Found a SPARK……….of art in me

Oh no…God help me….my son may have finally gotten me to like the damn show….Southpark. I have fought it. Hated it. Screamed about it. Begged not to be forced to watch it. Said no like 5 times just tonight, and yet….I find myself laughing like a crazy lady. What’s up with that? I mean, I really hate this show!!! Well, it’s over and I’m still stunned. Laughed through the rest of it too….and wanted more. Lordie Lordie. Well, the painting has gone through so many changes and rip offs and tears and angst and tears and anger. It is not done. It’s 1:41am and I’m just now stopping….out of frustration sake. This one is important to me. Oh, and I have decided what to do with the money from the sale of the first fiber painting, Starry Night… Addi quick felting tool. I hope it works as well as suggested. There ya go Colleen….I spent it on me! Gosh I hope it works. I’m hoping it will help with detail work. I could certainly use it right now. I can’t wait. The Smooch kitty is asleep in the pile of colorful curls, as usual.

Ha…..Jesse just came down and stopped me. I was still felting at 2:30. It’s just not coming like I want it to yet. Driving me insane. He likes it….says it’s coming along, but jeesh. Maybe it is. I don’t know. It’s been restarted so many times its ridiculous. Shoot….the kitties pretty much avoided me all night, well, cept my Smoocher. She always sleeps in my work. Cathy said today she just loves how all my animals love me so much. I was surrounded by kitties and a dog at the time. A psychic once said….I see you surrounded by babies. Heheheheeeee. I tried to use some unwashed but soft alpaca tonight. I sneezed and sneezed. Now I don’t know if it’s the alpaca or the alpaca dirt. Needless to say….I took it off and found another route. Ahhhh ya…now we’re talkin. Hubby bought me a Chuy’s shirt last time we were there and I finally washed it. My shirt tonight was so covered in fiber that I needed to change it to sleep. I felt the desire to go Pink. Pink very bright hot pink. I love it. I feel refreshed. Bummer sorta cuz it’s 3:07am = 1 = beginnings = God = us……..and time for sleep. Night night…ha….if I can sleep…well, maybe you will and have sweet dreams, ok? Ok.

Sitting here this morning cleaning the blades to do Bentley…..and I hear rain. Not enough to feed the earth, just enough to stop the shearing. Yikes. So….we went to town to pick up another round of antibiotics for the Wiz. While there, I got popsicle sticks for poo fecals and stopped at AT&T and said….Is there a generic voicemail password put on the Iphone? He smiles and says…I can help you with that. He takes my phone, dials a number and next thing I know he has reset my password…to????? Hmmm, should have asked him…..needless to say…..he fixed what I’ve been dealing with nearly every 5-15 seconds on my phone. Constant popups of….wrong password message. While I take a photo, while I type, while I do anything….popup. FIXED. Yes!!!!!! I suffered over a year….it took only 3 minutes to fix. Remember my lesson folks.

Upon return home…..Bentley was still crying so I let them out. They were out about an hour. Getting them back in wasn’t as easy for half of them as I would’ve wished but altogether not so bad. I made the mistake of telling Jesse that Armani was almost named…Bugatti. Oh man…..he kept saying it over and over, Bentley and Bugatti!!! So now we are saying….Armani Bugatti. Lol. Speaking of that…..he let me pet him today!!! Jesse last night. Yay!!! They are now safely back I their pen. Probably for the best we not shear….he was a bit freaked….but his coat needs off now…starting to blow. And my poor girls……hubby bought new feed after going back to TSC two weeks in a row. I bought a few bags to wean them…not good enough. Poor babies….some are having major runs now. Dangit. I told hubby that if we are gonna go with this food from Austin….we need to commit. How many times have I said……food switches need to be done very slowly. Really ticking me off to be honest….it’s the goats that pay.

Well, I also worked a bit on the painting this morning and boy is it frustrating me. I need it to be good. I need it to look like what I want it to look like. And I will achieve it. Right?!!!! Patience. Just wanna close my door to the world and work on it. Can’t. Dinner. Gotta make it. Yay, but I don’t gotta eat it!!! That takes time too! Had a late lunch….hehe jack in the box. Ok…well, hubbys on the way home. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch……ps…..Fukushima plant is still leaking radioactive crap….really???? Go figure. Holy crap…..heavy duty masks the reporter is using. 2 ½ years later…
















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