getting close to a bittersweet ending…

I’m sitting in the stinky barn…you know, my room!!! There is this gorgeous handsome lil guy laying feet away from me chewing his cud. When an adult goat releases theirs, it’s with a burp type sound. With babies, it’s a tiny squeak. So cute. This lil one is still not demanding anything. Keeping 99.9% quiet. Just tiny little squeaks and one cry…once or twice a day if that. I just have never been so proud of a being. I’ve never seen anything like it. I told you I was in awe of him and I still am. It makes me love him even more. I’m thinking I may have caught the barber pole worm in time. Maya is still unwell and Valey is lagging. I also realized that Maybe the girls problems aren’t with the barberpole…….I remembered I did a hard feed switch last Saturday. That will nearly always give a case of the runs. When I returned home from the vet after being told it was Barberpole….. I saw the runny butts……..I plum freaked out.

Forgot about the feed change and just freaked smooth out. Cathy and I wormed all but 16 goats…the ones in the pens in my yard. Oh wait…..and 2 boys that weren’t in the house. I also had 2 holdouts in the L, but at feeding time, I got them too. Not easy, but I was determined. It was the new worming method….cydectin pour on down the back. I simply walked up to the napping goats and one by one, approached them to take photos, then pulled out my squirt bottle and carefully pulling curls aside to reveal skin. I wanted it directly on the skin. Doc says it goes into the fatty tissue and stays in the system longer. I did 2-3 smalls spots per baby, 3 larger spots for the girls and 4 large spots for the boys. Also gave Picasso his other meds. It was the smoothest worming ever. Even if it hadn’t been a worming….if it had been a lice treatment….I now know how to do it easily and gently. As you can tell….I’ve calmed down a bit.

The boy did end up taking the job and I drove down there at 11pm and waited till 12:30 for him. Nope…..not happening. Can’t do it. If that makes me a bad mom…damn. His other possible rides are Cathy’s husband Mike, when he sings…..or the owner who drinks. Crapola. I told him I couldn’t and he just wouldn’t be able to keep this job…try to find a day job…but he wanted to go back, so he’s there now. No idea how he’s getting home, but surely he will get home. If y’all can’t tell….I’m feeling caught in a neverending circle with this situation. Shoulda seen me. Looked like an old granny hugging the steering wheel staring at the road. With brights on it wasn’t so bad but when I had to turn em off…yikes. We did our Saturday stuff backwards…went at dinner time so we could take Jesse to work. Yuk…hated it. Won’t do that again………… Hours have passed and he’s home safely now, but since Mike had to wait for him…he said no more. Oi ve. Oh ya…And…he has to be back at 8am tomorrow, Sunday. Sprung that one on us all. Hopefully hubby will take him. More changes…must explain all the snakes including the one on the road yesterday. Night night people from everywhere!!! See ya. 1:28am = 11 = master number.

8am, Jesse knocks on my door saying hubby still sleeping…I jumped up, peed, ran to the kitchen to pour juice and was headed out the door…all of one minute…………then hubby comes out his door and says….you want me to run him? Heck yes@!!!!!@!!!!! He’d been listening to his stereo in bed so was all sleepy like too. But he got to work and I got to go back to sleep. The remaining goats to worm….are the ones in the yard…who had all been wormed with the pour on in the mouth. They are mostly all……sick. So…..with help of hubby, got them rewormed on the back. Picasso is still looking bad but Maya is walking faster….but Anya has the worst case of the runs I’ve seen in awhile. It’s like musical goats. I’m so stressed. Hubby wouldn’t do the dry lot…..said it’s too wet and it would just make a clay mess. Damn…..and guess what? I….who have been praying for rain…….got more today….only now it just makes me feel sick, instead of joy. The barberpole worm came with the last rain. At this moment….I’ve got 6 definitely sick….and a few recovering hopefully….as well as the two injured legs. What a mess.

This MESS….has me pondering things. Again. I may be making some changes to my life and my goats lives. I’ve tried to sell the original goats….I’ve tried to give them away. Nobody wants em. They either want to buy from someone who’s been in the business longer or they want babies. Well…….It’s a real shame. I have some awesome bucks with Kai bloodlines……sad to see them go to market. But I will go to market. I’ve threatened it for a year now…… Sometimes it takes a gal awhile to know what she’s doing. At first, I only wanted goats to raise for their fiber. Never intended to sell any. Then, my collecting…and babies……well, way too many goats especially since I have now switched gears to Pintos. I figured if no one wanted my other goats…they would want Pinto…so I got Pinto. I’m working on that now….but I still have too many goats and I still need to find a way to make money to pay for the feed at least….so…………….to market to market……..crappity crap. I even have a near Nanji lookalike… market to market crappity crap. I will be keeping one Nanji lookalike…the other two will go.

So……that’s about 40 goats to market…or more. Yup…….things shall change. Less goats, more care….more feed. This is very hard. Oh ya…and one particular goat….although a pinto…..will eventually….after she gives me some babies…go somewhere really cool… someone who loves her dearly….as dearly as me. I so wanted to give the first herd to the Natives. Couldn’t even give em away. I told hubby….soon, after we go to market….he will have money again…and we can go on vacation again. I will only produce pinto blood babies for sale….that’s it. A few will be kept….just cuz I love them so. I will probably quit the blog as well. It’s not final or for sure…but it’s leaning heavily that direction. It just didn’t work….I tried. After over a year…I still have around 20 readers…that’s it. 184 followers….but only a few readers. Besides….I’ve put out all the good spiritual info I know…already here…to be read and re-read. Ok…..signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ya……be prepared folks……this blog will probably end fairly soon. Warning ya now. Seriously….only keeping about 10 goats. Better care. This scare was too scary.















11 thoughts on “getting close to a bittersweet ending…

  1. Lots of changes coming but they sound necessary and proper. I enjoy reading your blog but I do understand you wanting to let it go. Anyway, you’ve got books to write!

  2. Seasons change…when the moon is full, it then fades. Be thankful for the fullness you have had – the joy and love and know that every aspect of the light is as important as the others!

  3. don’t do anything too fast, but don’t do anything you don’t totally love either, Hugs my friend, I know I will still be here

  4. You have incredibly lovely goats, and each with an eternal soul. We never do know what happens to the seeds we broadcast, and it can be frustrating, I know, but as we live and breathe, we share, and it knits us together and grows us in unexpected ways. I, for one, now have a helpful new refrain to get me through my tough times: crappity-crap. Soon I will wonder how I have ever lived without it. I was going to take a long break from sharing my innard vulnerables. Maybe still will. Maybe not. We’re all in this together. Your blog fell into my newsfeed today through someone’s sharing. What a web we weave.

  5. Just found your blog. I don’t read or do blogs but did enjoy yours. I also spin love the goats. Daughter has two boy Nubians wants to do some dairy does as she can’t tolerate cow milk.. Too much work for me. I think about angora rabbits (smaller easier to manage and care for, but , then again too much work). So I spin other’s llamas, alpacas, wool,fleece. Blessings hang in there. Hugs Enjoy the full moon breathe There is a season for everything and everything in it’s season…this too shall pass… breathe deep enjoy the evening cool.

  6. whether it be just ONE life you can touch…If you can make a positive difference for just ONE person ~ your life will have had a purpose! I know you have touched my life!! And there are more of us! 20 readers! Jesus had 12 followers I was told, and Hitler had many more…

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