Sparkles……..and a water trough….

Tonight, a few minutes before I posted my blog, Kris, the gal who bought the 3 goats from me, popped onto my FB page to say she had no bake cookies and milk and was ready to read the blog. I must say….I got quite a kick outta that. You guys rock my world, you know that, right? Ok….I am now going deep into the creative process, to make a scene fit for ….? While I watch a movie, of course. Tonight, it will be Green Lantern again. Love that one. Ok….so…it is many hours later and I’m still watching Green Lantern….only at this point, I just keep rewinding it cuz I’m not ready to go to bed yet. Hehe…I just shrunk the word processor and I can still watch the movies. Oh boy….this changes things. Hehehe.

And this painting….is most definitely for a little girl. It is very very sparkly. On the other hand….some women are sparkly too, so ye just never know about these things. Once I started to use the sparkles, I really had fun. Still not done, of course, but what can I say. It’s cool. It’s fun. I shall enjoy it while I can and not care how long it takes. I’m getting Directv in my room as of Thursday. I asked hubby which was cheaper…me getting tv access in my room or living in the Rv…obviously the answer is my room. Plus he wants to fix some minor issues like the sink dripping….lol. For goodness sakes….someday we might go somewhere in it. Also…hubby ordered the microscope. Yay. 65 bucks….not bad and free shipping. But here’s my promise. I shall not over use it. I shall not alter my beliefs and tried and true for me methods. But if I think it’s necessary….I now have the means to check. But no…I shall not obsess. I will resist that temptation. I might however…have fun lookin at stuff. Damn…I know I’m gonna wanna prick my finger…..ouch.

Any of you fiber people ever get fiber in your throat from all the pullin and messin with it? It’s nearly impossible to get out. I had it the feltloom day and I have a touch tonight. Dang…it’s after 2 and I’m still not ready for bed. Just now got all the goodies cleaned up. Haha….was getting ready for bed and couldn’t find the needle. It wasn’t where it was supposed to be. I searched and searched, well, 5 minutes worth….and then I remembered…it broke….it’s in the ashtray. That’s why I quit. And now…it’s 2:17am = 1 = God, beginnings….and I shall say goodnight as I sneeze. Sometimes for me, a sneeze is the reinforcement of a thought. Night night.

Oh man….I coulda stayed in bed much longer, but I didn’t, and I’ve had my tea, hair is brushed, FB read, emails checked….ready for the day. It’s supposed to be a wormer kind of day. Not the prettiest of subjects….but the vet says I should switch wormers. I told him I have different theories and that mine aren’t wormed often, therefore the Ivomec is still good. He said….then you don’t care. Asshole. So, ya, we got his fancy dancy new wormer….$82 worth. He says give 5cc to an adult and 3cc to anything not an adult. Ya right. You want me to give tiny babies 3 cc’s??? See…….this is so SO difficult for me. Usually they want me to triple the cow dose. These guys weigh up to 200 lbs max…most being 100 or so, a little higher for the boys. Cows weigh 1200 lbs!!!! You see why this is difficult for me? Triple it??? I usually can’t do that, so I double it….and even that is hard for me to do. But I can guarantee you….I won’t be giving 3cc’s to the tiny babies. One more thing I should add…..this is all guess work, he even said so. Oh ya….when he said I didn’t care………..this is the same vet who when my goats had 2-3 eggs…..after a year……..said…worm em anyways, just to be sure. See, they don’t know!!!! Man, why do I gotta think in opposition to what the NORM does????

Cathy’s not home, so now it’s wait for the boy to wake. Tomorrow is the day I take him to learn how to do car things…..change oil, spark plugs, tire, etc. Have to be there at 9:30am, yuk….then I come home and wait for the Directv guy to show. Not much getting done tomorrow I can see. Well, worked on the painting a bit…..ready to go see if the boy is awake. Well, I ended up deciding to take the painting to the post office today. Turns out it was small town day, lol. First I ran into Cathy and her friend at the post office and then I stopped at the Yarnorama for some pretties for the paintings and I see two of the fiber Guild ladies. Haven’t been to the guild in forever and they tried to coax me. It’s really hot again. Also, leg pain, the heavy pressure kind. Might be a tropical storm somewhere. Poor Bubba….he’s tryin to stay on the porch but he’s still getting sunburned from the shear. Such a lover that one. Waiting on lunch to cook, then I guess it’s wormer time. We shall see if we make it out there. Might need to wait till closer to dark, but its really not cooler till 9pm. Vicious circle cuz I’m a night owl artist and early mornings are pretty much out….especially since the boy doesn’t wake till noon or after.

Oh man……got the rest of the boys done and the Mitey Girls….was too hot to do more. They seem to like the taste of this purple stuff much better. Package says….for external cattle use only….do not use on other animals or internal use……shoot… them mouths up……don’t you know you’re a cow? Hate this crap with a purple passion. Can ya tell??? Oh ya…and 98 degrees with a realfeel of 107. Tell em what they’ve won!!!! Heatstroke and chemical poisoning!!!! Yay!!!! Are you kidding me? So……theory. All the microscopes were selling very fast on internet yesterday. All the cattle wormer was basically sold out yesterday at TSC. Seems like there might be some sick animals out there. Anyone considering….fukashima????? Instead of worms? Don’t mind me. Fukashima is something to be scoffed at, right? Like there’s not fallout everyfrigginwhere. Oh no no no. It’s stayin right there in Japan. They don’t have breezes there…do they? Hehe. I get ornery. Tonights recipe for dinner is…layer ground beef, layer sliced potatoes, layer of onions….repeat….pour 1-2 cans tomato soup on and bake. I’d say 400 for an hour. Less if the beef is precooked. It’s called Shipwreck and I’ve had this recipe since the 70s. God….ok……it went down a degree….I’ll go feed. Let me get my prayers on first. Ok…I survived by dunking my wrists into the cool water as I was filling troughs. I just wanted to crawl all the way in and sit. Just sit. Just awful. But hey…bitter cold is awful too. Still prayin for rain……..and signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















3 thoughts on “Sparkles……..and a water trough….

  1. I’m with Cathy…I really enjoy reading your blog every night. You never fail to make me smile, Sheri 🙂 As for the wormer….yuck. We have been doing all natural herbal stuff and I check eyes and they are always nice and pink. I am going to get a microscope though…maybe we can help each other in regards to the obsessing about it? LOL

    • Lol maybe we can girl maybe we can because I’m of the mind……the less chemical and the less interference in nature the better the animal. Lol. Ya Cathy wants me to read it to her! It thrills me that you enjoy cuz there are times like now when my readership is at about 20 a day. Down quite a bit….I wonder. Thank you for telling me so I don’t have to wonder at least about you!!!! Bless you dear and good on the herbals!!!! ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. There aren’t many meds that are labeled as ok for goats (and even fewer for sheep), because the med companies would have to test them on every single species to get approval. My ex used to work for the Feds, making sure that the drug companies had done their research correctly. There’s no money in it for them to test for the other species. Most everything I use on my flock is off-label, but I’m secure that I’ve done my research and am comfortable doing what I need to to keep them as healthy as possible.

    Also, the reason you have to give so much more per weight to the goats is that their metabolisms run so much higher than cows do. And under-dosing the babies just helps the worms develop more resistance (you just kill off the very susceptible ones and leave the more resistant alive). You’re better off not dosing them at all. JMHO.

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