Grabbing more skills……….!

I’m a funny sight. Sitting here on my bed typing, with the painting on my lap, so I can stare at it. I need to get it right! Joyce, the lady who is teaching me stuff tomorrow…today for you reading this…..suggested a couple things to try. I’m so grateful. She thinks with a couple small changes, it will look like the photo. Yay. I’m fixin to fix her up a bag of goodies to trade for the lesson. Hehe, she’s banned from buying fiber at the moment….hello loophole! I’ve just put together her bag and goodness…think I can get more than one class. I worked on the painting more. Don’t know that it’s improved. Jesse says it has. We’ll see. I’m really excited. I get to go learn tomorrow and be around a fiber person and see her studio and creations. Turns out she has rabbits in the studio so to avoid an unending runny nose, we shall learn in her house. Dang…it got late without me realizing….again. It’s 2am. Excited. My tool should be here soon. Cost $150. Certainly not the 14 grand it would take for the feltLoom.

I constantly see posts of goat people going out at all hours of the night to check on the herd. If it’s not kidding season, I don’t do that. I see them around 5pm at feeding…need to change that to 3 real quick….and that’s it. They deal as a herd. Each of the pens, is also a herd. They too are fine. I just don’t understand all the night checks, year round. These goats are very hardy. The biggest risk….is a baby caught in the fence in the hot sun, but if they’re above that age and size…..? I guess it’s almost time to move back into the Rv. It’s funny, the girls know it too and they’re hanging out more at the house, where all summer, they’ve been hanging under the 2 trees. I’m going to lock them in. They will hate it. But it is what it is. They should and probably do consider themselves lucky that they got to have the summer in the pasture. I’m trying to decide who to put in the pens. The best idea, or most sensible it seems….is to put the expectant moms in one pen and the others in the other pen. Thing is….they’re all first timers but one, well, Happy but her baby died and she didn’t have to care for it…at ALL. That makes her basically still a first timer with the exception being…..2nd timers can and usually do…have twins. It’s like Yoki. Her first baby was premature and only lived a few weeks. Her second baby, she tried to steal another. Gotta watch Yoki when she has her babies. Had to put her in a pen all the way in the yard. She wanted Buddha….thought he was hers. Well…better think about winding down now since it’s 2:15am = 8 = infinity. Night night sweet folk. (I didn’t…I had cherry cobbler after that and another beer)

Well, I already said Happy Birthday to my baby girl…so now I’m headed out for my needle lesson. YeeHaw! And wala…..I’m back already. The magic of time. That was a blast. I wasn’t even afraid on the drive…only got lost twice…..and had a few hours worth of learning. We made a small animal critter…lol, still not sure what mine is…..She gave me extra wool of that color in case I want to finish it, which I do. She gave me lots of tricks and Etsy links to where she buys her needles and such and we’re hoping to do the next class with her friend only this time…wire structure. I even solved my firestar mystery. I saw the actual product in person. Yes….Firestar is what I want…not Angelina. Plus…….I was calling it starfire, which is why I couldn’t find any to buy. Oh ya…..her neighbor down the road……was one of the markers for me to find her house….has a huge GUN as their mailbox. Hilarious…I nabbed a photo. I gave her a nice bag of raw Moonee, raw alpaca, various washed natural color mohair and some dyed. I think she liked it. All in all, it was a good time. Yup, just plain fun.

The lady whose fiber paintings were so awesome…..has kindly agreed to look at my painting and see if she can give me tips on how to make it better. Mighty gracious of her. Speaking of grace…’s my first born’s birthday today. 28 years ago today. At 9pm, my 1st hubby was making spaghetti for dinner. I had a labor pain but didn’t tell cuz I wanted spaghetti. Then that hubby went to bed and I labored alone for many hours. At 6am on the 23rd the contractions were a few minutes apart so we drove to the hospital. No opening of cervix. So…..since I refused an Epidural, they gave me valium in my mainline and yup, that did the trick. I had to push. Told nurse…I need to push. I had only been a 2 minutes earlier so they humored me. Sure, go ahead and push. Then they looked. Oh crap…don’t push. Doctor!!!! Yup…..Doctor came, then I didn’t need to push after they stopped me. He said push, I said, I can’t. Finally, he says….one more…just one more. I said….if its only one more, well, ok. I pushed. Out she popped. I said…does IT have fingers and toes? Yes….10 of each! Then….how bout Summer Renee. Yup…they all loved it so Summer Renee she was. She IS. My beautiful brown eyed girl who I always envision with a homemade wildflower ring in her hair. My little light. My shining light. My Summer. My Happy Summer Day.

The girls are out there panting like it’s 120 degrees. Poor things. Bentley is not angry at me for shearing him, yay, and wants attention and petting. Kiwi is not out of the woods yet. He acts fine, but still has fluid buildup. Safeguard next and that better fix it cuz I love that little one. Hehe, they got a taste of freedom now they want it!!! They stand at the gate a bit now…wishing. Hehe……wishing I had a smoothie! Oh well, tomorrow! It’s Saturday again! Well folkie olkies……..have a grand fun exciting or chill smooth relaxing weekend…your choice. See ya! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.Oh, and PS…….the angora goat world has plum gone crazy. Not quite sure what to think of it all. Nasties and politics……..yuk.

















2 thoughts on “Grabbing more skills……….!

  1. Plum crazy, better then cherry crazy as cherries are poisonous to goats. All is good in the world when you don’t see the bad or play with it. When I was in retail, I was given great advice about how to deal with a mad/angry person, be polite, and respectful. It is hard to keep yelling at someone who is agreeable. Hugs and goat feet trotting on the roof, JK, I did always think it would be cool to have a home with goats on the roof.

    • Me too, goats on the roof!!!! Ya…. It’ll be what it’ll be. How about…..colorful angora goats…or angora goat owners or angora goats? Love you. Huggs

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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