Movin out……of the Rv

Ha…well, so far I haven’t done a thing with the new tv thingie. Well, unless you count moving out of the Rv! Yup….done. It’s all complicated, but to save you boredom, I’ll just say that I chose to not have the new box put in the Rv and instead to have it put in the kitchen….where I’ve always wanted a tv, which has been hanging there unable to be used since the kitchen was built about 5 or more years ago. Ok….it’s been a long while since I’ve brought this subject up. Finances. Here….my hubby earns the money. He does what he does with that money. He buys what he wants to buy and buys me what he wants to buy me. Beyond that….I beg basically. Or used to anyways. Now I’m earning a bit of money myself, nothing much but it’s been enough to get the main things I’ve needed as I need them. This last week…….whereas the weeks and months preceeding it had been at broke level…last week while he was off work…he seemed free with money. He came home with a tv for my room and a dvd machine and blue ray for the Rv. Then he brought home another tv for upstairs for Jesse. Now…I can be in my room or my chair. And since Jess has one, I can truly have my chair back. But I’ve just ensconced myself in… room.

So now you understand how I was able to go rent the felting machine at $20 an hour and get a microscope for fecals and get an $82 bottle of wormer, a tv and Dvr. When he does this…he does this. I don’t understand it, I just go with it. Like for example. ..He will never explain. He will just be driving to Saturday errands and will pull into an unexpected store…I…now we….just follow him to see why. At Christmas…..he chooses the stores and I follow him. Quite the unusual way but it is what it is. On a normal regular basis….his paycheck is not enough. He must’ve gotten a bonus or something, who knows. I gave up asking that stuff. So….now you know why the sudden increase in spending, or you sorta know why….well, you know as much as I know. LOL.

Jesse was very tired so I don’t know the story yet from his learn a car day. He didn’t hate it, that much I know. I also know that a good bit of it included cleaning the car and there may be another work day. Oi ve. LOL. So….I’m in my room. Been awhile. Since January. It needs cleaned some more. It has it’s perks. A toilet with no door to open and I can put more than pee in it. All of the house food…steps away. Less AC noise. Less money. More room for Blue and the kitties can visit as well, until I kick them all out like I just did. So….for the first time, in 11 or 12 years, I am watching tv in my bedroom. Watching the movie Miracle. The hockey movie. This is your time, now go out there and take it. Yup…good words. Oh ya and I decided to be proactive with the Dvr thingie so I hit Record for the movie….It could happen to you! We shall see. Alrighty then….it’s kinda late but I was up very early so I might just get to go to sleep early. So….night night my friends. Till tomorrow. 12:49am = 7 = holy….ya baby.

Well, I got up an hour late cuz the clock was wrong in my room. It was ok though cuz we did worm the next batch of goats. 11 of em. I got dizzy and swirled 3 times and one more on the way out. That was at 1pm. It was 98 with a realfeel of 108. But we gotter done and that’s all I could take. Yes, they definitely like the taste of the cydectin better. Lotsa lip smackin. My beautifuls are like the girls. They run and I gotta catch em to do em. Not so my boys….. I basically just walk right up to the one I want and in it goes. The girls are next…next week sometime and I need to ponder the hows. Ok….I think it will just have to be done at 8pm and maybe split into a few nights. They are all free right now, so I would have to lure them into the pens with food. Lotsa room to run in there, so way more work, that’s why at 8pm, with this heat. Everybody is looking good. The beautifuls yes….and Lila. Her eyes are completely healed although she now has a cataract.

A nice benefit to me being in my room now, is I now have access, instant access to any of my fibers. That bag of scraps I just realized I had collected? Somewhere in this room…lol…..but in this room. Ha…I also see old artwork staring at me. The one that’s giving me the giggles is one I call….Men are Dogs. It’s from way back when I first started painting. It’s really really bad but the idea is there. Even Jesse, when asked to look at it, said….I get it…men are dogs. Cathy and I just cracked up. The perspective is all wrong and it’s very flat and I didn’t know how to paint what I wanted to paint but I painted it anyway. I think it’ll be ok for me to post. There’s really only one hinky thing in it and I won’t tell. Shoot, I didn’t even remember putting that little gem in the painting and we were joking about Waldo, find Waldo. It’s maybe R rated. But please remember……it’s very old and very bad painting skills, but good mind skills.

Well, I made it through feeding time again. Jeesh. Apparently it is weaning time. I saw Tika and Khalifa butting heads over the issue and a sight I see very often is a baby standing just behind the mom, and trying to duck in from behind to get some milk and the mom always steps away. I’ve counted it up…..if any of my experiment got bred…….they will be due between around Sept 24 to October 24th. Ha…and I’m just moving out of the Rv. Only 2 of those girls had had pregnancies before…Etta and Happy. Both of those, if pregnant, could now have twins. All first timers have singles in my experience. We shall see. Funny….I’ll have a breeding pen and a kidding pen at the same time. How odd this fall kidding is. We shall see if the experiment worked. Alrighty then…I’m off to make macaroni salad. See ya Sunday night folkie olkies!!! Have a grand and awesome weekend!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














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