Finding my creativity……..?

What determines how I spend my time? It was a question on FB, and it sparked a whole conversation in my head so I thought I should type it instead of think it. To the best of my ability, I try to be doing whatever I want to be doing in every given moment. That’s not always possible. Sometimes we have to go places or do things or suffer things that prevent that, but on every opportunity that arises….I do whatever I feel like doing. Be it sitting, just sitting….or eating, or visiting the goats or spinning or crafting or art or animal care. See, all these things will happen, this I know, so, I can then allow each moment to be mine. I then decide when I’ll get up and feed or worm or shear, or or or…..or when I’ll crochet. I haven’t crocheted in a long while. This gives me a freedom of sorts. It lets me be me….here now. I guess it’s an attitude. Either that or a structure cuz I seem to like structure. So many little rules with myself. Self imposed little rules like the beer max and the beer start time and the cigarettes per hour…all scheduled. Rigid.

I made the appointment with the fiber felter. Friday was the soonest we could get together and when she said here or her house, I said….your house please, so I might be inspired??? Joyce makes felted thingies. Animals and clothing but mostly animals and figures I believe. I sold her a pound of Miyagi I think and I gave her some Moonee just cuz. Cuz she was my very first local buyer. She said bring whatever….as payment for the lessons. Hmmm, think I’ll make her a package of goodies. I also had an offer from a Canadian internet friend. We traded fiber once….I sent her a pound of mohair and she sent me the batt of my choice from her Etsy shop. She saw my post about being uninspired and said we should trade again and she’d send me a box that would knock my creative socks off. I think I’ll take you up on that Amber Churchill. I’ll send you some Moonee……it’s lanoliny but wonderful and precious. Just in case, I’ll throw in some Yazhi…lol, these are fibers that I’ve gone through in their raw stage. Something I hate to do due to my emphezema. I have lots of fiber…raw….full of vm. Hard to get rid of unless I process it myself.

Processing it dry and raw is very hard on my lungs. So for people that want raw from me….from now on… shall be…..straight from the goat. You experience what I would have experienced, had I had to process it. Understand? Full of vm, in other words. The way all fiber is unless it’s coated which we CANNOT do with these goats. Seems fair….I’ll charge less. Heck…who am I kidding…..I’ve only sold about 20 lbs altogether. But who cares. Really. I’m not hurting. I’m not starving. The goats aren’t starving. Lol. Why do I stress the money thing so. I just watched an old movie 1991, lol, called The Story Lady. She made her shows and paid for them herself and they aired on public tv. Then a network got her and she left those people hanging, on the public channel. I kinda feel that way. When I stopped the blog…..I realized that y’all count on me. Y’all read me like people watch a tv show and I remembered how upset I was when my soaps were taken away. I guess….I am a soap. Hehehe. Could do worse, eh? I loved my soaps. Oh Lordie….it’s time for bed. 2:38am = 4 = Angels. Night night Angels and sweet ones who are Angels at moments unbeknownst to them…which is…All….Everyone. Night.

Oh golly gosh. Its 5:44 hello Angels. I just looked up from needling. Dang….haven’t started dinner and haven’t written here yet! The good news is that I’ve started another painting. The bad news is….well, there isn’t any really….just that I don’t know yet if it’ll work. Sometimes we work and work and work….and it still comes out bad. But at least I started, so now I have 2 in process. At some point, I’ll be brave and put up the others in the Etsy shop. Well, we sheared Sendai today. Yesterday when I went to check on Darwin and Einstein, see how they were faring in their new home……I noticed Sendai was a bit Off. I told him I’d help him today and I went ahead and wormed him. The boys were seriously in rut and I’m glad we’re mostly done. Cathy used scissors and got a portion of big Wyatt done too. We went ahead and pulled the stanchion out. Upon watching the girls, I see that they now prefer the new feed. Finally. I’m giving both and it’s very obvious now. Good. Milky conned me into some napping tree leaves…heck if I know what it is. They love it though. The new baby, Bentley, cries a lot. I gotta let them out. Maybe tomorrow. I think Khalifa is up to it. Well, I guess that’s it for today. Gotta do dinner then back to it I go. Fun times! Lol. Oh ya……the felt painter whose work is so good that I wanted to delete her? So it doesn’t kill my creativity….well, turns out….she’s not my friend….I can’t delete her. Ha! Nope, she’s in a group I’m in that I want to be in. Oi ve. I have high hopes for Fridays lessons. Ok……signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Oh Ps……the two are doing great in the Bigboy pen…shoot, they knew so many of them that they were welcomed. Just chillin. Yay.
















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