And another night bites the dust…..

And another night bites the dust. This is beginning to be a habit. My patience threshold is wearing thin with this 20 yr old. Either appreciate what you have or find someplace better, that’s my thinking. I mean….I love this boy but Arrrrrrhgggg. It’s a completely different way of thinking….that I’ve never come across. I don’t know how to respond to it. From now on….I shall endeavor to silence it out. Which can really piss this type of personality off, but I see no other way. Most of the time….it’s fine. But when it isn’t….it surely isn’t . My throat is sore from screaming at him. Oh gosh……I won’t go into the specifics, but take my word……I struggle with this. Glad I got that off me for a second. Speaking of the boy….I got to thinking about the Transformers movie. The reason I didn’t remember any of movie 1, is cuz I didn’t wanna watch it. The boy insisted. So….my eyes looked that way…but I didn’t really watch. Silly stuff…but I couldn’t begin to tell you the ways of manipulation. It would take up way too much blog space.

Tonight I watched Transformers 3….oooooh, a bit darker….but then again…it’s called….Dark of the Moon. I loved it. Jesse said it was too hard to follow…I had no trouble. But then again…it was just me and the computer screen cuz that’s how I have to watch DVD’s at the moment…, up close and personal. I could rewind anytime my mind wandered away. It was very cool. This is why I like to own movies. Control. Doesn’t it always come down to control? We like to think we have everything covered. Everything is cool. Until it isn’t. Hubby’s vacation is now over and life goes back to normal. I’ve made his Monday lunch and tomorrow we shall do goatie stuff. Sounds like a plan to me. Lol. We couldn’t find a pool…..but hubby got some run of the mill water guns…you know, the tiny ones. He finally gave me two, so I gave one to Jess and we all have at least one now. Could get interesting. Hmmm….speaking of interesting…I just saw a photo of a bat flying. I had the question in my mind……are they in the fairy family? I saw Man of Steel….he flew…I just saw the Green Lantern…he flew……surely there are beings like us humans…who can fly. Surely! Big ass universe folks. But it still brings me back to……..The Reluctant Messiah. Always does. Which means….that we too can fly but we believe we can’t….therefore we can’t. Nightie night sweet world people. Believe with me and maybe we can do this. 12:15am = 9 = endings. Jeesh.

Ahhh, what a useless morning so far. Hubby sent me an email telling me it was free app day. So….I tried to get…what else….something for the boy. Nope….needed my Iphone updated first….couldn’t get on wifi, which it needed…then hubby helps me get wifi and it says 24 hrs to download the phone update. What???? So…’s 1:30 already and nothing is done. And how am I supposed to download this for 24 hours???? On wifi only? In the house only??? Jeesh. Ok…well, I’ve been on a poo hunt. Found me some… Wanted it fresher than freesh….and got it. Barely hit the ground. Headed to vets. I do expect a wormload since I haven’t wormed them yet…but I want to find out what kind of worm. If it’s the worm my friend suggests…that requires a different chemical than what I have. So….off on a poo run! And I’m back. And the vet just called with the results. Just plain old stomach worms….every day average worms. As I thought. So, no special stuff, just the stuff I already have. Ivomec. And since I don’t over worm…..I can still use it…5 years later. I’m wondering the why’s and howfors of calling a goat. Today, I called over a Beautiful…..Einstein, come here….and he did. Yet while trying to show Crystal a pile of grain….she ignored me. They always do……hmmm, maybe just answered my own question. Food was involved. Maybe they just don’t listen when food is involved.

I’m very ticked at the boy again! Just don’t know what to do. If I told hubby this….Jesse would have to leave. I’m pretty certain of that. On the other hand….what’s the point of trying to help him if when he does leave…..he is still doing the same actions that will land him back in jail. So frustrated. But hey….life includes frustrations. Yeehaw, I’m still alive. It’s been thinkin about raining here all day…..but not quite thinkin hard enough. Lotsa clouds……..I’m practically begging when I pray now and I hate that…….but please……move the rain over here from whence it is no longer welcome. Well……think I’ll cut this short today. Get the pizza stuff ready…dough has already risen……just need to prepare toppings and sauce. Yum. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















2 thoughts on “And another night bites the dust…..

  1. I am so impressed with how well the beautifuls are doing! I remember how much mite trouble they had before! now they look normal…. I think…I don’t remember what you used…but worth a repeat on that advice!

    • They look awesome!! DaVinci still isn’t quite there but he’s much improved. It was Ivomec injectable subQ….just under the skin. :))))

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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