pureDhappiness…………….oooh, and a DVR genie!!!

Oh gosh folks….I can’t believe my life. For someone so sad for so long….someone who hated herself and everything she tried to do……that someone is now having so much fun. Between the fiber paintings and the childrens stories, I am being tickled on a daily basis. No…life does not allow for pureDhappiness all the time……who could stand that…….but even when I’m down…..I can do this….and lift myself up. It is my prayer….and my words are my prayers sometimes….It is my prayer that all who read these words….receive such a blessing. To find passion so deep that it pulls you up and out of the endless black hole….every time you fall in. Believe it or not folks….my passion could go higher….with the feltloom. This I’ve known for 3 years. When I went last week….it was rushed, with what I had on hand, with others watching, with the owner watching….not the artist way. Had I received one…….I would have cranked out so many goodies that my etsy shop would be overflowing and the etsy people would be telling me….too many items. You need a mall.

Well, I’ve just bagged up the goodies to force myself to stop. Showed a photo to Summer and she loved it. She said the ultimate birthday present would be for me to come to Virginia for her birthday. Gosh, melt my heart. I don’t see how. Hubby just took his vacation and it would cost a lot. To drive the Rv would be about $3-4000. Hubby ain’t gonna put that on a card if he can’t go. Least I don’t think so. Besides….I haven’t driven the Rv and am scared of doing so, and am scared of highways and interstates and bridges and going fast and Tennessee and and and. Gosh though, I would love to give her the ultimate gift. She’s been asking to come visit her in her little space there for many years. Now she’s really askin. I love you baby!!!!! Oi ve. I’m staring at the painting and wanting to work on it again. I have to resist. It’s 1am and I have to get up early for Jesse’s learn a car day. Ahhhhh jeeze……I just pulled something off and know just what to do to fix it but arrrrghhhhhh. It’s all bagged up. On the other hand, two seconds to dump it out. Crap. Stop.

Ok…just set my Iphone alarm, which I don’t usually do….but it’s late so I better. It’s a 45 minute drive each way and I’ll be dropping him off then going back for him. The day is shot timewise. BUT….tomorrow is also TV in my room day. Not only that but it’s a new receiver. DVR or something. Jesse’s been telling me to get it for 2 years…nah. I had Tivo once….didn’t excite me, even tho hubby’s work was INSIDE….small inside joke….sorry. No, it was great…but I couldn’t store many movies. Jesse says I will store many movies with this one. Who knows. Damn….just picked up the tee tiniest scrap of fiber about fingertip size and flat. And it reminded me to tell you….when fiber painting….the tiniest amounts of things make a difference. Tiny scraps. Oh wow….that reminds me…I once prepared for such a day. I thought rug loom, but what the hay!!! I have scraps!!!!! Colleen asked me if I signed the painting before I mailed it. I told her that at the very last second I realized it was unsigned so zapped one on there real quick. She posted a photo of it on her FB page calling me an artist. I still reel at that. Hard to digest for half of me. Ahhhhh, night night my friends. Hmmm, I just cut a nail that I jammed earlier…feels good typing. Maybe I’ll cut the rest. 1:57am = 4 = Angels yeehaw!. Love you Angels and Fairies and all of you. (haha…644 words)

Ahhhh, well. What a morning it was. I got up on time and the boy said he didn’t realize it would be early, plus he had trouble sleeping so he wasn’t gonna go. Oh hell. I argued and finally told hubby but then he got up…grumbling, but he got up. Got him there and some lunch to eat, got him breakfast and water also. Now I’m home waiting. Waiting for the tv guy. 2:30 still not here. Ahhh, you should see my pink pup. Poor Bubba…..he’s tryin to stay outta the sun but he’s still a pink pup. I had to do battle in my kitchen this morning at 8am. Not usually up at that hour, maybe by the time I get up it’s dismantled….who knows….but I walked into a kitchen web. I mean….the kitchen!!! Had to get a spatula out to knock em all down so I could make my cup of hot tea! Craziness. These itty bitty spiders are obviously not babies…..just itty bitty spiders! And there are many many of them. Last year I remember watching them with their ceiling shenanigans. Yup…tiny tinys…..miniature spiders and boy can they web.

It’s just me today for feeding….so I think I’ll do it now while it’s only 95…realfeel 107…instead of waiting till it gets up to 99 at 4pm. Oh Lordie, I survived. It’s just too much, people. Just too hot. Come on tv guy…..I know the boy is gonna be callin sayin he’s hot and exhausted but the guy hasn’t shown up yet. Turns out, the boy did get hot, so they told him to get in the pool. Lol. Guy is here now and I took this time waiting….to write the Hoegger Blog for the August issue. The deadline was fast approaching….4 more days….ha…….and it’s done. Just gotta gather a few photos for it and she’s good to go. So…it wasn’t a completely useless day. And top it off….supposedly my tv experience will get better too. Who knows. All I know is……a surge protector these days requires a remote?????? Lol. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps…..guy still here so hubby will be picking Jesse up. LOL, alone together!!!! A first. 😀
















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