Myley Cyrus….. a furbaby….. and sparkles

Myley Cyrus has been on my mind. All child actors or singers have a very hard time in life. Many reasons of course but the early fame is the doozie. That’s when the moneysuckers come in and tell you only what you want to hear and steer you life to a place that they envision, not you. Mary Kate and Ashley are another prime example. Poor dears. Can you imagine growing up around untrustworthies and leeches? I have a distinct need to NOT be famous for that very reason. Your privacy vanishes and you are now a product….not a person with feelings and desires and wishes and passions and a voice. So very sad. Myley. I wonder. Was she saying F you to the naysayers? Or was she screaming…..screaming inside and hoping someone would catch on. I don’t know the answer. Neither one is good in my opinion. Sure, if you wanted shock value…maybe you went too far. If you wanted help…be more specific. YeeHaw! Ok…enough of that rant.

When I was a child, I thought I had a zipper on the top of my head and once unzipped, would reveal the true me. I never could get it unzipped beyond and inch or so. I find that interesting, all these years later. Yes, I’m watching Avatar and he’s just seen his new body in the water cocoon…and it spurred this. I was telling Jesse that I prayed and prayed to be an artist. I shoulda said an art specific artist, but who knew? It’s like I’m kinda good in a lot of different areas, but master of none. I’ve said this before. Apparently it’s still on my mind. Apparently I wasn’t happy with who I was…and I’m talking 8, 9, 10……that’s not good. What could have caused a child to need a zipper?

Wow…what can I say. I say whats on my mind. That simple. But you all know that. I did the fecal on the one lonely poo and it wasn’t cocci as I had suspected. Nope, it was barberpole like I had FIRST suspected….but it wasn’t going away. So…I shall continue to treat him with the ivomec and safeguard until I get what I hear are tricky little bugs who like to sleep and hide. Kiwi hasn’t shown a sick sign…remember that. I only know he’s sick cuz I ran my hands on his body. He didn’t shout out…hey, yo Mama, I think I have worms, better give me some meds! Nosirreee. He has a sadness about him too. Whether it’s from being sick or from missing his mom and sister, I dunno. Kiwi. Awesome little angora goat who would kick butt in the shows if people didn’t care about size. Know it with all of me. He’s plum gorgeous. Well, it’s over night time wordcount. Ha…that hasn’t happened in awhile. Nightie night night young’uns!!!! 12:29am = 5 = change. Yup…change. Got supplies comin in the mail..dsf.the fun kind….and maybe a kitten to boot. Her name is Moon. How apropos. I wanted a Light name…lol, moon. Plus….Moonee. Night night.

I am sitting on my bed with my legs stretched out and there is a tee tiny kitten laying in my lap. Not Moon, didn’t see Moon….but……..Yup, we did it. Purty little tiny thing that I have named Sunny. He is long haired black white and gray. Just adorable faces it makes. It, he has already bonded to me. Yay. Smooch is the only one to really see him so far. I have him in my room with the door closed so he could bond in a small area instead of losing him somewhere in the house. Smooch got in and hissed. She was just calming down when I had to go feed. Sunny tried to play with her and she hissed. Bad kitty. Sunny crawled into my lap and took a much needed sleep from all his excitement. And while he is napping….I am opening my packages. It’s so funny what can tickle us fiber people. I ordered tiny little amounts of firestar. Teetiny packages that I am ooh and ahhing over. Just perfect. They only cost $2-3 each…but oh, so cool. I also got a needle knob but the needles haven’t arrived yet. Would you believe one package even had a teabag…zen tea. How cool is that? Oh so yummy. It’s like Christmas with these tiny packets. And a new long haired kitten to boot. What a day!!! I also just found out that the lady where I got the pintos, Tracee, is selling Bonita…who I say is the prettiest doe I’ve ever seen. Ahhhhhhhh. She said she might be coming thru in December!!! Haha, and I was gonna close my herd. Hehehe. We shall see. I think I’ll end there…on such a high note. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch with a kitten in my lap sleeping and suckling in his sleep. So sweet. Ps….there were more in the litter. Believe it or not…I’m having to restrain myself from going back. They have a cat overload and are only charging donations…no set fee. I’m gonna try and NOT. Later gater.














4 thoughts on “Myley Cyrus….. a furbaby….. and sparkles

    • Yup. I only have Gypsy who is long haired but she’s hubby’s cat and I rarely see her. Hehe I get this one! ❤

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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