my Broken legged roommate…..sweet baby

The strangest thing is happening. I’m not sure if I need a drastic cleansing of spirits or if …………….oh heck…the thought is gone. Oh ya…..Do I have anything to say? Is there anything I should be doing that I’m not doing? Embrace your fear. Good lord, that’s what the movie just said during a vision quest as I was typing these words. Embrace your fear. Which one? If I was a betting gal…..I’d say…the fear of not being enough. Not being Good enough. My art not being good enough, my words, my caring, my everything…not being enough. I really hate it when I feel this way. Yes I am happy, very happy to have all the things and all the beauty in my life. But life ticks on and cats jump 5 ft straight up and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Ha….. it’s just late and I just don’t feel like talking. Maybe that’s it. That simple. Okie dokie then, I’ll just pause. Ya….I’m done for the night. Very strange. Very strange indeed. Night night. 12:52am = 1 = Beginnings….God.

Ya, that was strange. It was a strange night. On the positive side….Khalifa didn’t cry till I was just about to get up. Got him figured out. He cries when he’s thirsty. He spills the water everytime he tries to drink, but if we hold the container, he does great. So, the container stays out of the playpen and if he stands or cries….we give the lil sweetie a drink and he gulps it down. Sometimes he just wants to stand up though and isn’t thirsty. I mean seriously folks…he doesn’t make a sound. Doesn’t complain. I’m in awe of him. I sure hope it isn’t broken. Appt is for 2:30. In the meantime, I’ve been catching up on loose ends. Think I got em all. Took photos for the Hoegger blog and got that sent off. Am still minus $55 in my bank account though. The credit card company who put a hold on my card cuz they thought a $3 purchase was fraud……which caused the bank to make charges to my account…well, they will give us credit on what we owe, but no money for me to give bank. Jeeze. I get the bad end of the dang deal. But anyway….I’m finally caught up on all the calls I need to make and bills that need paid, stuff like that.

I didn’t write on the story last night either. Hoping it’s just a one night thing. Oh ya…..wanna hear something cool? Remember that rain I was Waiting on cuz I had given thanks for it for a couple weeks???? It came. It rained all night long….just like I wanted. Just like I pictured and I know the earth sucked it up like a sponge, just like I pictured. The sky is still a gray haze which means we could even get more….and it would be truly welcomed with open palms and happy dancing feet. The goats are all completely spread out….laying anywhere they want cuz they don’t have to be under a tree for shade from the intense heat…..cuz it’s not intensely hot! Yay!!! Well, I’m gonna go check on everyone before we leave for the vet…just in case.

Well, after being bitten by the kitten, and two vets and two towns later, we have arrived home with our broken legged splinted little guy. He is so tough….so tough that he wouldn’t even scream out when the vet tried to make him. It was to see if he had nerve damage, but he wouldn’t cry out. But the flinches gave it away, so the nerves are good and first vet thought 2 breaks. 2nd vet said nope…one break just above the ankle type area. It’s very swollen and it’s tightly splinted. We have to watch for swelling. So….he has to be confined in the playpen for 4-6 weeks. Good Lord, will the smell ever get outta my room at that rate??? Not sure I can take it….but I shall try. For him. We also came home with bute pain meds. Seriously….I said…can he have something for pain cuz we know he IS in pain…he just isn’t saying so. So ya, he said this stuff will do him good. He also recommended we start giving him alfalfa as well as the rest of the goats. Speaking of the rest of the goats….his mom doesn’t even act like he’s gone. Not a single look of….where is my baby.

Oh ya….when the vet said alfalfa….I told him we had been advised against alfalfa. He thought that was crazy. He kept saying….all you do is balance their feed. If they’re getting good greens…..don’t need grain. If they’re getting weedy brown stuff, give em alfalfa. So….it’s back to the alfalfa again. Too damn many discrepancies in the goat world. In fact…I was so concerned with Khalifa, it didn’t occur to me to ask…but I shall call tomorrow to this vet and see his doseage recommendations for the baby goats. I’m reluctant to give them the doseage already told….but one of my readers thinks I should. So….I’ll ask another vet and see. Ok….well, the baby is as comfy as I can make him right now. The sticker burrs have been cut off from his chin and I will have to shear him so he can wear diapers. Guess that’s it. Sorry no flowery words…just real life stuff at the moment. I also am dealing with the deaths of some of my friends goats and my Moonee….man….hard time for the goaties right now. God bless each and every one. Ok….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. With a wonderful Ps……it is RAINING again!!! Thunder and all. Yes!!!!












6 thoughts on “my Broken legged roommate…..sweet baby

  1. I love the thunder, don’t get much of it here in so cal.
    You got some great pics of the little ones. I just want to hug them they are so darn cute! Although the horns would probably be a deterrent in person, lol…
    Hope your friend figures things out soon with her goats. Sending prayers.
    Prayers to your little injured one too.

    • I too love the thunder…and the sound of rain. We don’t get much either, considering it’s a drought…..again. The horns don’t cause a problem…haven’t been hurt by any. I’m glad they make you smile!!! Thank you for your prayers for my friend and my little Khalifa….very much. And…thank you for stopping in and talking!!! ❤

  2. Poor little one. I have one sick she just waits for me to come grain her instead go out to eat with herd. Tree leave, brambules (stickie bushes)and warm milk with honeyand red cell.

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