Van Gogh….with or without the ear

Yup, I missed a blog. Oops. Over the weekend, Jesse pulled out the paintings that are under my bed and wanted to find some worthy of Etsy. I said…oh, you won’t find any, the better ones are with Summer. He found 7, not sure I agree, we shall see. See, I told my daughter I was gonna throw away all my paintings so if she wanted any she better come get em. I go through artistic things like this. She came. Once before I threw away all the clay creations I made. One survived with only a chip so I pulled that lion outta the trash the next day. I’m definitely what you would call…..a tortured artist. A Van Gogh without the ear. Or is that, with the ear? I worked a bit on a fairy scene but I swear to you, it’s as if there is something artistic inside of me that is fixin to just scream outta me. It’s just poised. For years, forever, it’s lay dormant. I used to itch to sculpt lifesize clay. Small things I couldn’t do so well, but I always felt large, very large would be my thing. Or the large clay paintings where you have a frame, throw lobs of clay at it till you have it built up I layers some higher than others and you build a 3 dimensional art. Things like that have always called to me, as well as the teeniest of tiniest. Those, I’ve done. Well, with clay, not painting, but I did look into it…miniature paintings, while we lived in California. Have you seen them? Awesome. One or two inches or so. Too cool.

I have an alarm clock now so I can see what time it is in the dark. The goat painting is looking a tad better but I haven’t worked on it today. I didn’t work on anything. Hubby and I went to town cuz he needed some car bolts and my toilet handle broke. I also got a new otterbox iphone cover yay… wouldn’t believe how long I taped and retaped my old one together. The new kitten has tapeworms, least I think it’s him….he also has extreme diarrhea. I tapewormed him. He sneezes a lot now too. Not cool, I’d guess. Kiwi is coughing and there is now a ball forming in his throat area. Nobody in the entire town carries Cydectin Injectible. That’s what I want to try next….but nobody carries it. I may have no choice but to give him the pour on by mouth. Ugggh. I’ve already tried Ivomec, then safeguard, then ivomec again last week.

I’m watching racing Stripes, with the zebra who thinks he’s a horse…and the goat…is Whoopie Goldberg. What were they thinking? Well, I guess it’s meant to be somewhat of a comedy, but as a goat owner, it is nearly hysterical to me. To hear Whoopie’s voice come outta that goat, man, just gives me the shivers. Anyways….it’s really hot here. Really hot. I let the possible preggo girls out today so they could get breeze under the tree. I couldn’t do it to them. No, I don’t want a baby dropping in the field, but I also don’t want aborted babies due to heat. That part never occurred to me when I planned this experiment. I forgot to take into consideration that the girls would be heavy with child at the end of summer. My bad. And I’ve done a few of those lately. The feed change was a killer. Shouldn’t have done that but it is what it is.

Now….here’s a debate possibly. Beet pulp. To soak or not to soak? I was told if you give small amounts dry…it absorbs the gasses in a bloated goat and in the bellies of the diarrhea ones too. Anyone hold with this? I bought some beet pulp shreds but want feedback since I’d always seen to soak it first. Well, I hope someone pipes up. Guess it’s night night time. 1:22am = 5 = change. Hmmm. Night night sweetest of sweets.

Just a slow holiday day. Not much happenin. Let the baby boys out for greenies today and Khalifa runs like any other goat. All the preggos found their way outta the pen and were indeed under the trees, catching the breeze. I wondered why Petunia and Joy were under a separate tree, rather unusual…so when I went to lead them to the feed and they didn’t come…I knew what was wrong. Baby Petunia was stuck in the thorny vines. She had at least 5 strands on her, around her. I was undoing it when Jesse approached and that scared her to the point that she pulled away violently. Need to check her when she calms for broken pieces. Baby kitten. Most often called Baby than any other name…slept the whole night on my bed. Left two piles of diarrhea for me to find this morning…and then just peed on the bed now. Oi ve. First cat ever to do this but he’s not well. Baby kittens from the pound never are. He’s sneezing so much that hubby calls him Sneezy.

Well, I have to give props when they are warranted. I’m very surprised with the presidents latest decisions but I’m quite happy about them. Haven’t been happy about much he’s done, but the decision to let the states do their own thing, cannabis wise….YES. Finally. Now, come on Texas. Ok…there’s that. AND, there’s the Syria thing. No way no how do I want us to go there, but I am alt least happy that he decided not to just go….but to go to Congress first. On a personal note….I think the countries there should interfere, not us. Alas, I have no say. Why doesn’t the UK do it? Yikes.

Wiz kitty is still walking around, growing larger by the day. He still tries to do cat things though but not well. He tries to climb but his body is so heavy that he can’t balance. He’s in good spirits though. Smooch crawled in my lap last night while the baby was there for the first time. Yup, the family is blending together. IN fact……as I was typing, something caught my eye. It was Baby, crawling up onto Bluedog. Then Blue laid down and the baby nearly slid off, then pulled himself into position and is just chillin out on Blue. So cute and never happened before and Blue was a good boy. Ahhhh, now he’s up on the bed with me. Little climber!!! Well, guess it’s that time again. Back to normal days and normal ways. Holiday is over. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














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