….an injured Baby

I was gone all day and just at the end of the trip, Jesse called and said Khalifa had most likely broken his leg. So, when I got here, he was indeed laying alone, so I had Jess pick him up gently and carry him to my room where we had already set up the playpen. He has only made one tiny cry so far since he’s been here…. 4 or so hours. He’s such a good boy….just lays there looking around at all the new things. The three kitties who come to peer at him, the tv scenes and sounds, mama’s room with all the interesting things in it…and mama, on a constant basis. He doesn’t know what to think…but he also is apparently in pain. Vet is closed on weekends so he’ll see the Doc on Monday. That’s why he’s in the playpen…to keep him from using it. He’s a real trooper. Most likely he tried to get some milk and his mom Tika, butted him. He’s past weaning time, but I didn’t wanna move him in a pen all by himself. I’m waiting for the other boys who were born a good month after him. Such a sweetie….and he just had come up to me yesterday for petting which he hadn’t done in so long. My boy.

Hubby took me to Austin. He had it all planned. We got all the rest of the supplies needed for fecal testing…(goat poo…for worms)and 2 very large pots and a double burner for outside washing of fleeces. That oughta get the dang lanolin out! Oh, and a huge wooden stir. To push fleece down. I got some finger protectors for needlefelting and a couple small portable felting sponges/foam. A cheap pair of shorts for whatever pool we end up with….someday, lol…so hard to find…who’da thunk? And then he took me to the Turquoise Trading Post….oh heck…can’t leave there without goodies. They have the coolest wooden trays and this time I got a small one….and something you don’t know about me. I have a fascination with small boxes. I already had one that was perfect size for medicine cigarettes, and now I have one even smaller than that. Just love tiny boxes. I could’ve gone crazy in there…well, in any of the stores, but I didn’t.

Each of the two things I just mentioned….cost $10. I usually get a charm or two there for my pouch but they didn’t have an animal I don’t already have…..oh for a cool firefly one. I would adore that. Apparently native americans don’t make firefly things. I also made a request for a shop I wanted to go to and took some of my Butters money and got myself a couple things I’d been needing. Also very cheap. Then…we went to a new feed store we’d heard about and got good goat feed for 4-5 dollars cheaper than what we pay at TSC. Problem is how to get it….an hour away…on the edge of Austin…yikes. I would hate hate that drive. The goats seem to like it. I know, I know…..they’ll get the runs….but hey….wasn’t my idea even though I am in favor of the new feed. Just maybe not all at once. All in all it was kinda fun till I heard about Khalifa. He’s looking up at me now. Sweet baby. Ok…..we are already at 500 words so that’s it for tonight! Haha….9:17pm = 8 = infinity.

Well, the confined little one is getting a little stressed. He’s now taking his horns to the playpen mesh. I’ve just given him some parsley so hoping that will calm him. He cried quite a bit during the night but is ok now. We did our Saturday chores and I wonder if TSC will notice that we only bought dog food and saved ourselves a bunch of money? Yup, when prices are high…loyalty goes out the window. Lol. Hubby took 2 more round bales from the front pen…not many left as a weather shield. Some of the bales fell apart when he tried to take em so the boys were up on the Mountain!!! Goats just love to climb and jump so of course they got up there! Silly boys. We got some rain here. Not a lot yet, I’m calling in more. I’d love it to rain all night, thank you. Still haven’t found a small pool. This is ridiculous. Usually they are everywhere!

FB is crawling with posts about the Florida court case involving the hooded boy vs the security guard. I don’t know all the facts so I probably should remain silent, but from what I have heard or read….the police told the guy not to follow the boy, that they were coming. That’s enough for me. I’m not sure how you get a not guilty from that. The opposing sides though…wow. So much emotion stemming from this one case. It makes me wonder if the boy is watching from Heaven….and if so…what is he thinkin???? Most likely…..he’s smiling and in awe. All these people are fighting for ME???? Cool dude. Haha, yup, that’s prolly what he’s thinkin.

Well….no more rain yet….but this day isn’t over yet and neither is the night. I’ve been saying thank you for the steady rain that the earth will drink and drink and drink….so I duly am waiting on it. I was led to cut my nails, so maybe that means I’m ready to work on the story again. Yay!!! Ok, well, I guess that’s it for today. Take care y’all. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch…..and Khalifa says hi.

















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