I’m calling it a Miracle……………….

I started another painting tonight and so far…it’s still intact. I stopped and never got back into it like normal. The passion wasn’t there. Painting without passion is no good and no fun. I do feel sucked dry. Kris suggests I need a break. Maybe drive to the beach. I have been feeling the call. BUT, that’s like 4 hours away. By the time I got there, I’d have to turn around. Top that off……to get there….you have to go through Houston….the WORST highway system ever. OH holy crap I shrivel up as a passenger and hide my face and pretend I’m somewhere else. See…..usually when I paint…it’s because I have to. I have to express something on my mind. I don’t consider myself to have great skills, just a desire to say something. Thing is…I don’t have a message at the moment. It’s 1am and I just now started the nightly portion of the blog. The last blog….97% was written in the last 20 minutes before I posted. It’s not a block. I don’t have blocks. I have…..moments of mud. I’m still in the mud. I’ve been in the mud for so long. I am tired. Maybe I do need a break, but what does that mean? I’ll be concerned about the goats the whole time.

Oh ya….I just remembered. There is one more girl in the L that hasn’t made friends with me yet. Funny, cuz she’s the reason I have the pintos in the first place. Belle. Belle is the daughter of Bonita, at TopKnot Angora whom I’ve said all along was the prettiest doe I’d ever seen. I saw Belle’s photo at the same time as the other pintos. It was Belle first at that moment. The rest came nearly one at a time. When I saw Belle, I also saw Doc. Hmmm, that’s hubbys nickname, that might hook him. Then I saw Wywy. Oh holy crap. Beautiful. And of course Miss Etta who hated me for months but adores me now. And Georgia. Sweet Georgia who likes to be part of my body when I walk….making it hard to walk. Who cries for me and follows me and runs after me when I go to leave the L. And of course, the elusive but pettable Pearl. Pearl used to follow me too but she suddenly stopped. Maybe it was the babies. Ya, that was most likely it.

Anyway….Belle is looking mighty big. She doesn’t always eat grains but maybe she’s just unused to carrying a baby. And people….there’s still always the chance that I’m wrong. That none of them got impregnated at all. It could be my imagination I suppose. We’re still a month and a week away. Away from day One when I put the buck in that is. He was in there a full month. Well, I guess night night dear ones. Sleep sweet. 1:23am = hehehehe = go = 6 = earth. (Lady on FB…writer of…The Monk I Married, asked what inspires you? I said normally color, texture and my goats….but now I need Inspired instead of trying to Inspire. She said…MamaSheri, you are a part of your animals so go be with your animals…or something like that. Hmmm. Hmmm. Maybe I should take a sketchpad to sit with the goats, not the phone. I’m a horrible sketcher and drawer, but I could maybe get the poses down. I know y’all are gonna argue with me. Everyone always argues with me, but I’m really not that great of an artist. I mostly get lucky. Yes, I’m using the word lucky loosely cuz I don’t believe in luck. Ok. Night night.

Oh my. Very productive…for us……day. I am happy beyond happy and no way to properly express my joy. One of the things on todays agenda was to thoroughly check the two beautifuls who seemed healed. Checked, touched, ooh’d and ahh’d and oh my….they are well. Well and truly healed. I’m stunned. How many times I nearly put them down due to their misery. 4 years. 4 years of mites building and building the layer upon layer of mite gunk on them. Their skin was like leather. Hard…maybe harder than leather. Very very difficult to get a needle in. I once cut DaVinci while shearing cuz I couldn’t find his skin in the mass of white gunk. DaVinci and Socrates are not taking as well to the treatments so they remain. BUT…….my Darwin and Einstein have joined the Bigboys for the first time in their lives. They went together so can buddy up. I was nearly in tears while touching these babies. No signs.

Their legs are normal size now and their coats…yes, fleeces…….are stunning as they always used to be. So soft,, straight off the goat…and shiny!!!!!! Not to be rude or disrespectful, just wanting you to understand how miraculous this is………imagine getting a horrible disease and after 4 years, just when you’re preparing to die….a new cure is found. You are healed and can now do anything you want or dream because you are now 100% well. I am OVER the MOON. Ha….still having artist issues but dang…..these two boys have been healed. Oh Lordie, they are healed. They go NOWHERE. These guys earned the right to stay and live a happy life right here. Sorry to go on and on, but it’s a very big deal here. I honestly doubted their bodies could ever come back from the ravaging of the mites. That’s how bad they were. Nothing had worked. NOTHING. And…..what DID work…was what that fancy Doc hung up on me for. Man oh man….I’ll be making some special things with their fleeces!!!!!

Sarah got rammed by Yazhi, so we splinted her leg, we moved those two beautifuls and also moved Nobles in with DaVinci and Socrates so he can get individual care now. Gave Kiwi some more wormer and nearly let the baby boys out….but it’s only been 4 weeks, not the 6-8 the vet wanted Khalifa to stay still for. I think he could do it though. Wiz kitty has only one or two more doses of meds left and he is sitting there giving himself a bath right now. Lookin good. I did go sit with the girls this morning and took paper and pencil…..sketched a rough drawing and realized once again…I ain’t no drawer. Maybe the solution to my ill feelings toward my art skills is…….more skills. I need to take that needlefelting class with Joyce. We’re just gonna trade fiber for lessons. I’m fairly healthy now, time to make the appointment. Ok folks…….word count runover. Yay for Einstein and Darwin!!!! Signing off very thrilledly…….at YeeHaw Ranch.















3 thoughts on “I’m calling it a Miracle……………….

  1. They are beautiful, congrats, please post what you did. I wonder how often they will need it, and if it will have to be routine with them. I bet they feel so much better.
    OK, If you insist Belle can come here to live instead of Georgia, but she has to bring a friend, perhaps her doeling, then she has a forever friend and you keep her buckling. 🙂
    I Love You

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