing right now, and Baby kitten seems to be feeling a tad better today, he wants to play!!!!! We are headed out to get my inhaler and a restaurant invite. There’s a new fancy Mexican restaurant opening here and its sister restaurant, Jaliscos, is where we eat many Saturdays, so we’ve been invited to a sneak peek. It’s tonight. How fun. Well, we better head out. Jesse is going after Kiwi who didn’t wanna come to the food call, he would rather eat greenies but he needs to be safe while we’re gone. Yup, he got him. Now I’ll put a dab of Benadryl on Baby kittens tongue and we are off.

And back. Jack Box for lunch, got the laptop for the boy….a better one than planned when they realized he needed it for music…. picked up the special invite….boy do I feel like somebody, woot, lol. Was starting to worry about my clipper blades since they were supposed to be one day turn around….but they are here! Just in time for crutching!!! Lol, hope there’s babies in them thar wombs!!! Yup…opened the box and they look great. Clean and lubed? Lol. They received them 8/31 and mailed em to me 9/3. Pretty fast!!! Individually wrapped in cellophane and put back in their cases. Yes. Lemme know if y’all need more info. I’ve been really psyched to work on paintings today but no chance yet. Probably not till late. zGgggggggggggggggggg…..oh look….Baby is growing. He used to walk across the keyboard and nothing happened!!!

I tried to tell all the goats that yes, some moved away to a new farm but it would be ok for now, nobody else was leaving. I do have an interested party, in a couple, but she’s in Missouri…anyone going to Missouri? So ya….it’s been a good 2 days…lotsa whirlwind excitement what with the surprise visitors, the goats leaving, the blades arriving, the sickly ones doing better and me….feeling good about it all. Yes and yay and Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, to go eat at the Exclusive opening of the fancy restaurant. Lol. Ps….Jesse is ecstatic. On top of the world, this laptop has Beats Audio…..lol, to a music guy, that’s awesome. Yay Steve and Melissa….thank you for helping to make this happen for my kid! This mama is happy.















4 thoughts on “a Mama’s dream………..

  1. LOL…I am soooo happy for you, Sheri! It sounds and looks like the goaties have a great new home. Where in NC are they? Maybe I can drop in sometime 🙂 And I really chuckled to see some dirty goats in your pics…lol, did you do that on purpose? Really made me smile. Hope you have a fantastic evening and I truly understand about being able to buy your boy things….I have two…it’s really nice to be able to get them what they really, really want and need. Love ya!

    • I can’t remember the town but its an hour from Ashville. And yes ma’am I was loving posting the dirty goats!!! Knew you’d enjoy! Also, I said a prayer then told hubby bout buying the computer and it went great!!! I gotta remember to pray before conversations!!! Love you! ❤

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

  2. Hugs and love, I am so happy all the goaties made it safely and are going to be so happy. They don’t think about yesterday or what was, they think about the now, so they aren’t upset with you, they love you for the new area they have and all the new vegetation. So glad you were able to buy something for “the boy”

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