been keepin a secret…………

I talked to Kimberly and she gave me a diagnosis based on her many years in the field…on Kiwi. Hypoproteinanemia. The wormload harmed his stomach lining. This requires vet given meds….nothing I can buy at the store. This means another trip to the vet. Wow. They sure are getting my money lately. Diuretics and cortisone. Diuretics to reduce fluid. Why didn’t the cat vet give that for Wiz? Good question, I’m sure. Maybe you can’t give diuretics to a cat with heart failure? Seems that’s what he has, even though he sorta responded to the antibiotics. Oh Lordie, I’m boring you to tears. Jesse had me watch the Roast of James Franco. Not my thing. Amazing the things we’re willing to do for our kids. Not sure they appreciate it as much as they need to. I don’t have a thing for celebrities, for one. 2, I don’t watch comedians….ever. 3, I don’t get into the whole he was in so and so and the personal jokes. Nope, not my thing. And 4, I’m a movie gal. Bottom line for that folks. But I did it in the name of motherhood. Yes, I sucked it up and did it. Lol, I’m just playin, wasn’t so bad….I’ve seen worse.

I’m not really progressing with the paintings. Maybe a tad of fiber here and a fluff there. A pull up here and a sparkle there. Tiny minute things. I am in wait. In wait of that creative spurt I told you was brimming. Today, I was reading along on a post about some goats I sold and I see the witch’s name. And then again. Really creeped me out. Yes Kris, I’m speaking of your post. Oh, and sorry for the witch reference…I like witches!!! Everytime I think of the betrayal from that woman….I am reminded of the life I had with my abusive EX, Bobby. Jesse’s dad. He was a bad betrayer. I had really thought I was beyond all that, which is I guess why it is taking me so long to heal. And believe me….from that, from what the woman did….I have not healed. Enough to get by, sure. Gotta live. But to hear her name mentioned today in passing….as if she were an ordinary person….really freaked me out. My stomach is clenched as we speak. Yayaya……I write, you read…same thing. I saw a photo tonight on FB. An ocean beach with waves rolling in and a sunset….but they affected it with rainbow. The moment I saw it, I let out a breath…a heavy breath. Almost an ahhhhhhhh. What is it about the rainbow that affects me so???? How was that for a diversion???? I’m good, eh? Lol, well, it’s about that time. It’s 1:31am = 5 = change. Night night my sweets.

Well, I’ve been keeping a secret, so as not to jinx it. Right now I’m pretty nervous. I have sold some goats. There is a man on his way….probably already here or close to arriving at a motel. It’s kinda complicated. I’ll explain better tomorrow hopefully. I’m stressing about so many factors. Ordered my herd ID but hasn’t arrived, so went to town and got generic ear tags that will be doing that tomorrow while he’s here so he learns with me. Oh how I will despise that. Probably all but one will need them. Jeesh. Why couldn’t I just use a marker and write a number on their ear?????? I’m a big softie. This is the biggest sale I’ve done. 11 goats. 8 does, 2 bucks. I’m gonna be teaching him everything I can as fast as I can tomorrow. Will be taking Kiwi in with us to the vet for bloodwork. He’s looking rough today. Oh Lordie. Selling goats is not my thing. Too hard. Oh and for goodness sakes, don’t let me forget to tell him to keep an eye on Yoki at birthing time….remember, she thought Buddha was hers and tried to take him. Little things about each goat that only I know. All but 3 were born here.

Jesse is excited cuz he gets to order some of the equipment he wants. I am excited cuz I will have less head and can give closer care. Less feed. More one on one. I still have other goats I need to sell, but they are boys. And a few possible girls in the spring after they have their possible babies this fall. But no…now I just have boys. Some nice ones too! Well, I just carried out some Simply Lemon jugs filled with electrolytes. I keep bowls under the trees and just carry out my “juice” and pour in the bowls. They all seem to like it. Gosh, they’re all lookin so good these days. I had to tell Milly how pretty she looked today. She may be pretty, but she always says….no, just hot. She is panting everytime I see her. Poor dears in this Texas heat….and she’s not even a pregnant one. Looked at backends today. Looked at bellies. Still thinkin they are carrying. Even Etta today looks like she’s carrying. In the end, only time will tell if any are bred or are foolin me.

Ok…can’t stop myself from speaking. I’m watching CNN. They are discussing what the Americans would do to win the situation. What they would hit first, what that would do… other words………………..telling the enemy, if there is an enemy, what to expect. The talking idiots, that’s what I call them. Baby kitten is having a rough day too. Having a hard time breathing but it could be due to a stuffy nose. Hard to tell. Both eyes are leaking today and he just doesn’t look all that healthy. Jeesh. He looked just fine at the pound. Poor wee one. And Wiz. Poor Wiz. Jeesh, this buying a new kitty before the other one passes…..may backfire on me. Oh well. It always Is what it Is. Love you guys. Take care. Wish me good stuff for tomorrow while I go through my big sale! Signing off mostly happy, at YeeHaw Ranch. Oh…..who all is leaving? Well, Shortcake, Yoki, Anya, Sarah, Oprah, Dessa, Yazhi, Dimi, Flower, Junebug and Firefly.











4 thoughts on “been keepin a secret…………

  1. Oh wow, tomorrow, it has come so fast. Are any of the mitey goats going? I hope so, that climate would do them well, Hugs, it will be a good day tomorrow. I am sure emotional. That is a nice lot of goats.
    Hugs and Love

    • I hope he likes them. He posted a photo of an example of angora goat for a family member and it was one of Tracee’s. Curls to the ground. Yikes! Mine aren’t there yet I’m still breed building. Hope he’s not disappointed. He’ll be here early! Yikes! I’m not an early gal. Huggs. Pray! Night!

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

      • lol, Can’t remember!!! Lemme see if I can find it. I found it and commented. Lol, yes too funny. I was like….he ain’t gettin none of them!!!!! Shoot, I jusst got them! ❤

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