the ARTIST in me…….

The funniest thing. I’m sitting here…stumped. Deciding between leaving the half ounces in their baggies or dump them all out into the large bag. Hmmm, see, this is why I love writing. No sooner than I typed that……the answer came. Dump the solids and keep the color blends in their own baggies. In the end…it’ll all end up in the big bag of bags, all touching each other, all swirled together…I just toss the monster mass of fiber around till I see what I need….and I pull it out. It’s 11pm. I raced over to Lisa’s to get the colors so I could work on the painting tonight but so far I’ve just been too tired. I think carrying baby Violet across the pasture got to me a bit…plus I’m still not completely well. There…..I quit pondering such a non worthy ponder and did just that. One big huge beautiful scrumptious bag of colors. Kai Mohair curls from her Salad Bar of color. It makes me happy just lookin at it. I also changed my socks. A brand spankin new walmart special bright lime green footie socks. (you get a rainbow of coIors in a pkg of 6 or so for 6 bucks or so). I like them too. I love lime green.

Ahh, I’m feeling the artist in me come back to the surface. I have so many paints in this house. So many colors of acrylic and oils too of course and at one time…pre visitors…I had pastel pencils as well. I also have flesh colored sculpey type doll clay that I haven’t worked with in exactly 5 years…when I made tiny babies in baskets for a few friends. I remind myself of a dandelion. One flower…sends out many seeds. I am one flower and I create many things. Many completely different things. I always thought of that as a bad thing but it’s finally settling itself out. I’m starting to see myself as an all around woman….instead of a scattered mess. Remind me of that when I get against myself, will ya? Just say Dandelion…it’ll be our code word.

Oh Lordie…the part in Nemo….when the fish are all screaming!!!!!They know they’ve been caught in a net and they are screaming for dear life……wow. Makes ya think, don’t it? Now I’m watching It Could Happen to You…..and she is saying…don’t be so cruel…don’t tell me you’re about to make me rich if you don’t mean it…that’s just wrong. Hmmm. I can relate. I wonder what the herd thinks about the ones leaving. Do they realize? Do they talk across the way? Ya, they’re on my mind. Did I tell ya I finally saw a photo of Butters? Yay. She said he’s missing his family, well….he knows Lily and baby Violet!!!! Hoping they recognize each other and he relaxes. Mimi is walking much better now….practically back to normal. The babies bellow towards their moms, whom they can see at times….but I don’t hear them calling back. Interesting. Smart mommies. Babies are being very quiet tonight. A few peeps but not many, and not for long…but they ARE scratching my house with their horns. That’s not good. Ha…we’ve got HardeeBoy (or something like that) siding which is supposed to withstand a tornado…but can it withstand a goat? Heheheee. Night night sweet people! 12:57am = 6 = earth.

Well, I truly was very tired and couldn’t work on the painting at all. I woke up at 7am with a very bad cough and finally ratcheted through the house to find cough syrup. It worked and I slept a few more hours. Today we went to town to try to straighten the bank mess out. Still don’t know if I was successful. I had already fed, but we just took drench water to Kachina and I also noticed that Heaven wasn’t walking right. It looked like she may have a briar branch between her back legs preventing her legs ffrom taking full strides…..Yup….briars it was. The irony of it all. 2 ½ years ago, Maya was born. Her twin Miyagi let me play and pet him all I wanted but Maya wanted nothing to do with me….not even when she had Heaven or after. Nope….it was a few weeks ago when the worm thing began….that I wormed her cuz she wasn’t eating. Today….first time since her birth…..she let me pet her. She was laying down and she let me run my hands on her. Yay and Yeehaw!!! The ironic part….her baby Heaven is now afraid of my touch since I had to catch her to worm her that day and today to get the briar out. So now mom is letting me and she isn’t. Oh well…I’ll take it!!!

We are thinking that the experiment was a success. Georgia and Happy are looking pregnant….and some of those are also laying down as if they are. Ooooh, a fall birth!!! I’m thinkin.. I’m thinkin!!!! Yay! Can’t tell yet on Milky, Valey, and Etta. Pearl is laying down funny but is the only clue. I’m about to email a photo of Kachinas eye…my only outward clue… the vet. And tonight….I AM working on a painting!!! I don’t care how I feel. It’s a driving need….a must. Haha, just took the easy way out on meatloaf…using prepared bread crumbs instead of picking bread for a dang hour….saved some of my energy for needling. Saw a thing about dehydration causing tiredness. Well, I don’t drink water. Maybe I should start. I wonder if it’s something that simple. Or shoot…maybe taking the thyroid meds…, I hate meds. Oops……boy called in to work early!!! Gotta go!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















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