sticking my head in the SAND…….

Sometimes we have to place ourselves on one side or the other of an issue. It’s a heartgut felt thing. What stirs us to emotion. What whips us into frenzy or turns us into screaming shrews or shriveling basketcases. Sometimes we may not even realize we have such burning passions within us until the day comes when those passions erupt. What do you do? You now know there is an issue and you now know where you stand with it. Is it a side you want to stand on? Can you stand there easily? Will you suffer for your choice? Will others suffer for your choice? Life offers up such doozies on a regular basis, eh? And sometimes there are so many strands in a web that no matter how you step….you break strands. Sometimes, issues are big and bold and take many hostages. And sometimes… choose to bury your head in the sand. That’s where I am now. Say hello to this ostrich Mama!!! Since there is nothing I can effectively do with this issue I’m presented with…..into the sand I go. See ya!!!

I just got the sugar itch and made chocolate chip cake. The first time I had it, my girl George was making one for Cathy’s church in the morning. She needed help. I ended up making it and when it was done…..we stared at it. It was after midnight…too late to make another….but we just couldn’t help ourselves and we sat in the kitchen on the then beautiful red leather bar chairs, and cut ourselves each a huge hunk…still piping hot….and proceeded to consume. Mass amounts. It was lovely, just lovely. We grinned with mouths full and a hint of guilty pleasure. Come morning……she took the HALF a cake to church. Hehehe. I called it Heaven cake…Cathy called it Go to Heaven cake….and in the end…that was the one and only time I ate either name. Ahhhh, tonight, I shall eat Heaven cake again…cuz I sure ain’t ready to Go to Heaven. Jesse doesn’t know that I’ve made anything….what a surprise he shall get. 45 minutes more. Yum. Upon second eating….I have decided it would be better as a streudel!!!! I’ll repeat it and quadriple the steudel filling and wala…it will be up to my standards. Hehehe. With powder sugar syrup on top, of course.

Oh wow….I just watched my cat, Smooch, sitting at Blue’s bowl, look up and with her eyes, ask him if she could have some. Obviously his eyes said yes…… Wonderful. Ahhh, it’s 1:44am…+ 5 = change. Night night world people.

Well…..another naked goat to add to the pile. Marshall was an extreme gentleman as usual. Stood still as a statue but obviously had to pee toward the end, so he let out tiny trickles. When his feet were done…he knew we were done….and he let it loose. Now that’s a respectful goat. Such a man goat….and unbelievably sweet. Gosh, I’m in love with so many of these critters. The blades went bad on both sets of clippers so we had to finish up with scissors….way finish up. I only have one more new blade…left it inside on purpose. Need to send the dull ones in…but it needs an order form printed…I’m printer/laptop challenged at the moment…as usual….so will get hubby to do it. The place I’m sending them does them and sends them back same day. Hope they do them right!!!! I’ve been leery…hence the procrastination.

The girls were all down near the feed area instead of under a tree so I just did walkaround for photos. Then a horn honked. Why am I the only one who hears that and why is it always when I’m way down in the L????? Coffee. Hubby’s coffee. So, I came in to cool off a sec, then right back down I went. After I fed them, the BB’s were calling, so I stopped in to visit. It’s very hot and the only shade was up against the painted wall…..and they fanned out in front of me. Each just wanting to stand there…..whether I touched them or not. Khalifa stays to himself but will come to the fence to see me. Billy doesn’t know his place so he just wanders and is prepared to defend himself if necessary. Armani is so curious but still thinks my touch is a hot poker….but he gets so dang close. Without question….the goats here that absolutely adore me at the moment are…………Buddha, Kiwi and Etta. All three of them would hang with me all day if they could. Remember what it was like before? Remember Etta arrived here in September and wouldn’t let me anywhere near her until oh…….April or May!!!! And when she made that choice…she went whole hog. I can even hold my hands under her…to feel for baby movement and she cares not. I can pick out any VM I want too….hmmm, that’s the case with a lot of them though…they’re so used to it. I pet them and next thing we all know….I’m picking crap off. Petunia absolutely hates it when I pull leaves off her though…anything but leaves. (it pulls her hair)

The colored angora goat world is in a political hole again and I’ve decided…well, you know what I’ve decided. My head is in the sand on this one issue. Not out of ignorance, but out of respect. Right now I see childishness happening and it’s getting nasty. I can say that I pretty much know all aspects of the rumors floating around and I’m pretty disgusted with the lot. Except one. The one getting the flack. But I want to stand here on my soapbox and say this………………yesterday….when I knew……when I learned what was going on……… was a heavy heavy burden. Ya, I shook it off myself, but not all people are accustomed to shaking shit off. The very first person confided in…………..was handed a heavy burden….an unfair heavy burden. What to do with such knowledge? Keep silent? Tell? I went through that myself yesterday as you all saw. It was making me physically ill. So…….remember that next time you confide something to someone…..that effects MANY……remember the burden you are placing on them and maybe reconsider. If not….then deal with the trickledown. I don’t know ANY of you in person……….well, a few goat people………..and I hold no one in any different regard……at this moment. Your actions from here on out will determine that. And for the person who confided……….well crap… needed to talk to someone!!!! Same on down the line…….it’s all the….don’t tell crap… that causes problems. Ok….soapbox complete. And for any who wish to join me here in my SANDbox……….remember……each farm is different, each goat is different and each person is different…… what YOU need to do for yourself and yours. Ok……..later chickies and the occasional rooster! Oh ya….pain is getting better folks!!! Alrighty then. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Psss……I’ve received another award….I’ll talk about it tomorrow!
















10 thoughts on “sticking my head in the SAND…….

  1. My entire life, I think, has been spent trying to stay out of the politics of which ever nursing job I happened to be in or coven I belonged to, etc, etc. I am so happy just being a peon…lol. I love to learn. And everyone I have ever met has something to teach. In the end it is what you do with what is taught….and that is your choice. It is so very hard sometimes to keep my mouth shut…lol…..the redhead in me. I have no idea what is going on at this point with our goatie friends and no need to know (beyond natural gossipy curiosity lol) either. I just hate that people cannot be grown-ups, get along, and let everyone just be themselves. We all have something to offer. We are not cookie cutter humans living in a pasteboard world. We are each individuals with creative ideas and different notions living in a huge world full of many folks with different ideas and notions. If we all believed the same and acted the same where would be? BORED!! Night Night, loves. Hugs all around.

    • Oh I hear ya dear! Bored indeed! Yes. To each his own…..which includes lessons, hurts, learnings and sometimes loss. We all do what we think is right for us…..sometimes that doesn’t mean right for all. Like it or not. I’d dearly love to spell it out but it would tarnish a good name. That good name is teetering….we shall see how it plays out. ❤

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

  2. I live drama free and love it! Got my goats from Kai Mohair via Emmelita H. Em is a darling lady that is a true survivor! I love the support goat folks give each other but once you go breed specific in your groups, it seems as if the competition and back biting begins!
    I am controversial in that I believe in vaccination for CL prevention and I am sure there are folks that look down on me for it. But at night, I sleep better and have one less worry!
    Holding knowledge that effects others is a heavy burden and before I would allow someone to tell me anything of that nature – I would warn them that my integrity and honor requires that I reserve the right to inform others of the facts if I feel it necessary. This comes from spending years as a counselor. There ARE times it is proper and right to talk to others about information but it is important to state that up front.
    So sorry for your burden

    • Gosh. That’s a great philosophy!!! I plan to remember that next time I think I’m about to hear a secret. And ya that is a contraversial approach but I can understand it. I’m opposed to vaccines but would do it if I had to I suppose. And yes. I like it when we all play nice!!! ❤

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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