Dr. DoLittle, if you Please…….

For a few years now, I have been asking Spirit for the gift of animal communication. Now…you guys know me. I don’t want the normal usual kind. I want the Dr. DoLittle kind. I have not yet received it, but what I have received is the opportunity to watch the close actions and interactions of different animal species. Right now….my dying kitty, has just been stimulated…revived for the moment, by the visit and a few licks from Gucci, his little sister. And I do mean little. Wiz is a very big boy….half or so of it is fluid though…no, 1/3. See, she walked up and started to clean him, which caused him….HIM, to have to prove he could clean himself…thus….a moment of life, vs the laying in seclusion on the other side of my bed that had been going on. He is a very tough kitty. I also recently got to witness baby Khalifa. Oh man. A broken leg and he never once cried out from it. He shook his fresh splint off at 15 days and is now standing on it. That boy holds the highest mark of courage in my book.

I haven’t really talked about my new microscope yet. I hate it. Don’t get the Fiasco Farms recommended one. For close to the same price you can get way better. First of all….are there any where the eye piece tilts???????? And….I can only see the eggs at 4% on this one. I did see one at 10%, that’s it, even though there were tons more. Regardless….I did see the eggs….and there were…..Eggs. Who knows how many…hard to move the slide around even slightly without losing where you are and thus, losing count. Mea says there are slides with gridwork. Guess I’ll find em and buy some. Again…the point….Milly had eggs. So…..they are all wormed in the L now except Belle and Shortcake whose 10 day is up tomorrow for them. I wormed them early specifically due to their actions. The girls are letting me touch them, one by one. Gosh, I don’t think there are any left….I think they all let me touch them now. Well, Heaven isn’t too happy with me…2 wormings and she wanted neither. She’s very poopy butt. I may have to shear her early to get the wet poo off before it hurts her. We’ll see how it looks. Don’t fret….it’s most likely caused by the introduction of oats. And I’m gonna do it again. Gonna get beet pulp. The oats were an accident but most likely a sign. The beet pulp was recommended. 😀

I sat with the baby boys and Buddha laid down against me. They love me so. Most say not to do that, but I haven’t had any bad side effects yet. Well, Khalifa, my buckiest of bucks….well, he challenged me some and I had to put him down. Today, little Billy gave me that, head rear up, ears back, I wanna take you on look and I took him by the horn and said NO….You don’t wanna mess with Mama! Mama’s Head Goat!!! He backed off. Plus, I think it was an eye thing. Right now, some of the babies are sleeping against the house and are scratching themselves and their horns are bumping into the house. It reminds me they’re there. I guess it’s time to start winding down. Night night sweet friends….1:59am = 6 = earth.

It’s been a painful but productive day. Gave another dose to Mite girls, then sheared Firefly and wormed all but 4 bigboys…the 4 were not in the pen. I have to say…this shear is a first for me. I’ve had lanolin goats turn non-lanolin…..but this time….it’s a non lanolin fleece turning high quality and lanoliny. Remarkable. The denseness of his curls was staggering. So very different than his usual coat. He’s 3 or 4, can’t remember. Anyway, wow. So, we are down to like 4 bigboys to shear. Yay. Then we start on the babies. While feeding the girls….Jesse had the buggy in the L to deliver some bags….I was squatted down talking to Milly who had a pile of grain in front of her but she was too hot to eat. Next thing I know……Valey comes running towards me and basically pretends I’m the road…..the path….and she runs across me…to get away from Jesse I guess. At some point I’ll get to eat something, then I can take some advil for the pain.

The Wiz kitty is hanging in. His eyes looked more alert today and he apparently ate….cuz he then lost his lunch. Hubby worked half a day and is back working on the pump…has been a few hours now. Oh ya…another goat….has decided to allow me to pet. What on earth is going on? Edo this time. Oh man….I almost forgot to tell you. Yesterday while we were worming the girls, Flower cried out…..then I realized I had heard a distant cry. The twins are talking to each other across the yard now that mommy is gone. None of the moms are talking to the boys….but Flower is. So sweet.

Thinking Cathy might be right about the ribs. She thinks pleurisy. I finally remembered to look for a bruise. Nothin. No bruise….yup, could very well be pleurisy….but too much to do. No time for Docs, unless it’s a goat or a cat. Oh ya…I also called Texas A & M on the mainline, not the special line….and asked….what is the standard treatment for goats for mange mites. Well, about 6 hrs later, I’m still waiting on a call back. Since the very rude male Doc says my mite treatment is wrong….thought I’d see their correct one…since I do have 2 who are resisting. Mahada and DaVinci just aren’t improving like the others. Oh man….I need to make dinner early so I can take something for this pain. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.


















2 thoughts on “Dr. DoLittle, if you Please…….

  1. Georgia is so beautiful. I hope Wiz continues to get better.
    Today has not been a good one, everything I do is wrong. Am I stupid to worry about other peoples goats and what could happen to them? People lay s–t on me and then say don’t say anything. If someones goats get sick because I didn’t say anything, I would never forgive myself. So now someone I am friends with is pissed at me because I wanted to protect some of my babies that don’t live with me anymore.
    Then, to top my day off, I burnt dinner because the goats were out and no one could take anything out of the oven. I walked in the door and I could smell the burning roast veg. I started dinner at 4pm, roast lamb, potatoes, carrots, garlic and parsnips, one of my favorite meals, ruined. My husband got all mad and started yelling at me because there was only one piece of parsnip on his plate, so I gave him some of mine and he THREW them back at me, telling me to get out of his sight. I went downstairs to eat & couldn’t. So much for my favorite meal.
    Now I can’t stop crying, what the H–l is up with that.
    I wish you were closer, I could really use a friend now.
    Hugs, I am off to bed

    • Awwwwe what a horrible day and shame on Roman for being such an ass. As for the other…..you gotta do what you gotta do. Seems to me that in a situation like this…..the risk of a friendship is at hand. Risk being the key word here. Risk of herds. I hope I never have to buy a goat again. Sorry honey. I know….can’t ya move back???? Big huge hugs deerie. 💙

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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