God…..and the broken needle………..

Yay…..I’m finally working on a painting. No, not the book…at this point…it’s spirit led. Lot’s to do and only so much time. Tonight, out came a background and the bags of yum. I have 2 bags of yum. I should show you the contents. I took a photo. Ha….I’ve broken 4 needles so far, maybe 5. And the first one…..yikesies…..the needle tip broke off and flew. I haven’t found it yet. Searched for an hour with a flashlight. After the first one broke and flew…I had to go on a search for more needles. Once I start something…it consumes me. See, my hubby just doesn’t understand. It’s a small painting….but it requires a lot of work….most paintings do. I refuse to lie to him about how many hours I worked on each….so maybe I’ll just not pay any attention to how long I work on them. LOL. Oh…and about that ¾ inch piece of needle floating around in the mystery…… to compound the problem….I have since cut up white sparkly Angelina for the painting…into tiny pieces…so now the whole floor looks shiny like metal. Yeehaw.

Jesse has been on good behavior all day…..as if he knows he’s come close to crossing a line. It’s not that he’s a bad kid. Nope. He’s great. It’s just this damn difference in beliefs and knowledge of respect and probably the ADHD. Ye know….sometimes I wake up and my first thought is….oh man…that thing you did…it’s not good enough. So, I’m not perfect either. But on the other hand…that’s just making excuses. Man…so much to sort and weigh….juggle. Speaking of juggle…..Baby Girl growled at me the other day. First time ever. She’s my lead Pyrenees pup guardian dog. She shares her food with the birds….and she expects to eat anything….but with the price of goat feed…I told her no. She growled. Really upsets me, but I do understand. And they just all howled…how beautiful. I’ve discovered that Baby Girl sleeps….when she’s not working….on the left side of the Rv. Bubba sleeps behind it and Geezer sleeps under it…Not sure where Little Boy sleeps. Think it’s about bedtime now. Sweet dreams folks……1:48am = 4 = Angels!!!!.

Well, another day rolled in. Today we are worming and I also have to take the sold painting to the post office. Shoot….or not….forgot to get her address. Well…..if not today, tomorrow. So…I’m off to do some worming. What fun!!! Better than injections though, that’s for darn sure. Yay…Cathy’s coming!!! Ha! What a wacky kind of productive day. Wormed half of the boys then ran out so will get some whichever day I go to town…tomorrow or Thursday. Also called a credit card that hubby said was still at 30% interest rate punishment…was asking them to lower it. They said it was at 18%…guess hubby never looked. All three of us gave Jesse a haircut with normal hair clippers with the guard combs. In the end…he did most of it himself and is happier than if he’d gone to a barber. Ya…and it’s not $20 every 8 weeks!!!! Not done though!!! THEN…..the hard part. We collared and leashed Bubba and sheared all but his neck area. Another day for that cuz he was getting really agitated and I didn’t want to push him to where he would bite. So strange….this year….the winter undercoat did not pull out…..neither him nor Baby Girl. The other two have short hair so they’re fine. He looks ridiculous not finished…but he’s gotta feel better and feel cooler. Gosh I love these shears.

When I woke this morning, I said things unusually in my mind. I said…Good Morning Father. Don’t usually say that. Then I said….thank you for us finding the broken needle easily without injury or pain. And ye know what? I did. Yay and thank you Father!!! It’s only 96 degrees but it still takes the breath away. I do mean literally. Fixin to start giving out hay to everyone….how horrible. 30 acres of pasture and not a cutting and not enough to feed. I should turn out the boys back into the wilds….but I surely don’t want to. And speaking of the boys…..I gotta say…..they are so so much better behaved than the girls. Didn’t have to run them through a chute. Nope….just drew up the meds, decided who to give it to…..walked up to them and lifted their face in my hands and in it went into their mouths. Jesse held a few horns just in case, but they were all brilliantly mannered. Well, Kitchie will have to be rewormed cuz he spitted all of his out. Lol, no ones ever done that before.

Dear Lord….overheated. Literally typed those words then had to wait and gather myself. Jeesh, shoulda looked at the realfeel. Ha…100. I think the hay should help some….they all just seem so dang hungry. Still have some grass and stuff in the L but it is getting slim. I think hubby is going to get me a cheap microscope….well, good enough for the job…..to do my own fecals. Will pay for itself in 2 ½ fecals if I count gas to drive 60 miles which I just did yesterday. My vet is 30 miles away. Gosh…it’s been a really good day. Got stuff done! And a painting I’m into to work on tonight. Trying something new. Stuck a potroast in the crockpot. We shall see. Ok…well, I have about an hour….I think I’ll do some more work! Gonna sign off though from YeeHaw Ranch and see how much more productive I can be before it’s time to deal with potatoes. See ya tomorrow!

















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