….and the debate goes on

Ye know…all my life, all I ever really wanted to do…..was have babies. Well, here I am, in my fifties….and I’ve got assorted size disposable diapers in my home, along with wipes and a playpen. Unfortunately, we’ve never had a baby this large inside before, therefore no diapers. Really silly that…..why didn’t I just buy all assorted sizes all the way up…just in case? He is 2 weeks shy of 6 months when I would shear him….and I shall be shearing him tomorrow. I may just use my scissors. Have I ever told you that like pulling curls….sometimes when you cut curls…you also find it hard to stop. Today I was using the tiny just in case scissors I have hanging from my cigarette case. I got the chin burrs, then after the lady stopped shearing his leg with really wimpy clippers, I found myself back at his leg….cutting more with the tiny scissors. It’s like a dirty floor maybe? When you wash that first spot and the rest now looks so different that you just have to keep going….just to get everything to match again???? Sounds ADD or something to me but I do it.

Right now, my heart is breaking for my dear friend. It’s all I can think of and it’s making me ill. I don’t wanna cross a line by writing about it….but I need you to know that I am very distracted. Very much in pain for my friend. I don’t know what to talk about. Everything else seems empty and hollow. And shallow. I posted a prayer request with the place designed just for that and also called Cathy to pray. And now my daughter has just called to sing a healing love song over the phone. Beautiful girl….beautiful song. And it was so appropriate. It was a Shepherd song and she was going to sleep but felt the need to sing it then felt the need to share it with me. Another weird night. I don’t give a shit if Mercury is Retrograde….I just want everyone to experience peacefulness. That would be nice. So be it. Night night sweet ones. 12:35 = 11 = Master number.

Well, it’s been a slow day. Started shearing Khalifa with scissors this morning and he gets uncomfortable quick so it’s a bit here a bit there. I’ve progressed to the clippers but still not getting far fast. I called the new vet to ask the dosage for a 3 month old baby goat. When I told him what I was using….the vet got on the phone himself to educate me. First of all…..he said do NOT give topical…..internally. Do NOT GIVE POUR ON IN THE MOUTH. He said the key to wormless goats and other animals is roatation. Said…..dry lot everyone who needs worms…for a couple months. After a month or so…put horses and or cows on that land and they will eat up all the goat worms and not be harmed and vice versa. In the meantime…..he said if that’s the wormer I have…then pour it down their backline and it will go into their fatty tissue and will last longer and work better. Said…y’all worm them then two days later…they have em back cuz they are in the same place. This guy doesn’t just take peoples words for it….he proved it. Said….he has all this nice wormer he wants to give his animals….but dang, they just never have any worms. So….this gal will no longer be giving wormer by mouth. And I will be rotating. I shall be turning the boys back out onto the pasture the cows and horses have been on and after a month or so, I’ll put the horses in there till October then the boys can be safe for the winter in there. I’ll have to drylot the girls in my yard, which has mostly been inhabited by birds, a cat and the dogs. Then….after a month or so….I’ll let the cows into the L. Not sure how you rotate the ones in small pens. I’ll figure it out. Mama needs a new pen for in the yard.

And why does Khalifa insist on sleeping on the broken leg. How odd. Got a bit more off of him…just not an easy thing. The positions he stands in are not really easy access, plus the playpen walls. Ha…he just lost his topknot and he looks so different. I’m trying to get him done or at least from the belly back before hubby comes home with diapers. One to catch the poo pellets and one going sideways across the pizzle. Been here before. He didn’t make a peep all night long. Imagine that. I found myself wondering if he was dead, but nope, just waiting for me to wake up. Just went out to feed some hay and the girls conned me outta some, lol, they were the next stop….then they didn’t want it. Jeeze. Getting me some alfalfa this weekend….cuz I guarantee….there ain’t no green here…it’s all brown and stemmy as the Doc described….which requires high protein greens.

The differences in how people feed, worm, etc as well as the amounts and dosages…. Is staggering. That has been made very apparent in the goat group. This is now my way. I’m gonna listen to this Doc, who does experiments to find out for sure. Probably switching to him permanently as a vet. Not any further…in fact maybe a few minutes closer. So….who wants to argue with me? Who wants to tell me I’m doing it wrong? Go for it. Then we can play…my vet is better than your vet. No, but seriously….I know I’ll get some flack…I always do. But we each do what we think is right…or have been told what is right. This vet asked which vet told me to give them cydectin pour on, via mouth. I said….you know where I go. Maybe that’s why they split up….cuz they used to work together once upon a time. I remember him and I even remember his rotation theory but I was so new back then, I didn’t comprehend.

Gosh…I sure hope to do some actual writing here soon instead of just telling. Oooh, and we are still getting bits of rain…here comes the thunder again. Oh wow…..it’s time to stop. Too many words. Ahhhh, have a great night if you can and if you can’t…..know that better times are ahead. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















4 thoughts on “….and the debate goes on

  1. Not going to argue meds with your vet (you hadn’t mentioned before that it was a pour-on that the 1st vet was telling you to give internally. Nope, but I do give injectables orally). I will argue nutrition with him though. My ex was a ruminant nutritionist, and even I have had more nutrition training than most vets. Except for heavily producing dairy goats, alfalfa is wasted on most ruminants, and can cause lots of problems. Just my opinion and experience. Good grass hay is plenty for most of them.

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