My Birthday Mystery Day…..

This morning Jesse woke up, came downstairs and said he had a dream Kachina was up and walking around. He thought she had turned the corner. I said…well, you may be right cuz I can’t see her this morning. That’s because she was literally up against the tree. Her tree. Now she is buried there. She and I never really bonded after she came here at age 3 or 4. I always thought she was a bit bullyish cuz she was constantly rubbing up on other goats and trying to do it to me. Like a scratching post. It wasn’t until she gave birth this time…and even a few weeks ago…that I realized she wasn’t a bully. She was a needy goat. She just loved. That simple. She wanted attention from anyone….goat or human. Well….she got it. She was well and truly loved for about 3 weeks. Of course she was loved the whole time she was here….I’m talking deeper love, you know. I know you know. We got very close. Jesse always called her Big Bertha. I always yelled at him. Kiwi doesn’t have a clue cuz he’s up here now. So…I’m guessin the dream meant that she had crossed the rainbow bridge and was feelin fine!

As you read this…it will be my birthday…but right now, it’s still the night before for me and I’m trying not to contemplate on what hubby might be planning. I try not to expect things so I don’t get disappointed. I try to just let him do his thing which is either really great or not so great. Which will it be tomorrow, I wonder??? I know he tried to take the day off but someone came in from out of town so he had to go half a day. Right this minute…I am surrounded by animals. I’ve got a cat and a dog to my immediate left, pups behind me sleeping at the window 3 ft away but outside, 2 cats to my immediate front right and 6 baby boy goats to the right about 6-7 ft from me, but outside. I am well and truly loved. Tonight….I received such wonderful support for my sadness and outrage….from you all and my FB friends and Cathy, who is about….400 ft to my right. Oh, and aside from a tiny bit extra rattle in my cough…..I think I’m well now. YeeHaw!!! Oops….forgot to say night night….

Well, I woke up to a mystery. A birthday mystery. Not really a good one though. Had my hot tea then went out to water the baby boys. I see Khalifa…..but no splint. His gone. Nowhere to be seen. Nowhere in the pen and he’s just walking around hiking his bad leg up. This is one tough lil goat. I have no spares. Everyone else appears to be doing ok. Baby Flower was at the far right tree…her mommys tree was far left and napping tree is in the middle. She was laying fairly close to Milky. Maybe Milky took her in. She’s never been a mommy….well, unless she’s preggo now cuz she’s one of the experimenters. Some of these girls look very pregnant. If so…they musta mated on the first night!!!! Due dates – Sept 24-Oct 24…..but big bellied already. Especially Belle…shoulda seen her squat to pee….hilarious. And Happy had that premie last year, so that must explain why she looks like she’s got two huge beachballs…twins. They rarely twin as first timers. Hubby will be here in 45 minutes and all he said today was….eat a snack cuz food is later. Silly dude.

Well, once again….I am very grateful for you all. You are my best birthday gift again! It appears I’m going to the movies. Hmmm. We played putt putt in a glow room then saw Smurfs2, then dinner at Jaliscos. And a smoothie. Still haven’t gotten my present but my guess is gonna be…..that gun Mana said she wanted. Headed home now though. Oh ya…..found the baby leg splint out in the yard as we were leaving. Still a mystery cuz vet wrap still attached. So……I got 2 goats and that’s enough present if I’m wrong. Ok. Signing off from Hwy 21!!!!












8 thoughts on “My Birthday Mystery Day…..

  1. Glad you had a pleasurable day. You were in my thought a lot today.
    Yes, I think you should try to get the felting loom with a gov’t loan. I am putting this out there so you try, after all the worse they can say, NO. So all it takes is the paperwork, and I think it is a $20 filing fee to do a credit check. They want to give money to minorities, and that is you, a woman. You can show examples of what you can do and the fact that you now are now selling things is the best. I know you can do this. It is my birthday present to you, I’ll help you.
    It is thundering out, the rains have come, Thank you God.

  2. Happy Birthday! My Sweetie used to spend all week celebrating my birthday (usually a bunch of dumb little presents instead of one nice one, but I loved the thought). I miss that.

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