I love you all……goodbye for now….

I really appreciate. Hmmm, strange word. Hmmm, I really care about you all and I am blessed that y’all have been reading my words. I came here to do a few things. Educate people about angora goats and the joy thereof, to release all my knowledge on how to stay sane and how to grow spiritually as a human being living on the spinning ball without instructions, and to share a part of myself. To share my words. Words are important to me. They have kept me alive. I so enjoy you people….you have no idea. Honestly….if I could get paid for doing this…I would do it forever. Alas…blogs do not pay. Do y’all realize that it costs $300 or more….every single week….to feed these goats….and that’s not counting the hay that we bought for winter and are still having to give. Or the meds or or or. The blades…etc. So….I need to spend more time making things….spinning things…..needlefelting paintings….writing stories…this fairy one is good, I tell you. I love it….! In other words….I’m spending too much time taking photos and thinking blog and writing blog….and I’m becoming useless as a fiber person. I have so many goats that I can’t go anywhere. Noone can take care of this many for me. Hell, I can barely do it, with what I have.

Like right now. I need to create a drylot…well, 2 actually. Only….yay oh yay, it has rained a lot lately and made the ground into muddy clay and brought worms in the rains. Just lovely. I used to pray for it….for rain…just a week ago I prayed for rain…now I don’t. Now it brings near death to my babies. I’ve told you most of my secrets. I’ve told you most of my tricks. Ok…be responsible please and I’ll tell ya my best. Om sandwich. Ommmm, just say it in your head. Ommm…(insert what you need)…Ommmmm. Repeat…….Ommmmm…(insert what you need)….ommmm. Oh ya….and BELIEVE.

Not sure I was supposed to tell you that yet…I’ve tried before and it always gets deleted. It’s in the Arkansas Rainbow Gathering story but how many read that? We’ll see if it makes it come publish time. Oh….back to my reasons….the biggest main one is to help. To contribute… to let people know there is another way to live. Even if my world looks like it’s falling apart…it’s not. It’s falling into place. I believe this with every ounce of my being. And if y’all need me….if I’m wrong….life will tell it. If you need help….if you need a good talking to….you can always reach me at mamasherihalliday at Facebook….or even The Suicide Guru on FB….which I don’t know what to do with. I just wanted to be available should anyone be considering it…but I’m no salesman…and I can’t push it. It’s there. I’m there. Also…..there are a friggin gazillion posts here by me…..comment on any one and I’ll see it. I’m not leaving you. I’m still here. Just not talking. I will do updates on occasion, so don’t delete me. God….I’m going to miss this like you have no idea. This fulfills my soul more than most of the other things I love….but I can’t pay the bills with it. It’s very sad for me. I cherish you guys and I fully expect y’all to keep in touch in any way you can. And now….I’m goin to say night night. 1:08am = Endings. Hmmm.

Everyone was ok this morning so I went to chat with our local expert, Lisa. We had a really good chat about the issues that come up with goats. Also, some of you are helping me!!!! How awesome is that??? I so thank you from my heart of hearts. It’s looking like I might not have to take too many to the sale barn, I think….hope. I’ve been crying forever it seems. Between selling most of the goats…my babies….to shelving the blog at least for a time. We shall see. I know some of you are very sad because you follow my words. I’m so sorry. If I could still do it and do other things that make money…I would. I’ve got to start creating again on a regular basis. It’s the only thing that brings in money. It will be very hard for me to not blog. It’s in my soul now. It’s in my nearly every thought. My birthday is in a couple weeks. I remember last year I was waiting on the Pintos for my birthday. It’ll be so strange not to be able to come tell you guys all the exciting things…or the thoughts that help me survive…..we will both go through withdrawal.

Well….hubby came home early to create the drylots…..since it’s been breezy to dry the land. And alls well in farmland until the tractor breaks down. Jeesh. Won’t go forward now. He had one drylot nearly created. And typical hubby…had me stand there the whole time in the sun…completely useless…but there, while he does something for me. Lol. It’s ok…I’ll just keep worming until it’s ready for them. Determined to keep them all alive. Lisa said she thinks it might be a Texas worm crisis right now. From what I hear at the vets and TSC….I’d have to agree.

Well……I guess this is it. Not the end……no, that’s too harsh. I don’t know how often I’ll come back here, but I know that I will. Cold turkey is horrible….plus I care about you all…well, the ones I know of…and even the silent ones who whisper through with only a stat. You read my words. Thank you. I thank you all. I bless you all. Remember….instead of a daily blog…it will be a periodic blog…so like I said….don’t delete me. Stay safe and well and most of all….find your joy. Ahhh jeeze…I’m crying now. Find your joy…it’s just waiting for you and has been waiting your whole life. Signing off for now………at YeeHaw Ranch Curly Locks. One love people.
















16 thoughts on “I love you all……goodbye for now….

    • Gosh I think you may be right. This is very hard. It’s like giving up part of myself. Thank you Gale!!! Thank you for believing in me and for finding life in my words. ❤ 💗💜💛💙💚

  1. It has been so much fun learning about your life and through it my life. You are very inspiring Sheri. Thank you for twisting my view and reopening my mind just enough to create to throw a new light on my life. I will look forward to your future blogs no matter how infrequent. Jeena

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Ahh Jeena, I didn’t know you we’re reading! I’m so tickled that you got something from my words and my heart…they are so connected. Thank you. So funny….my 2nd friend in life. Or were you the first? It’s either you or JoAnn yet here we are…age 50 somethin and still connected. Blessings to you and your family Jeena. 💚💚💚

  2. I do not do good byes…when someone in my life leaves I say “till next time”..it’s been sweet you leave a permanent mark on my life..and I do understand and also believe ..big Hug from Hot and Humid South Carolina!

    • I’m still here. And that is so sweet. A permanent mark. 💙 I’m still on Fb and we can still talk on the phone and stuff! Thank you sweet one

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  3. I haven’t been reading your words for very long but I have so looked forward to them every night. We all do what we must and that I definitely understand. I am crying with you, sweet lady. I will keep up with you on FB and enjoy your blogs when they come. Transitions are always hard but there is always a Rainbow at the end of every one…… A favorite quote of mine for a few years now has been, “Every story has an end, but in Life, every end is just a new Beginning”. May the Goddess Bless you and Keep you close, Sheri…..hugs, Susan

    • Ahhh that was all so beautiful. Your words touch me. And I love the quote, thank you for sharing it with me….yes…twice! Oh and you can read back blogs too dear…over a years worth. Some of em are doozies!!!! 💚💚💚💚

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  4. Wywy, I love him too. I will miss your blog, but I still have you 🙂 Hugs to you, your goats, and your ideas

  5. so hate that you are not going to be here regularly, but I understand. I will miss hearing how the goats are doing and seeing the pictures….

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