Muddy brown…..

My life is not pretty at the moment. It’s glittery and colorful but the wrong colors are side by side…you know…those complimentary ones? They combine and turn brown. Dark brown. But…they are colors still. I can’t ignore them. They are a part of my rainbow right now. We get the life we get, combined with the life we create….I’m thinkin it’s 50 50 maybe. I could be wrong. It could be 100 create…but that makes no sense to me. Little babies tortured or children stolen and tortured….did they create that? That comes to mind easily cuz I was a CASA for a few minutes. Before the colors muddied and the river changed direction. Ha…or I turned down the wrong fork more likely. See….that’s the part I haven’t quite figured out. How much is fate and how much is me creating this life? And how do I get the colors in the right order so they don’t muddy. The answer is supposed to be…stay in the moment. Hmmm. Ha….it’s In the moment….that I’m uncomfortable. And its in the discomfort that we grow. The stretching. The owies. Touch the hot stove….never touch it again. And I just saw a question on FB….what is your favorite quote and why…..and it fits here so perfectly. “To know life in every breath…in every cup of tea”. You don’t get more in the moment than that. That my friends…is an instance of fate, not my creation. Interesting.

So…my first fecal failed. Maybe the sugar water was too cold….I forgot to strain it….or the poo was too old. I shall try again. My eagle eyes are out for any poo dropping…ANY. Well…goats only, although we did just worm all of the cats for the 2nd time, you know…the 10 day thing. Jesse and I are at odds. These kids have their own way of thinking and they think that just because their generation deems it ok….then it’s ok. I was called Jackass, twice and dumbass….all in the space of 45 seconds. But there is no need for an apology because it’s normal to them…it means nothing. They “understand” that the older generation takes it differently…but too bad. Hehe…I’m still on a brown theme. Shit. Bullshit. And mud. [pppppppppppppppppppppppppp Smooch says HI!!! Oh….and I should say….I kinda like brown. There are so many shades.

So. I got a new haircut today. Remember when, hmmm, think it was baby Buddha the day Butters left…..well, today it was Kiwi…I looked down and he was chewing on a wad of my hair. I leaned back and away it came. He ate my hair. Shoot…there’s only one more swatch they can eat without eating my dreadies. Hello Angels…444 words. So much on my mind but not all can be shared so easily. Better wrap it up for tonight. Sweet dreams folkies. 1:24am = 7 = holy.

Today I had to run Jesse to work cuz there was a fire last night there. Apparently a passerby’s car was overheating and he walked inside for some water. By the time he went back outside his car was on fire and burnt to the ground. So….they had to throw out food and clean and stuff. Then Cathy and I sheared Sarah. It is way way too hot for that. And it was a shame that she was so behind and dready, cuz her fiber was so very soft. We both got overheated and it took a good hour to cool off. Still haven’t gotten any poo from Kiwi so the boy shall just be wormed. I will keep looking for poo…to make sure it’s not cocci……but worm him I shall. Think I’ll wait till in the evening when it’s a tad cooler. Last year when Opti had the same fluid….I did Ivomec…then 10 days later used Safeguard and he was ok….so that’s the plan. Still on the lookout for any poo though. Got baggies in my pocket at all times now. Funny though…the only poo I see…is poo I don’t need.

I’m back to wondering about the daily blog. Is it too much? It seems to be all goat lately and I’m boring myself. If I’m bored…maybe y’all are too. Once a week….twice a week…….when I have something to say??? All good questions….no answers yet. Just got back from sitting with the girls. No poo. But they gave me lots of attention. These days….I’m surrounded by 3 goats out there. Georgia, Etta and Petunia. They all want petted and will follow me around for it. Even Happy let me pet her today. They all are getting there…well, except Milky and Valey so far. And right here…the BBpen….Bentley now loves pettings and I swipe Armani everytime he passes to get him used to it. They don’t cry very much now. They all take their turns in the playpen and really only cry when they see the girls go by or sometimes when they hear me or I lean forward at night and they see me. But mostly it’s quiet. They just adore me and sometimes I think my heart will just bust cuz it’s too full of love.

Hubby has gone overboard on the gun thing. I now have 3 different kinds of bullets for the new gun and a box of 1,000 casings to have shotgun bullets made the correct size. The shotgun shells are for shooting snakes. The ones I had for my 38 were too long and made them stick, so he’s having them made. And for the new gun too. Craziness. Now I’m kinda anxious to go target shooting. Haven’t done it in 15 years or so. I used to be a good shot….but I now wear trifocal glasses so who knows. Hoping we get to this weekend. Well……I guess I’ll stop now. Still very hot here. 5pm and it’s 102. Held off on feeding cuz of the heat. Ha…that and Jesse’s not here. Oh jeesh…and Petunia got stuck on her side and rolled and rolled to get up…..she is now full of VM. Yikes. And…the feed change looks like it’s blowing out a few baby coats. Crystals for sure…man oh man. Yikes again. Ok…..later people. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps….no clue when I’m supposed to go get the boy…..better not be midnight.















4 thoughts on “Muddy brown…..

  1. Are you still pooo searching? Never when you need it!!! typical. UGH, KIDS mine drives me NUTS. Ready for him to MOVE ON, I mean 25 at the end of the month. I know he went through a lot last summer but if you don’t want to help, and more importantly help me the way I want to be helped, then you are no help!!! As far as being called names, you should slap him up side his face an say, Oh that is what people from my generation do when they are insulted so if you say nasty things to me expect to get slapped. I bet a few slaps would put him right.
    Love you, and I love brown too.
    who is in the 3rd and 4th picture from the end, not the one you are taking the picture of, but the one behind? The creamy one with all the hair? in the middle in the 3rd from bottom and part of the face in the 4th from bottom picture? LOVE the fancy baby. Of Course Georgia is still my favorite but…
    Hugs, you need a few

    • we discussed this in private message, so I don’t need to go on. Milky i believe is the goat you refer to.
      Mimi’s 2nd daughter here. Mimi herdqueen and best goatmaker. well, till now huggs

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