an outside Playpen…..and a Bentley

Ahhhh, a productive night. And…I can’t remember the last time I was this happy with a painting. It was fun! I took a black background and gathered purples. Arranged them into a cool hat type thing. Then thought, well, I need a face then. Then I needed a neck and then shoulders. Then I needed blending colors thrown in. Threw in some green eyes and it went from there. The purple came off and out came a self portrait. Oh the joys of life. The colors. The vibrancy of it all. Even the dark has its purpose in a painting. It highlights. It shadows. It even illuminates. The feeling of satisfaction to this degree is rare. I keep hunching my shoulders, not sure, just a jumpy I can’t believe I did it feeling. Sometimes I surprise myself and this is definitely one of those moments. YES. Lol, I’m really happy with this. Hehe, it’s me, Pretty! Lollllll.

Speaking of me, pretty……Jesse’s boss was flirting with me and asked Jesse if I was married. He is. LOL. Also, a FB friend kinda flirted with me the other night. Odd, but jeesh…makes this ole crone feel good that men still find her attractive, even though I’m way way beyond all that. But ya……I was never good at portraits when I painted with paint. Believe me, I tried. I used no photo this time. Just winged it and shit…it kinda looks like me. Ye know guys….I think I may have found my fiber thing. My niche. My specialty. Who knows. I just know that I’m having more fun with these paintings than I’ve had with fiber in a long time. Probably since the beginning, when I didn’t know anything and was free…so free to imagine stuff up. Gosh….giggling up a storm here.

Haha…and I found a way to show you the process. See, when I need to know what the painting is lookin like, I take a photo from overhead…gives me a true representation as if it were hanging on a wall. I do this over and over. Well, I took a screen shot of them. Hehe. Yup….good mood right now at 1:54am!!! One person asked if it were under glass and after explaining that no, I had just put the needles down….another said it deserved to be under glass. WOWOWOWOW. Hehe…this is the feeling of complete satisfaction and even pride. So this is what it feels like!!! Well, I really kinda feel that way about the fairy story too. Haven’t written the next story yet. Have a paragraph or two is all. But still…I like it. I like that it covers so many issues, problems with society…..but in such a gentle way.

I gotta tell you this even though I think I may have once already. I used to carry a newpaper photograph of…Dyan Cannon in my wallet for around 5 yrs or more and everytime I went to a hairdresser, I said…do this. Anyways……when I wrote it before it was to say that I had gotten my wavy hair, through my goats….this time, it’s to say……I got my wavy hair… through my goats, Lily to be exact…..and through a self portrait fiber style. Ha…maybe that’s why I think I look so pretty in the painting…cuz I finally got the spiral hair. I know…I’m silly. And….silly or not…I sure am glad to be back and to be missed as well. Makes a gal feel good to know she was missed. Guess it’s bedtime now good people of the world. And you do encompass the world, have no doubt about that. I no longer obsess on stats…just countries…yay, love new flags, once again. Night night….2:23am = 7 = holy. Yes.

Oh my goodness, I’ve got some very unhappy goatie babies right now. We made a pen right outside my bedroom window so I can see….oh boy and Hear!!! He tore a hole in the playpen and it is just a matter or time. He’s still in it, just outside with a new buddy. Although he horned his new buddy straight away. There are dips in the ground and he was falling, walking too much so he’s in the playpen. Very unhappy. I can see him but it’s not good enough. I have a new birthday goat…to improve the curl structure on the pintos. His name is Bentley and he is also unhappy. If I sit out there, they are quiet. Jesse said…how can you stand it over and over….I said…well, he does it all night long now….too spoiled. Mostly what he wants is grass…that or company and even the cats worked for that. Speaking of cats….they did indeed go to the vets. Oh yay.

Wow…we had to dismantle Choxie and Lila’s pen to use the panels. I let them graze for the day and figured it’d be a simple….follow the scoop scenario. Nope. Lotsa running, calling, feed, leaves, hubby, and finally the fast moving 20 yr old legs of my son. I am so pooped. And now Kachina won’t come to eat. Ahhhh, these have been the worst few weeks goat wise. But at least Mimi’s leg is healing! Ha…it’s a plus anyway. Not quite equal to sick goats, but like I said…it’s a plus. I feel like I’ve been moving since I woke up. And I still gotta make dinner. I got some curls while I was out today too….some that graduated in color, for portrait type things. Lol, ya, that was fun….I think I’m hooked….but I have no idea if it can be done again. Hehe, still hard on me, I am I am. And yes…..I blew right past that new goat didn’t I? Well, ya, I’m getting rid of most of my herd, to concentrate on the pinto aspect. I had planned on getting a sale buck at the goat sale, to bring in fine fine curls…but, discovered it may take years, so went with a pinto blood badger with fine curls. Made the most sense. So….yes, there’s a point to the birthday buck…..not just done on a whim. And yes….it’s a Kai Mohair buck. Bentley has finally quieted as well as Khalifa. He’s a cute little bugger. Not sure how well the photos turned out though. Well…..guess I’d best get to cookin. After all, I haven’t had a bite all day and it’s basically 6pm. So…..signing off happily at YeeHaw Ranch.

















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