too weak to get a goat……

Now that I’m blogging again, it has occurred to me that maybe there are changes y’all woiuld like me to make? More of specific topics? Or maybe even you have a topic you’d like to hear my input on, I dunno. Or maybe there’s something about goats you need to know? Ask. I’m just sayin…..just reminding you that I AM a real person and I can and will respond. I can interact. You can interact. OR, we can leave it as it is. Just throwing stuff out there. The boy got called into work at 6pm tonight…immediately. Had him there by 6:30 or less. Told his boss who pulled me aside to thank me for bringing him on short notice…I said….he doesn’t have a ride. He said I’ll take him home. I said, but you drink a lot. He said, no I don’t and if you’re worried about it, you come get him. Oi ve. Told him to have Jesse let me know BEFORE I had my first beer at 9. Haven’t heard a peep and it’s 10:15. And yes, for the first time since he started…I’m drinkin that 9 o’clock beer. Expecting him to walk through that door any minute. Got two girl kitties with stitches in their groin…laying on my bed sleeping so peacefully. They do that now. Worked on the painting some…..boy it sure did change it up. Been pondering on how I can expand the new BB pen. At first, I wanted it small for Khalifa but that didn’t work….so….he’s in the playpen out there. So now….I realize I need to go bigger. It’s just a matter of moving a few gates around and it will grow handsomely. Even get em some grass to graze till they kill it all off.

Remember I told you I wanted to improve on the fineness within my pinto line? Well, I had 4 choices. Go to that sale and get a huge white buck with tight awesome curls (that may or may not have been real, as in UN messed with), get one of the two white baby bucks Lisa had for sale at $100 that would go to auction if unbought, get 2 pinto blood does with NON extreme fineness(not when I’m looking for fineness), or get Bentley, fine so far, and pinto blood. I chose Bentley. But then Lisa posted the photos of the $100 babies again and I thought, well…I already have Bentley, so I can afford to wait for the 5 yrs or so it would take for this fine white buck to give color and improve the curls. SO……I’m getting one of the $100 babies. His name is Rex. I can call him Rexy so I think his name can stay. As of this moment anyway…cuz these bucks do NOT know their names so I can name em anything and Jesse won with Baby Bentley. Changed my mind already. I like Ray. Ray of Light. One of the enlightening FB groups just asked us to post a song a person might be spiritually awakened by…my immediate thought is always….Madonna’s….. Ray of Light. Then it hit and yes, Ray it is. He can be another of Mama’s rays of light.

I giggle a lot. When I realize…remember what I can do with my tv these days with the DVR. Like just now, I realized I had missed quite a bit on my movie then remembered I could rewind it!!! Awesome! And as long as Anyone in the house has watched something from the beginning….I can now rewind that. I can pause, in fact pause is encouraged….I forget why. Oh ya…Jess is home. Yay. I’m realizing…not so yay…that the illness has indeed invaded my lungs, much as I wanted to avoid that and much as the illness kept making me feel like I was so so close to being better, over and over….well, now I have chest pain. Lung pain. And the cough is creeping back. I’ll take some cough syrup when I’m ready for bed but I’m not ready yet. It’s only 12:30. But either way…I need to hang up now cuz if I don’t I’ll never take the damn syrup. Night night folks. Love you all. 12:37am = 4 = angels. Yes…angels help heal me please and thank you.

Ok….so I’m making an executive decision. It works or it doesn’t….as would be the case had I chosen to go the other route…it works or it doesn’t….plus a lotta money. Vet said she would need a blood transfusion……IF she was even strong enough for that. SO……we shall not take her to the A&M hospital. It’s lookin just like the Lila situation….and Lila is on the comeback…even getting curls on her neck….instead of felty fuzz. So…I will spoil her rotten with all the things we gave to Lila and hope it’s enough to turn her around. She sure does love the drench water and gave her a bit of alfalfa today. Also gave her an antibiotic….which she didn’t like. Another aspect of this is…I am not well. Each time I went to do things for her…it wiped me out tremendously. I have zip 0 energy. Everything…is an effort. Other than that, I don’t feel too bad. Had lung pain last night and posted so on FB and people musta prayed cuz within minutes I was feeling better and less pain. Now….get me to coughing and it’s another story. Had to take the hard stuff last night. Tastes good though! Isn’t that amazing…….cough syrup that tastes good? As long as I’m fighting for the goats…maybe it makes me stronger. So….I’ll get some good vitaminy things at the produce department tomorrow. And go figure…they don’t like the alfalfa. They love it in the cubes…which I then break off into bite size pieces…but they don’t much care for the hay. Interesting. Oh well…cubes are cheaper I think, so that’s good.

Energy or not….I have to drive Jesse to work in a bit…and make him some dinner. I didn’t even go pick up the new baby today…what does that tell ya??? I just heard back…..the new owner of the 5 who left here the other day…is very happy. Loves the colors…the curls….the interactions, the friendliness. Yay oh yay. Think I’ll go a head and post this early. So……signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps…Etta’s belly was normal today….musta had alot of grass…so still dunno. PSS….for those who don’t know…..TSC Allstock……..has no copper. Goats need copper. Ok…outta here.














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