effectively silenced……………

Two things on my mind tonight. First is Service. I have been feeling a lack of service due to humanity on my part. I rarely go out. I did used to give away all my handmade things but now I just try to sell them. I contribute a tiny tiny bit to a couple places every now and then, but I don’t really do a service. I’ve been thinking on this for years. It finally occurred to me the other day that I do do a service. I talk to people….and I care for goats and other miscellaneous animals. Caring for these animals is no easy task. And it’s definitely not a cheap task. It’s a joy, it’s a choice and it’s a chore. Don’t let anyone tell ya different. It’s hard work. But it is fulfilling work. The second thing on my mind is telling you MY shearing experience. Each shearing experience is different due to more factors than I can or feel like listing…..but mostly cuz each animal is different. I shall tell you about todays.

Todays was in the bigboy pen. A big boy. It began after I had mhy cup of tea and I cleaned the clipper blades. Cathy showed up somewhere in there and Jesse is now carrying several 100 ft electrical cords outside and stringing them to the bigboy pen. All but 4 are inside the carport/horse panel House and we close the door. We are now “trapped” inside this enclosure wqith big monster beasts….who come and want petting. Some just lay where they were. Some try to attack the plastic chairs and get put out. Well one, Wyatt, the old Wyatt. Lol, only 4 or so. So, we take our boy by the horns and lift him up on the stanchion and close the loop. Sometimes their necks are so big we can’t close it so we use a bungee cord. I shear about 1/3 of the goat then stop cuz blades are hot. Jesse sprays them with coolant and we argue whether it hurts the blades.

This particular goat….Firefly….stands perfectly still the whole time and doesn’t even pee or poo. Good thing cuz for awhile he had a sideways pizzle…..where the hair is causing the pizzle to point sideways, lol. When it’s like that….they pee on you by accident. Sendai is asking for petting…not pushy though…the whole time. Just requesting. Picasso and the others just lay around. At one point in time, I was scared of bucks. I’m not anymore. Now a buck in rut is a different story…I’m just more aware and a bit more cautious. Really, they are gentle beings. More gentle than the does as I’ve said a gazillion times. So…..we stopped and started…switched out and Cathy steadily used scissors to cut the face and head. This was a too long on the goat coat so was thrown away as have been so many this season. Just needed to be removed. Then Jesse did his feet, lol, with me backseat driving, and I put a stripe of stuff down his back for bugs. And wala….done. Not one buck threatened us or really disturbed us and it’s this way everytime folks. Bucks are not as scary as made out to be. And this….is another way we have to Care for the goats. Oh wait….not done. While Cathy was finishing up the head area, Jesse and I walked around from laying goat to laying goat and I stuck the needle into the bottle of worming meds, pulled up enough, put the cap on, twisted it, removed the needle and then put the stuff in each mouth. Had to trap 2….out of about 10. Good boys. I swear…they know I’ve sold some. They are communicating. They are telling each other…if you want to stay…let her pet you. And it’s working. They are. Holy crap. Hehehe……night night sweetest of sweet folks!!!!! Love you guys. 1:16am = 8 = infinity.

Well…..Silence is not golden all the time. Secrets, lies and greed thrive in silence. I despise being a part of the silence but to protect a friend, who is protecting a friend, who is protecting a friend…and so on and so on…..then it’s all ok…..right? Right. Well…on to other things. Other more important things…like…..well, I took the day off from shearing, to spare myself the pain. I did nothing today. I still hurt. Kinda concerned cuz my hands are swelling now, as of last night. I know I know…go to the Dr already. I hung out with my girls awhile and with the baby boys. That’s it. That’s all I did today. I’m all out of my Advil liquigels….waiting for more to magically come walking thru the door when hubby comes home. All goats are doing well and are as happy as they can be in this high heat. Crap. No point in writing more. As you can see….I have something on my mind and it’s a heavy HAT. See ya good people…..good and innocent and trusting people. Signing off with frustration from YeeHaw Ranch. Soon….I will take this topic on…hope it’s not too late. ps…….I wrote and rewrote this a dozen times.










12 thoughts on “effectively silenced……………

  1. I am curious as to why you don’t wether any of the boys? Wethers are the best fiber factories (none of the hormonal surges of the intact boys and the girls). I just did 2 boys myself this evening; neither was of breeding quality but both will have lovely fleeces and are worth keeping just for that.

    • lol, thats easy….cuz I’ a wimp and can’t bear to hurt them! I’ve heard that the fiber is better…I just can’t. I even bought the tool and the bands….but it’s just never happened. :)))

      • Doesn’t hurt any more than getting a shot. I just did 2 7-month-olds. 1 forgave me right away, the other is still sulking a bit (but only when he sees me looking at him, which is too funny). I know that it is better for them in the long run, so I suck up my feelings and get the job done.

      • Well I do actually have one this time that I should wether. He’s just now 4 months. Hmmm. Can you explain it and ill also watch videos???? :))

        Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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