overloading on Sparkle………..

I’m sitting here with my little piles of firestar and smiling from ear to ear. One package…had 19 different colors in it!!! Holy Toledo! Gosh I love this stuff. The price difference between the two shops is pretty big, but I like the fiber from both. This is such a fun little fiber. It’s nylon, so it’s manmade but I like it so much that I don’t care. Yikes, that sounded horrible. I’m sorry. Dang. Well, I guess I don’t cuz I intend to keep using it and get more and more. While on the firestar conversation….for y’all fiber people out there….. I bought some Angelina from the local shop. Then one night I googled to see the difference between the two and I noticed a huge difference. Went back to the local shop and asked for firestar this time. She said maybe. Goes to looking and tells me they are the same and that in fact what I’d recently bought was firestar, not Angelina. Well, hmmm. I thought I’d gone crazy so I googled it again. Only I mistakenly typed in Starfire. Nothing. She must be right. Nope! I love ya Susan, but they are indeed Not the same. Huge difference. Angelina is wider, like long very slim blades of grass. Firestar is more webby, much much thinner and also much subtler. I like them both but I adore the firestar. It arrived and is everything I expected it to be. Thing is…..I’m hesitant to use any up!!!! Hehehe. So I been shopping tonight. Not buying…just seein whats available, and I’m a really happy camper. Brown….I even got brown! Also…the firestar is softer.

Oh my……my world has just expanded in awesomeness. I laid out some firestar on the bed to take a photo for you and now everytime I look down at my blanket, I see sparkles. Colored sparkles. Oh gosh I love this stuff. Shiny, I love shiny. Must be why I despise the cars that are Flat black. Yuk!!! Speaking of yuk…..this weekend is the 2nd anniversary of THE BASTROP FIRE. Yes, it was a very significant fire to be known as THE. It was such a scary event, especially for people who had animals, including me. I didn’t have to move any of mine though thank God. It burned hundreds of homes. It killed many animals….and only 2 humans. That we know of that is.

I am so enjoying watching the interactions with the cats and the new kitten. These cats have been my kittens for awhile now and now there’s a new one and at first Smooch hissed a lot. Wiz stayed mostly away and Gucci and Gypsy are totally ignoring. For the most part, Smooch has adjusted. Mostly cuz shes my lapkitty and she needs to stay friends with me. Right now they are just hovering…watching every move the baby makes. Decided not to name it Sunny. That is technically Blue’s name and it doesn’t feel right. Still workin it out. It’ll probably just switch to Honey, although Gallagher is speaking to me. But…how to transition that one, lol. Nope…in the end…the closest to Sunny that I liked…was Stoney. Hehe Mea!!! Night night beautiful people, inside and out. 2:00am = Hmmmm. Can’t remember what 2 is. Your mission in life is to bring people together. I think I’ve done that. Yay. Night night. Oh….= balance…night.

It’s been a non day here, waiting to see what hubby has planned. In the end…nothing. Dinner out with the guy who’s fixing or not fixing my truck….oh, and his wife too. But that’s dinner, so the day was a waste. Not complete. I did work on a fairy painting with my new firestar and whoa…it surely felts in better than the Angelina, in fact…..the mistakes with firestar are hard to undo…. it felts in so well. Not so Angelina. I know, I’m obsessing. It was very hot out when I went to feed. Like a dry hot. Like you’re breathing in hot air, hot. Says 99 right now. Know the goats are just miserable. People are always telling me my goats look so clean, how do I keep them so clean? Well, they’re not. They all have hay and burrs and tiny sticks, but I try to pull it off while I visit with them. They are pretty used to it by now. Little Crystal is loaded and so is Petunia. Oh my and Heaven….oh what a mess. She’s the biggest mess, and in fact not lookin so pretty these days with all the trash sticking out. And poopy butts? Ya, I got em, but it’s not so photogenic so I don’t show you those. Ye know….I do have edit power!!!

Another war? I don’t like this one bit. Why are the people in neighboring countries stopping it? Why US? Why all the way across the world????? No proof as to who is using chemicals and truly IF chemicals are being used. Photoshop anyone? Anything can be made to look like someone wants it. I don’t trust anymore. Not things like this. But….looks like we have no say…as usual. Ok…..Stoney/Smokey/Stormy/Sunny……lol, whichever name comes out of my forgetful mouth….is doing well. He’s in my lap and Smooch is right beside me with Wiz on the floor to my left and Blue too. Only Gucci is staying away. Well, and the Gyps, but that’s normal. Baby slept in my room last night and I think slept under the bed. Cried some. Getting braver too. Ha, and don’t try to move the can of food after he’s started eating!!! Save your hands!!! Jesse keeps saying….look how tiny. There’s a brain and a heart and a liver in there. So tiny. Yup. He says…you gonna give him a bath? NO! I already wear scars from the first kitten I tried to bathe. I think he has major worms though. Hmmm, can ya worm one this little? I think I’ll find a gentler cat wormer and try it. Ok…well, it’s a holiday weekend here and the fire anniversary too. Hope it’s a good one. Be safe folks. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.



















2 thoughts on “overloading on Sparkle………..

  1. Yep, you are definitely right re the Angelina vs. Firestar and I stand corrected. I think I got confused because a product I had bought was called Flash and I was told it was Firestar. But, in fact, it’s a mylar product like Angelina. Firestar is Icicle Nylon that’s been dyed. Really nice stuff! Thanks for keeping me on my toes!

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