I’m having a good night. Everything is calm and easy flowing. To have it that way always sounds nice, right? Not. It would be boring as hell and you know it. I know it. We think we want everything right, perfect. But in the end…..it’s the hiccups that stir the sauce. I’m shimmyshammying between life and writing and I’m wanting to tell you that Khalifa is wearing the depends knockoffs and as far as I know…it’s working. Well, Jesse just stuck his tail out one of the back leg thingies and the poo fell out so I think a traditional goatie baby diaper hole will do the trick. This just might work. So far so hopeful. I have more admiration for these goats than I’ve ever had before. This one is just…..stoic. Strong. Silently taking the life he’s been given at the moment. I should be so stoic. But alas…I’m only human and he’s a goat! I’ve seen goats wearing full fleece survive 105 degree weather and goats survive 32 degrees with no fleece at all. They can be trapped for hours…even days in 100 degree heat without water and they survive. They can be trapped and covered in fireants and survive. These are some seriously tough animals that usually go down from microscopic killers. Isn’t that funny how the tiny….how the Goliath and David thing is happening here? Interesting. How to apply this???? Who knows….I’ll ponder it. Hmmm, the tiny beat the big. Interesting in other regards. Ha…my brain is always yanking me this way and that….up and down…and certainly all around. Tonight, I’m watching The Librarian. The first one. I love that the 2nd main guy…has the name Judson. That was my PapPap’s name. Well, his middle name but still. I actually considered naming a boy child Judson even though I didn’t like it….for my PapPap…my favorite person on the planet at that time.

Touch. I need to remind you that I have no touch in my life. Just now…I was feeling pain in my leg, so I began to massage it. I realized how odd it felt…to be touched by even me. How strange. How uncomfortable. How yuk. But how now normal. Who woulda thunk? Well, duh!!!! I woulda! I used to watch those videos of the orphanage babies…not being touched, vs the ones who were being touched….some kind of experiment from the 50’s or so, who knows. Horrible just horrible…touch is important!!! That’s how babies thrive! Maybe that’s how adults thrive too.

Maybe we all need to get on some Serious Eyes now and then. Like you see in the movies when someone is very determined to do something…they zero in on the Serious Eyes. I want some. I want to develop serious eyes. Tomorrows only Friday… I guess this week has gone a bit slowly instead of the usual hectic bectic. Well, with the injuries it is hectic bectic but or maybe that’s why…yup, that’s why it slowed down. Being in the moment…for so long. Night night sweet people. 1:44am = hello angels and = 9 endings.

Ok…this will be short. I’m flustered and upset and frazzled and confused and needing things done faster than I can do. On top of that, the boy is giving me fits. It’s too stupid to tell ya and I don’t have time and I’m tired. Picasso’s throat swelling…..turns it WAS worms. The dreaded Barber Pole Worm. Oh man….I’m drained…..nobody is dead……everyone is alive at the moment and that’s all I can say right now. My friend was right after all….barberpole worms. Tomorrow is Saturday so no blog……so I’m sorry this one is short and icky. It’s just too complicated right now. I love you guys. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.







2 thoughts on “Damn……….

  1. Love you tons of hugs, everything is so hard right now. My 25 year old ran away from home yesterday afternoon. When I found him sleeping out back this afternoon he said “I had no idea sleeping in a car could be so uncomfortable. I am so glad all your goats are alive. I would die if something happened to Georgia

    • Ahh honey I know. And about your boy on one hand you know he’s safe on the other….more stress. God. Georgia is ok so far. Maya is very diarrheay

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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