Suppressed anger………and some herbs

Warning….rant ahead…….but don’t worry…it gets better

Ye know what??????? I’m gonna say your name cuz I hate you. I hate you T. C…(ok, upon reconsideration this morning…I’m shortening it to her initials). You have ruined so many lives with your fraud. Given so many HOPE…………yet YOU LIE!!!!!! Ya….still comin back to haunt us………………….God I hate right now. I hate. I never hate….but I do right now. You are so cruel…….so mean. So EVIL. Yes…this time I will call you EVIL. Anyone who would do that to people is EVIL. ALSO………………I’m not the only one. NO…….She has done this before. And she will probably do it again…I wanted to warn y’all her name…..cuz I know I’ve got at least 16 friends still on her FB friends list. But to let it settle……I said nothing. But right this minute I’m so damn angry that I don’t give a shit. Not a shit. Be warned people……………….I shit you NOT. Do not fall for her lies. They will hurt you. And yes…my hate will go away…..but my memory never will. Not of this treachery. Not of how you hurt my kids. Shame on you. Shame shame shame on you. You get your kicks this way??????? You see…that’s what Evil does… takes a normally kind and softspoken generous kind hearted person and turns them inside out…….with nothing but hate, disbelief, distrust and anger…. as a top layer. Welcome to my new top layer folks. If you don’t like my words….and you stop reading……score more points for the bitch.

Anyone wanna buy a herd of goats??? Need money to pay off the boys fines so he can have a life. The job???? What job??? He can’t take it. Hubby can’t let him drive with no license, and I’m night blind so no job for you young man. You get to remain here in nowhere land forever. Let’s see……I also got Jesse’s dead dads engagement ring….worth at least a thousand bucks….gorgeous marquis cut with a feather inside. What else do I got………..Pearls…pink pearls. Class ring, moldavite/Herkimer pendant…..shit….the wedding rings off my finger.

Seriously. He can’t get a job cuz he doesn’t have a license. He can’t get a license cuz he doesn’t have a job to pay the fines. He can’t pay the fines cuz he doesn’t have a job. Pert near…..a miracle was required for the muck and mire he was in. We were given a miracle…but it was a hoax. We counted on….a hoax. I thought hubby would let him take the job cuz it’s at the end of the road. Nope. Nope….it’s a circular track and it’s being run on foot. I need to watch a movie now to get this crap off my mind. I’ll talk to ya again tomorrow when I’m hopefully calmer. Night night…..8:58pm = 3 = holy. Ya…HOLY is what will save me and the boy.

Well, something good did come from the night. I was reminded that I have studied herbs. I was whisked outta that life long ago and the book I was writing….thrown away. As I was telling someone that when Khalifa’s bone had knitted together some….I would make an outside pen for him. The word Knitted…reminded me. Comfrey. Comfrey is also known as Knitbone. A poultice of knitbone does just that… helps the bones to fuse together. All Khalifa has is this splint. Yay….thanks to the internet and a couple a friends….I now know there is an herbal shop in Bastrop….and another friend told me they are at as well. I hate that I lost that passion, for the herbs….maybe it’s coming back. I’ve tried to bring it back….bought plant after plant. Had a couple really cute gardens. One in California and one here. You know, the area with the toilet and bathtub and sinks and stacked tires and fiberglass ring partially covered with miscellaneous things and shiny half bead thingies. I’ve only shown you the toilet. Nothing is growing there. I’ve had countless lemon verbena…they all die…cuz I quit caring.Pineapple sage, one of my favorite flowering shrubs. I’d love to plant herbs under trees but the pups would tear it up. Maybe not. I could try. Try the progressively smaller theory. Starting at the large tree, put smaller, say, fruit trees, then shrubs, then grasses, then flowers and herbs and carpet herbs…like chamomile and creeping thyme and and and. It’s in my fairy story…why not try it here? Ha….goats!!!! That’s why! Who am I kidding?

And damn…ye know, I just might have figured this out. Possibly…my desire to stop them harming each other at feeding time and my method…to place many many tiny piles all around… seems that possibly has encouraged the goats to become more possessive. Two injured legs in one week…first ever???? Ya…that’s what occurred to me. I’ll go back to the troughs and lines of feed instead of piles. Crap. My fault. But I know that I was trying to do good, so I won’t be too hard on myself. So…will I censor myself and erase my hating moment? We shall see. Night night again…. 11:22pm = 6 = earth…also, master numbers.

And Picasso……….it’s not worms…..see, sometimes you have to put your hands on the goats and feel…..well, he has an abcess or something in his throat area the size of a Very Large grapefruit. Let’s put it this way…the entire throat area is swollen. Snakebite? Reaction to mouth given pour on meds? Gave him the only antibiotic I have…no vets available. Headed to herb shop for comfrey leaves and depends diapers. Ok…back. Great trip. The Wild Thyme Herb Shop sold me yarrow tincture for Picasso to bring the swelling down and in the end, she took me across the hall to another lady (shop…Oh WOW) who Gave me(contribution to the cause)…comfrey pellets, which I will dilute in a small amount of water. I have the dosage in separate tiny bags for his weight. Three days worth is what her pendulum told her. Yup, gotta love someone who works with a pendulum. I have one myself. Just gave Picasso his. Wish I coulda got him to take a drink of water on top of it.

Mimi seems to be walking a bit better today. In fact, she was finally headed for the food when I was leaving. So….all is hopefully gonna be ok here. Jesse didn’t cancel the job yet…still hoping for a way, and I took him to the other place nearby and they may hire him and he’d have to be at work at 6am. Hopefully hubby can handle that part at least of weekdays. Don’t know yet, otherwise I’ll be taking him at 5:30am…..if he gets the job….which seems like he may since the lady was trying to help with my nightblind issue. Ok….it’s time to go. But…I want to say….I have stopped hating now, and am back to a numb screw it. Hopefully this is my last post about this cuz all along I wanted to warn… I’ve done that as best I can without going too far. You now have a set of initials. That’s all I’m willing to give unless you specifically ask me. All done now…Anger back in check……hope for my sick goaties….and ya….lookin ok. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. P.s….I will sell any of those items except the herd….but I’ll sell part of the herd! 😀 Oh my Pss………………it’s raining. I mean….really raining hard. Oh glory BE!!! See…from anger to joy. Later sweet ones.








Above and below….are Picasso










Mimi and her wounded leg



4 thoughts on “Suppressed anger………and some herbs

  1. Love ya, Sheri! Sending big hugs your way 🙂 No worries…we all need to rant once in a while and you have a very just cause I would say. I always say that I will trust anyone (just about) until they give me good reason not to….well you have good reason and if anyone hurt my kids like that I would likely not be as nice as you! Night….so glad you are getting some rain!

    • Oh yay!!! Thank you for understanding!!!! I did need to vent last night. And yes. Rain. Real rain and there’s already a touch of green from the rains the other day!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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