exciting….AND scary……..but ok

An exciting night. Took Jesse to work and he called later to say he couldn’t find a ride home. Then, I see the Bastrop Fire Dept. has announced a fire right there where he works. Just across the concrete of the road. Some of the tree remains from the Bastrop Fire 2 yrs ago……are/were stacked up there and it was a new business….Go Green International. I guess cuz they were recycling fire trees. Well…..the fire trees are no more. Jesse heard booms, like possibly vehicle/tractor explosions. I followed a firetruck right in. Jesse had been calming his boss’s wife, who lives behind the bar/restaurant, and wetted down the mulch surrounding her mobile home. They say they can contain it there…..I surely hope so. Before that….I started a fiber painting. Not sure…..sometimes it’s good, then I work on it and yuk. LOL…art. AND……it’s dismantled. No good. Jeesh. Hate it when that happens. And what is THAT? THAT, is a loss of belief in myself. Comes from seeing one too many really good felt paintings. Well….gee, guess that’s it for tonight. I’m so disjointed….AGAIN!!! Dang. Ok….night night anyways sweet people. 2:32am = 7 = holy.

Took Jesse to work at 10am and the fire was still burning. They were able to save most of the famous burn logs though. They had it contained to one pile……one very large pile that looked like a volcano. At 2pm when I picked Jesse up, it was still the same pile, so I think they may have saved the area. I took a photo to show you how close this huge fire was to The Old Frontier, the restaurant Jesse works at. Scary, but at least there’s no wind and it would have to cross a 4 lane Hwy (21) in order to get up here. I didn’t get to go shooting either! Dang….2 weeks after my birthday and still haven’t gotten to use or try my present.

There are some large does in the L right now. So freaky….only one has had babies before. Why did I do it that way? Heck….cuz all the rest of the pinto possible does had just given birth. So….nearly all first timers. Must be why they are letting me touch them….lol, but doesn’t explain Joy!!! Georgia is too funny. She is like a baby herself mindwise, so it’s kinda hard to imagine her with a baby. She’s so funny. When she finally settles on a pile of feed as hers……and I do mean…finally settles. She goes from pile to pile, trough to trough. When she does settle though, she makes this desperate sound…….which I am absolutely certain would translate into English as……No, no, it’s mine….I’ll die without it….go away please!!! As she follows me, I see her body grow wider and wider. Belle was laying in the shade in the birthing pen, looking very preggers. I’m thinking most of them are…..but I still can’t tell with the one experienced mom….Etta.

Hubby got the Austin feed again…so I made him get some old feed as well, to wean them into the new. AGAIN. Just got all the dang poopy butts to stop and here we go again. Not only that, but it is blowing some baby coats. What is that? AGRGRRGHHHH, that, is when their system is shocked and the curl starts to fray, come apart from the curl and create wisps of cloud. NOT ideal!! 3 goats left in the Bigboys and I can bring the stanchion over here and do Khalifa and Bentley…well, 2, cuz Wyatt is so big we won’t use the stanchion on him. Hurry hurry!!!! Gotta get Bentley’s off before it goes to hell and gotta get Khalifa evened out so his 2nd coat comes in right of which I’m very curious to see. He’s doing very well by the way. Holds his own in a pen with 5 other boys. Speaking of doing better……..Wiz kitty has reduced in size immensely. He still has pockets of fluid here and there though. We got him a senior cat food with NO SOY! Whatever you feed your animals….make sure it says NO SOY. I used to feed Diamond feed from TSC…then I upgraded and upgraded, then…..I downgraded back to Diamond….for their sake. Much healthier now.

Well, this was a busy weekend for fiber and goat people. Some went to the Michigan Fiber Festival and some went to the Iowa State Fair. The good news is…..some people actually had their colored goats win….OVER the whites!!! Now that…..is something folks. Colored Angora’s have only been being bred since the 90’s if I’m correct. Yay and I clink my drink to all the colored Angora Goat breeders. Good job people, good job. As for the stink………I’m gonna let it air out a bit and see how the dust settles. But for now….I’m done talking about it. Gosh….I wish I’d been there to see the coloreds win over the whites…..how funny that sounds. Seems like another set of coloreds had to fight to be good enough to compete with the whites. Silly Sheri.

I updated some of the apps on my phone and jeesh is FB weird now. I’ll deal, I just hate change with some things. Tonight I shall try to paint again. Next time that really great felt painter posts…….I’m gonna have to delete her. It just makes me compare myself and there is no comparison which just depresses me. I need to be me and paint what I paint, not what others paint better than me. Oh wow….it’s 6:30pm and I have no clue whats for dinner. Gotta run!!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch….ps….we never did get more rain.















4 thoughts on “exciting….AND scary……..but ok

  1. I have used several different cat foods and always come back to the Diamond brand. I really think it is the best. Glad Wiz is doing better!

    • Isn’t that crazy? It’s the cheaper food! And we were using Blue for the dogs, now it’s much more affordable plus it’s healthier. My dog doesn’t act like he has allergies anymore. :)))

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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