Voice of reason……………?

I wish real world, whole world politics could smooth themselves out like this one in goatworld just did. Ironed out and smooth. No worries. I am at ease and life is good. Time to move on to further adventures via the wee goats. Well, some are not so Wee, as my Wyatt will attest. He has even outgrown his father, Aramis, may he RIP. We will be shearing him in the next week and know already that he’s too big for the stanchion. We’ll have to tie him to a post…best I can come up with. In the end…he’s still not as big as some 18 month old whites I saw at last years sale, and Wyatt is 4. Lol, he is missing a few locks already cuz first me, then Cathy just had to take some scissors to him while we weren’t doing anything. For me, he snipped….but then again, I had the baby scissors. For Cathy, he just stood there, but she had the Westcott’s. See, that’s how much I love my cheapo Westcott’s…I remember their name!!! It was a reminder for Cathy and I today when the blades quit……shearing with scissors. We had forgotten really. Me more so than her cuz she does do the heads with scissors now.

Oooooooh………..I hear rain! Yum!!!! Know the ground has its mouth open wide and is gulping it in! Oh….now…..she’s thirstier than that for goodness sakes! More please. While I’m waiting for more rain, I’ll tell ya there is no cover over the new baby buck pen. This bothers me. I’ll have to rig up something. Rig up. Thank you God for the Rainbow Family Gatherings, where I learned to Rig up. To look at my surroundings and find a way with what I have…to do what I need. I have 3 ponytail holders on my wrist. They are unused…..waiting. And in the meantime, they are my colorful jewelry. Green, blue and turquoise. Always there should I need them for whatever jam I might find myself or a goat in. A few years ago, I invented in my head, a large twisty tie. I could foresee so many uses and I looked and looked for something to create it with. Guess what? Out of the ethers, comes a rubbery soft long twisty tie! It’s so cool. Got it at TSC and finally am using it to hold a pen together, but my initial desire years ago was to close a gate, without having to go through all the damn rigamorow of those hooks and chains. I need more, now that I’ve actually used one and know it’s capabilities. Hmmmm, bedtime. Night night people!!! 1:22am = 5 = change. Hmmm, 2 nights in a row.

And the Gandhi boy is not down to normal size. His tight curls were so dense. I bet it weighs at least 15 lbs. As usual, he was a very good boy. The other however, were in instigating moods. Grabbing the fleece bag, getting into the shearing bag, trying to stand on the stanchion….lol. Hopefully the photos turned out. I think that brings us to 3 big boys left. Then….Bentley….then we probably start the girls again. Oi ve. Year round shearing…what fun! I swear……..if you have a shearer….ANY shearer……keep him!!! Even if they nick the goats…keep them. I will recommend a professional shearer from now on…but if you have to do it yourself…..I still love my Lister Star’s. I’m about to send off 6 sets of blades. Scary that. I’ll insure them for their worth, $300.

So funny. The baby boys still go in and out of the playpen. Especially Khalifa still hangs out there and wants to be fed there, but during the day…each of the others goes in too, for their moment in the special place. So cute, ye know? It’s full of holes….they just walk in and walk out….so I’ll be getting a new playpen come kidding time….ha…. the end of next month! Well, I guess I should go feed now cuz it’s getting dark looking out there. Ya, I’m still waiting on the rest of the drink the land wanted. Well, one of the does, Joy, is wearing a long piece of thorny vine. I asked her to stop. She didn’t, but I didn’t have any scissors with me either so it really didn’t matter. She did hesitate though…remember, she let me pet her the other day, so she was rethinking things. Also….Milky was standing by me. I reached out and touched her. She started to take a step away and remembered that she was now allowing me….so she stopped and allowed me. Awesome!!! With Jesse’s help….and chasing Joy into a pen….we got it cut out. And do they ever say thankyou??? Nope. But as you know…it’s not a thankless job. I get thanks when they come up to me or want petting or smile at me…yes, some of them smile.

The goat politics haven’t quite worked themselves out as well as I had hoped, but it’s up to the parties involved. Anybody not personally involved….I’d advise…..it is what it is and it will be what it will be. So….live your lives and be happy! I’m doing my best to be the voice of reason. And that’s the only reasonable move at this point. Live and let live. I’m pretty sure most parties are informed. There. Once again…sketchy info that most know nothing about…..but some will understand it and this is for them. Ok. It’s that time. It’s Friday and gotta drive the boy to work. Have a great weekend people…..signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps…I forgot to tell you about the award. I’ll figure out the nominees over the weekend. ok…Later
















10 thoughts on “Voice of reason……………?

    • Yes. I bet it does. They are both short goats but I assure you….Anya is way smaller than her mom. Now have you seen petunia suckling on Joy??? Haha!!!! Petunia is growing so fast

    • Oh yay!!! Fair! Wish I was brave. If go to one too. And yikes!!!! Lol. Huggs. Have a great and wonderful time my deer.

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

      • I don’t like to go out, I stay in my own pen or I am in one of the goat pens. Roman goes out and gets me food. He did make me walk around sat evening and it was horrible. Next year I will walk around early in the morning, like 7am, or stay in the barn? in a blackout tent.

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