Shiny babies and bully babies…..

So…..have you heard the one about the people who are upset with starting a sentence with So? I did, today. How interesting. Anyways……………………………………………lol. You see…..I know proper English for the most part, I mean who can know it all when so many new words keep being added? I also want you to know that I got A’s in English and took some of those type courses in college and won the college essay contest. I know how to speak PROPERLY, I choose not to. I choose my own way. My own essence… like right now….I wanted essence to be an s….essense. But the little red line popped up. I try to disregard the little red line and when I’m in a hurry or don’t care, I don’t read/proofread. Proofread, yes, read, sometimes no…and I’m sure there are errors I miss, but for the most part….My misspellings are intentional.

I have been needling on this painting from around 7 till 12:30am. I had to quit. I was exhausted. It’s a very intense art, basically the same as painting with oil. Part of me is afraid to say that. As if everyone who reads this will then run out and start competing with me. I hate competition. I am so unsure of my skills that it’s pathetic. My son can verify that if any should need that. He tries to boost my spirits….but I am intensely disgusted with my work. It’s not right. We can both see that. How, how, how….to get it right??????? Arggggghhhhhhh. I’m so wound up. I was only on my 2nd beer at 12:30 which is crazy. It means I was so so so into it. Hehe…wrong English. I finally got it…once again…to where it’s a pretty thing. But the thing is….its not like the photo. That’s the problem. That’s the challenge. Not that I’m really going for exactly whats in the photo….but…ah heck….I’m making a birthday present for my daughter. Her birthday is on Friday. Time is running out. Hubby says next day air is my only hope. BUT….it’s not done. I tend to wait till things are due…then crunch em real quick. Last minute…yup, that’s me. I’m sweatin this one man. Okkkie dokie folks…….it’s that time. 2:29am = 4 = Angels…again…YAY. Hello Angels. 444444444444 Night.

Good day so far. Sheared the rest of Khalifa, then had to put him out cuz he was getting too rough with his…..I’m still a great goat without my hair….attitude. They all do it, but he was really using his horns and it looked too dangerous. Then it was Bentley’s turn. The blades didn’t wanna work…goat #4….crap. It took longer than normal due to the dull blades and adjusting tension didn’t help. Bentley was not very happy with the shearing and he danced a lot. That;s no fun, but love the fleece, so special…baby fleeces. I kept Duchess’s for 4 years before I finally let myself use it. She was the first baby here…came with her mom…her and baby Dimi. But Bentley’s was about to blow. He was so shiny all naked, shiny and slick and soft. Had let most of em out and got em back in fairly easily. Yay. Then……I bought my Herd ID. Yup, finally broke down and joined CAGBA to get my ID. Was bout to order ear tags when I realized…I don’t know which ID I’ll get. Gotta wait. Never done an ear tag. Yikes. Never wanted to or planned on it, but when you’re crossing a few borders, I guess it’s best.

I even got to eat some lunch so I can take Ibuprofen. Yay. I bet that pill goes down along with floating fiber. There is wisps of fiber everywhere. Sticking to me, my clothes, my bed, the cats….lol, it’s everywhere. Told hubby I couldn’t guarantee his carrots and veggies in his lunch wouldn’t have fibers attached. Hehe. It gets in the food all the time. Completely off topic but I have been wondering for a long time, why there’s always worn spots above each kitties eyes. The other night, Wiz was sleeping and I looked over and it looked like he was looking at me. I knew he was asleep. I got up and looked closer. YUP…..they are there to make the cats look awake and aware…when they are sleeping. How smart of God to add that! Ok….just called Texas A&M again to ask about their current mite treatment. She said to bring in 2-3 of my worst cases so they can rule out anything other than mites. She said the Ivomec should have worked. See…difference in Docs…even within the same hospital. And it did work….just not completely on all the goats. It only completely worked on Einstein and Darwin….two of the ones who had it the longest. I’ll try to fit that in next week. Never driven there myself before…yuk.

Belle didn’t eat again. She laid down in the house. BUT….I was lucky. I saw her poo before that and I nabbed it. Fixin to see whats going on here. Could be simple as she’s pregnant and its hot. Least I think she is. She was put in with the buck…that part I know for sure. Looks like I get to do the strain the eye/brain thing tonight…hehe…no, not the painting….the fecal test under the microscope. Still wondering if my high powered magnifier would do better. It’s huge. Might just give it a go. Lordie, it’s a lick fest with the kitties on my bed. Hate that sound with a passion. Well….on that note…passion, that is…….I shall be signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. PS….hubby came home early with the NEW feed. Yay.


















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