Love you baby Anya…….

Well, a strange blog this shall be. The portion I wrote last night is too disjointed to print….as was my brain. I was very nervous over the goat sale and was just about to clean the kitchen when unexpected guests arrived around 8pm. A dear friend of mine, Don, who helped me when I was a single mother with a baby, Jesse, during a hard time of my life. I’m very gullable and he won the lottery scratch offs each week. Did he really win? Nah, probably most of the time, no. He cared. Period. His uncle taught me to play shuffleboard and I must say, I’m rather good. Or was. I was at the Dave and Busters Grand Opening in Austin one year and the man they hired to carve and build their shuffleboard tables was at the event. A tiny bent over little old man named Saul. Saul saw me playing and had to come tell me I was good. Yay…one of the few things I was good at in my life. At that time…hehehe….had to add that in cuz y’all would be screaming at me. He brought me a few herb pots…one being peppermint, which saved the day after he told me he didn’t think baby kitten would make it through the night. I did reiki, then we remembered the peppermint plant and a few leaves broken crushed and disturbed under the kittens nose…..perked him right up. He’s still here with us. I never did get the kitchen clean and went to bed around 3:30am, getting up at 7:30am. Yikes. About the time my guests were leaving, my buyer arrived.

About the goat sale. It’s kinda complicated. Someone found the deal for me, and as she was setting it up….I sold some does. So….I’ll live with it cuz in the end, I do need my herd down, but I will be selling goats I had no intention of selling, and selling them at a very very low price. So, it’s not a perfect sale, but it is what it is. Woulda been a no brainer if I hadn’t already sold those 5 does. So…..There were some goats leaving today that may break my heart. I’ve already been crying. Worrying about them. Their stress level. Their fear factor. I simply have no others to take their place. Baby Anya and Yoki are gone. I was ok about the rest and almost had to sell Flower too but in the end it worked out that I kept Flower and that eased my heart. Once I know they have safely arrived at their home, I will tell you about the vet visit…but not yet. I will tell you though, about the Kiwi part. I need a new vet. Guy really likes to make people feel stupid. Worms, gee, ya think? He didn’t wanna hear Kimberly’s idea and didn’t give him any meds, didn’t take blood and didn’t even use the thermometer he had lubed up. Just said take him home and worm him with cydectin pour on in the mouth and if he lives, do it again in 2 weeks. Very rude. So, Kiwi has had his cydectin.

It was rather fun today….taking Steve around to all the pens and showing him his goats. Him trying to remember which were his, lol. I took photos and captioned them with their names and when I get an email addie….they will know who is who. I told many sroties and showed him how to spin. He tried it himself but decided he wanted to learn in private so he wouldn’t be embarrassed. It’s that treddle thing, when ya first start and ya can’t keep the wheel goin in the right direction?!!! But he tried!!! Filled his brain with knowledge best I could. He is on his way home now and it’s all over but the cryin. My deep sigh of relief that the sale is done and final and I am now minus 10 goats… waiting until Steve and the goats arrive home safely. I’m so tired. Ha… we are loading them up, Jesse explains the process in the one pen……2 go in to catch and one stays at the gate to keep everyone in. He starts to go in, I’m like, no…you do the gate. He says, oh really? You want me to watch the gate? As I’m heading in and around the tiny house, Jesse says…..”Ya, she may be an old lady but you’d be surprised what she can do!” Ha….lol. At one point there were 3 goats behind the house…Jesse grabbed the one closest to him and I grabbed one, then shoot, grabbed another. Tried to haul them both out but in the end I had to let one go….but for a minute, I had 2 goats. LOL.

To wrap it all up, Baby kitten is eating and sneezing as I type, Kiwi went straight to the food upon arrival back in his pen, Wiz is growing larger and my goats are on their way to their new home. Please pray with me that they make it there safely, quickly and with ease. All the way to North Carolina. Goodbye my babies. Mama loves you, even though it may not seem like it this minute. I pray they enjoy their new life. And to further that…I wrote up a tiny bit about each goat for Steve and his wife. I’ll include it here at the end of the blog. Nothing huge, just a few tidbits. Ok….well, I’m pooped and need to find something to cook for dinner, plus I’m starving…no food yet today. So, signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.

Notes for Steve and Melissa………….

Shortcake. Short gray girl, about 3. She’s so small I was afraid to breed her and thought I never would. Enter, Angel, a small red goat and wala, I dared it. I was sleeping in the Rv at the time and she woke me up around 6am. Billy was coming out but he was too big. I had gloves and Vaseline and I stretched her opening and stretched her opening and eventually…out came Billy. Billy from the childrens book I wrote. Shortcake lets me pet her or do most anything, she loves me. May she love you as well.

Yoki. Yoki came as a package from trading a very expensive teeswater lamb. There were 4. Yoki was pregnant unbeknownst to anyone and when I went to give RIP Lovey’s bottle, I heard a cry. A premie born to a baby. Cherub. Next, Yoki had Anya. It was a fairly easy birth that I think I did help with a bit, and the bonding was great. BUT….later that night, Mimi had her baby boy Buddha and his cries woke Yoki. Her baby was asleep and she was sure that the crying baby was hers. I had to remover her in the end…into the yard in a pen. A few weeks later, I reintegrated them successfully.

Sarah. Born to the original goat mama here, Donna. Twin to big white Wyatt. No hair on the face. Sarah is also large and not extremely friendly. She has not yet been tried as a mommy.

Oprah. Daughter of Ella, not extremely friendly, but some……her baby died in a storm when the herd queen and another barred her way to her baby. Sad sad. Baby Diamond.

Dessa. Daughter of Truckee and Kachina. Good Lord. Did I know that? NO! Dessa and I never bonded but she’s a larger, that’s why, I like small….anyway, shes a gray, a dark gray. Just kinda fits in with the crowd.

Yazhi. Another Pretty…from the ewe trade. White, very very dense. Oh ya….these girls hate to get sheared. I’m keeping 2, so you know they are good. Yazhi either didn’t get pregnant or miscarried last time, I just dunno, but she has very dense coat that supplies mucho mohair.

Dimi. The first baby ever living here. Born to Choxie, recently sold. I loved that baby. But we grew apart. Her horns also grew apart. Funky kinda, but she had a taker, someone who wanted her but they lived in Missouri, so……Dimi is pettable if you make friends.

Anya. Anya was born a bit silver along with the white. I had to move her and her mom and they lived alone and I spent a lot of time with her. She has pinto blood.

Junebug. Junebug is son to Marshall. The silver goat. I don’t mean gray, if I meant gray I’d say gray. He is silver and he produced 3 silver boys. Along with others. Junebug’s horns are not desireable in some circles but his daddy’s are the best horns I have on the property…so, it’s all a crapshoot. I highly doubt the bad horns pass on that rapidly. He is a varied shade goat. A Kai goat, if you know what I mean.

Firefly. Twin to Levi, now with Kris……he was the 2nd batch of babies here. Fading red. Lived out in the back nine for a year or more, now living in the 6 acre pasture…his coat has turned lanoliny like the pros. What? Or maybe lanolin is not desired. I frankly am confused on that one these days. Firefly and Levi used to be lanolin free and now they are not. Age? Nutrition? Fear factor? I dunno.














6 thoughts on “Love you baby Anya…….

  1. What a wonderful group. Yes the horns are funny on Dimi, but she has nice curl and great coverage. Oh Yoki would be a great one to have, tons of beautiful curls. I like the other two whites, they can tell them apart because Sarah has no face hair. Shortcake is a nice looker too. I wish I could feel them. Hugs I know it was a hard day but think of all the babies to come and room you now have. I love the photos and the names I am sure Steve will appreciate that and that Melissa will probably know all the names before he arrives home. They will have a nice new area all set up ready for them to arrive, and they will be happy.

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