Poo please………….

In two minutes my birthday will be over, technically. In reality….I should think of myself as special for being born…..every single day. I’ll bet there are people in heaven just begging to get down here right now during this particular time….and I’ll bet the line is long. It is indeed a fascinating time. It speeds by so fast now that I’m often stunned. I am juggling opposing emotions tonight. Deep in the heart of me…I had wishes. Either the Feltloom…or my truck being finished and the keys handed to me and me driving it home. That was a wish. The day went long, 3 before we got out of here and we stop to get Jesse a drink at a convenience store and hubby says….so what do you want to do? What????? He says, well, you said no to my plan. What plan???? By bringing the boy. I was gonna take you to the shooting range but what would he do….so what do you want to do? I said…..No. It’s my birthday…you’ve had all year to figure out what to do…I’m not gonna. So…we went to the movies. Nothing on in the timeframe we were there except…Smurfs 2. Jesse hates fairies. And we were early for that.

Jesse shows interest in the blacklight putt putt so I said lets do that till Smurfs. Turns out, Jesse knew it wasn’t going well and was steady praying for me to have fun. He put in a grand effort during putt putt and later at dinner, he engaged in conversation. He did go to his own movie though! We actually had fun playing and the movie was about it being Smurfette’s Birthday!!! How perfect! On to the local Mexican Restaurant, then smoothie then home where he gave me the gun I coveted. It’s very small. Even smaller than my other gun which I rarely touch. This one seems so personal, so me, so my size. That’s why I said I wanted it. Why on earth would I be attracted to guns and shooting? I have no idea. When I was 11, I was taught to shoot at a tin plate to protect children I babysat. Next in life, I worked at a gunshop with a gunrange behind it. Now, apparently I’m entering that world again but the strange part is how much it tickles me. Why? Odd. Here so far, with my Rossi 38, I’ve been scared to use it. I’m always afraid of ricochet. I have used it over the years but never with any success unless you count the animal leaving…success…which I do. Hmmm, I just censored myself. Okie dokie!!!! Night night sweet people. 1:28am = 11 = MASTER number!

Well…..back to normal, average, awesome. Today I have no helpers so I can’t shear like I’d planned. So…..I’ve spent the day being a jumping bean. Popping up to look out my window watching to see if Kiwi is sleeping. I need a poo sample from him and having a hard time getting one. Why do I need a sample from Kiwi? Cuz he has a pocket of fluid in his chest area. Jesse says it’s normal and he’s fine. Jesse is not me. I feel fluid. So…..he’s the one whose poo I want. Who’da thunk it’d be so hard???? If I can catch him sleeping, then wake him…my odds go up. Ohhhh…..Bentley has decided all the petting he sees….he wants. So, now he likes it. I can pet him and scratch him anywhere. Armani is coming closer and my hand brushes him occasionally without an extreme reaction. He’s getting curiouser and curiouser. I’ve also worked on a fiber painting. Headed out to sit with the girls in a minute to watch for anything out of the ordinary. I’m sitting under the napping tree, after hanging with the BB’s for awhile…no luck….and I’m petting my Crystal…and a horn honks. I fly across the pasture, thru the gate around the house and it’s FedX. I didn’t get a fecal yet. Finally pulled some off his butt fur and tried that but no worms…so, musta been not fresh. How many times I’ve been out there….nope…no poo. Crazy. It’s like an easter egg hunt.

We accidentally got some bags of oats instead of feed…the bags were identical. Turns out the goats love it. Thinkin I should just keep em and get more feed, we’ll see if hubby says ok. He’s gotta pay ye know. Well, I got the meatballs made and stuffed with mozzarella like a FB post photo suggested was good…we shall see. Guess I’ll make a few more rounds hunting those easter eggs. I’ll see y’all tomorrow. It’s been an ok day. Spent a lot of time with the baby bucks today. I like that. Ok….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.












4 thoughts on “Poo please………….

  1. Oh so cute, all your goats are in the shade. Poop collection never goes as well as I hope, I know the girls pee and then poop but the boys are different

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