sucked into a rainbow of curls……

Sucked into the art vortex once again and golly bum is it fun. Started around 8 and it’s quarter till 3am. Just now cleaned up the fibers…ie….stuffed them into their respective bags…and am ready to wind down now. I’m attempting a photograph. I have been saving some I like from FB and this one seemed to call tonight with the background I chose and laid before me. Not sure if it’s workin….Jesse said it was but that was before I changed it and somehow screwed up the sky….so had to …oh well, I had to try to blend it back together. How did I screw it up…lol, only to me…..there was a face…I saw it clearly. I was trying to duplicate the face…upside down for water so I turned it upside down and somehow I ended up changing the wrong one. Ha…go figure…no need….it was a Spirit face…I messed with it. I took a lot more photos this time cuz Jesse’s gonna try and do a stop motion video of it.

I had planned to do a portrait. But I couldn’t find black mohair. Go figure. Mohair out the wazoo and I can’t find what I need. Hubby and the boy thought they were being so cool….stacking up my fiber bags to clean. Clean. Clean my a**, Just a pain in my a**. I’m reminded of the movie….shoot, can’t remember the name. Dennis Quaid I think…and he has a ton of kids and he marries a lady with a ton of kids and she is an artist…makes handbags…..and he has the kids clean her studio. HA……she couldn’t find anything. Cheaper by the Dozen or the other one….similar. Well now…..Jesse just came down and says it’s his favorite painting so far. Wowza. Cool. Of course, he gave his input as to what needed fixed, but he did have a point. LOL.

Once again…with needlefelting, I want to say….the tiniest of wisps. We’re talking….throwaway wisps. Sometimes it’s the tiniest bit of fiber you see laying there, or on you. One curl can go a long long way and you can cut it too. My new goal is to get a half ounce or ounce of every color in Kai Mohair’s Salad Bar. Bin after bin of color. Some are blends which I can use immensely…and some are straight colors, but then she also has variations of those colors…like…dark burgundy on down to soft…or turquoise or green…you get the point. It’s a literal color smorgasbord. I’m wishin for some oranges and yellows right now. I could make em with Koolaid but I’m not sure I can make em as bright and as staggering in color…..layers I guess, of koolaid. This is word 444 and I forgot to tell you that yesterday was 444 posts. Hello Angels!!!! And on that note…I’m going to say night night. See ya tomorrow. 3:30am = 6 = earth.

Well…..this afternoon, 5 wonderful goats left the ranch. Lily and her baby Violet, Gracie, NeidaNida and Choxie…the original herd queen here…aka Lily’s mom. Soon as we got them loaded up…I hightailed it to Lisa’s house to get some color perfect curls for my painting. I got a half ounce of 34 colors. Weeeeeee, I’m gonna have fun with these!!!! I needed a brighter orange and a brighter yellow than I had, and now I got em….lol, plus some!!! I guess I can show you a sneak at where the painting is so far. Kachina is still weak so we took her some drench water and Jesse handfed her grass. He pulls it…wads it up and makes em pull it. Did it for Khalifa and it seemed more natural for them than just eating it off the ground. He said she took a bunch. The other one who was not eating…Shortcake….came to eat today. Yay!!! Oh man….something I did today…maybe getting the curls, hurt my back and I’m so tired right now. Think I’m gonna head this off early today cuz I just need to rest a few minutes and wow….it’s already after 7!!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!












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