Yukky cookies……and one lonely poo bean

Sweet sweet and hard to eat. That describes the cookies I just attempted when partway through I realized…I had no eggs. 3 hens in a huge coop and NO EGGS! I won’t stand for it! Maybe I need to talk to them. I usually don’t go near there…but now that it’s about to possibly be kidding season, I’ll be right there by em once again. Silly chickens. They don’t like me that I know of. So, the cookie contents didn’t bind. Kinda knew…ya, I knew it wouldn’t work but I went through all the motions anyways. It wasn’t horrible. It was so sweet but the bits full of chocolate chips did the trick. Musta needed chocolate. For a strange reason, I’ve always prided myself on the fact that I’m a woman and I could care less about chocolate. I just hate stereotypes. But still…..in the trash they go. Need Eggs!

Jesse just told me he saw something coming out of…. SORRY….Wiz’s butt. Then it sucked back in. I saw this once before in Emmett the sheep who lives here. It was a hernia then. Dang…so many expenses popping up at once. The tractor broke, then the lawnmower, then hubbys truck…3 times, now I need to take Kiwi in and possibly Wiz now. Jeesh. I’m probably forgetting some things. It’s been crazy. Hubby’s truck wouldn’t shut off yesterday and it needs a part. Luckily mine was just cuz I haven’t started it since I got my little blue car back….cheaper on gas. I’d like to only use the Blazer when I need to tote goats. Apparently I have to start the darn thing occasionally. Especially when my son uses it to listen to the songs he produces to see where he needs to turn the volume up or down in places. Yup…gotta remember to do that somehow. And, once again its time for me to move back into the Rv and hubby says….but I need to take it in….get some things fixed. He coulda done that all summer. Oi ve.

Wow, I’ve just realized I have a loss mentality. I surround myself with my things. The things I might need. But it goes further. Things I don’t want to let go of. Hmmm. An interesting moment for me. I watched a video today that took you …beyond the movie…The Secret. I was way ahead of that movie, but still….have a hard time maintaining my brain to achieve the right results, according to me…haha….This video said we have something in us that thinks we don’t deserve or we can’t or karma or or or….I didn’t buy the thing for $50 but tonight I got the answer or part of the answer anyway. I do. I literally surround myself. If you were to put me in a room with a few items only…..eventually you would see what I’ve created with those few items, then you would see them begin to surround me, like in a circle of safety, protection. I live this way. That must mean a place of lack. Loss. Fear of loss. Now that I see it….I shall change it, eh? Ok…night night sweet but not as sweet as those cookies people!!!! Love ya! Think pink and think I can!!! 2:02am = 4 – Angels!!!!!

What a strange day. After finding a few cocci eggs in Mayas fecal, I deemed it urgent to get poo from Kiwi. (yes I know it’s normal to find a few, but considering Kiwi’s size, I’m gonna guess cocci…since the regular wormers aren’t doing anything. So…..we loaded him up and we went to town. I figured he would poo in the car before we ever got out the drive but no, so he rode with us to walmart and the bank and TSC and Bestbuy Livengood and smoothie store. We took turns at these places so the car could be left running with Ac. He didn’t make a sound the whole trip except when Jesse was in a store and I lifted the hatch to visit…then he talked. Such a sweetheart. Nobody had the meds I wanted so I had to get Corrid. Didn’t want that one but only kind in the town. Finally got the bank straightened out. They just issued me a new card to use. Got me a new alarm clock…gave mine to the boy….now I’ll know what time it is mid sleep when I wake. I just kinda like knowing how much more sleep I get to have. ;))) Showed Kiwi off at the Sugar Shack…smoothie heaven too.

The whole day is gone, but I did get some things accomplished. I did get 1 for sure viable poolet from Kiwi and a few drier ones. I did get meds in case he has it. I got a clock, Jesse got a mic, the blades got mailed and I didn’t have to close my bank account. Yay. Ye know….on FB, I keep seeing this photo of a dog holding a bottle for a baby lamb. I always thought that was like a forced photo thing. NOPE. Just saw a video! The dog actually holds the bottle and even tilts it for them. I bet my Blue could be taught that. Can’t get him to be quiet when we want…but tricks….he loves to learn tricks. Tried to get him to bring me a big bag of dogtreats the other day but it was so big he was confused.

Still plugging away on the paintings. Need to do paperwork too. And spin and crochet a shawl still. Goodness. Just need to get busy. Gosh……well, I should start now. Later folkie olkies!!! Oh wait….I called the vet who treated Wiz. The desk lady told me what the vet wouldn’t. He is dying. Just enjoy our time together. My Wiz. Hubby’s Wiz actually….but he loves me too. Not kidding….I’m already on the lookout for another. Found a black longhaired kitten. Probably grab it. Ok……well, take care sweet ones. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps…. If you’re thinkin I’m heartless….this is just how I’m going to cope with the approaching loss….with a gain. 🙂














8 thoughts on “Yukky cookies……and one lonely poo bean

  1. ((hugs)) Hope all your fur babies get straightened out… and I MUST tell you – It BLOWS my mind how CLEAN your goats look!! Hell mine were on drylot until recently and they were full of straw and hay! Then when I let them out to forage – stickers!! horrible stickers! I dont know how you do it!!haha… So sorry about Wiz but I understand how you are dealing with it.

    • Hehe they’re not clean. I spend my time while I’m adoring them to pick and I say..oh my goodness look at all that yuk! And they mostly let me! And some have sticker burrs I guarantee you. Heaven for sure. And yup… Her name is Moon unless spirit wills otherwise. Love you!

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

  2. I am with Michele…how do you keep your goaties so clean?? My little Pru is white but you’d never know it, she looks tattle-tail gray around her neck and her butt looks like she slides it in the dirt. And don’t get me started on the stickers and hay! Poor Wizzy, just hug and love him….prayers up for him and you.

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