Babies out my window……what a view

I was just told that I had…so many talents. This is new. I never really had any talents except I wrote poetry that nobody read and I did have a knack for coming up with a company name. I did no art. Well, as I child, I drew and drew. I drew lilac trees and babies in cribs. That’s it. Lilac trees and babies in cribs. My lilac trees, I remember as beautiful. I drew the flowers like grapes with teeny tiny circles. And the child in the crib….not sure it was a crib…was square and the baby was always holding onto the bars looking out. That’s it for my hard memories, but I can tell you this…..I also have memory of people telling me my art was bad. Most likely my sisters. I heard it to the point that I quit entirely. I remember fairies on mushrooms made of mud, dried and painted. I have an art on foil of an owl and a bear, sharing a log. I made my PapPap that mud bowl with lid….and got it back when he died, minus the lid. Not many items of art from a 38 year period, eh? And now…people are using the words…awesome, beautiful, holy moly, and wow! Like I said…this is new. I must say….it surely does feel good. Many people had and have it way worse than me, but I did so struggle. So, this feeling is new and fresh and makes me tingle and lol, apparently hunch my shoulders up. How funny. Two nights in a row.

The babies have settled for the night mostly. Every now and then, I think it’s them seeing my movements here on the bed that’ll set them off, but then they quiet. I plan to gather the rest of the boys and have them join this motley crew. Don’t want any more broken legs and it is time for all but Kiwi but it’s only 2 weeks early for him so no biggie. Ya right. I figured that while they’re crying, may as well let them all cry and get it over with. Not sure how it’ll go with Khalifa though. May have to do something different for him. Don’t want him in the playpen, but can’t have him falling so much and certainly can’t have him getting aggressive to lil Bentley. My son came up with that, can you tell? He kept saying it over and over and I hadn’t come up with a good one so dang…Bentley it is! I saw that one of my friends bought a Blue goat at the show/sale. Probably from the same lady I bought Moonee….but I have to say in all honesty….that goat wasn’t no Moonee. No sirree. Moonee was so awesome. Hell, it was probably his lil sister, but…..just sayin……… Love you Moonee. Lol…night night friends……on the morrow. 2:08am = 1 = Beginnings…..

Beginnings….yup….picked up the Smooch and the Gucc (same pronunciation) and aside from moving slowly, they’re great. The Bentley and Khalifa crew stayed quiet most of the night but cried quite a bit this morning. They now have 3 more members….all 5, crying right outside my window. Think I’m complaining? Nope. Been dreaming of this day for 5 years. I have babies outside my window and all I have to do is raise myself up so I can see higher than the fiber pile on my bed…and there they are! Cut a piece of barbed wire out of Pearls coat, then saw that Kachina is not feeling good still. Gave her a big dose of wormer and then took her son. Jeeze. Farm cruelty!!! Lol. Not!!! We have to take the boys so they don’t get everyone pregnant!!!It musta been time cuz I don’t see anyone sweating the fact that I’ve just taken their boys. Shortcake is also walking away from feed. Either she just hates it or she’s feelin bad too and considering that I carried each of the two some feed in my shirt….and they both ate it…it must not be the taste of the food. So, I’ll take Shortcake a dose too and we’re lookin good. The tractor is still in the shop, so we haven’t done the drylot yet, so I’ll be worming them as often as I need before then. 12 oz water to 2 cups sugar for the fecal float solution the vet just told me. And no, not adding formaldehyde.

Jesse is behind my room right now, laying in the new pink pool. Has a beer, music(from my car, which is running…oi ve, with the price of gas) and pups all around and crying babies a few feet away. He put the pool in the shade…then was cold when he got in. Me, I’d put it in the sun!!! And….I’d be getting in it when I’m real good and hot. But not now. Still not ready. My cough is changing and I’m still foggy so not out of the woods yet. Driving to the vet was no fun cuz my brain seemed strained. The new pen….now smilingly named…the BB pen, yup…baby bucks…..well, the BB pen is now beginning to ease off on the sounds. Thinkin it was a right good idea to move the rest of the bb’s over. Getting excited beyond reason anticipating creating a painting tonight after dinner. Come on dinner!!! Last night I was so busy saying thankyou to all the people liking the self portrait that I didn’t work on one. I was itchin to……but it got later and later and at 1am I had to talk myself out of it….knowing it took 5 hours for the last one. So… house may settle now that all the cats are fixed…here’s to hoping! The bb’s are safely tucked in by Mama and dinner is calling…ha, no, it’s the painting. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!!

















7 thoughts on “Babies out my window……what a view

  1. I think this is my favorite blog so far and favorite set of pics too! Of course, I haven’t gone back and read from the beginning, and will probably do so one of these days, but this is pretty awesome!


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