a three minute rain…….

Ye know….many many times, I write about some issues with my 20 yr old son…..and I erase them and you never see them. I won’t erase this one. I just want someone…anyone to know….that I walk a thousand steps for this boy……and if I miss one step……the other 999 don’t count. Worthless. Waste of effort. Useless. In any area, mind you. You have no idea how frustrating that is….unless of course, you’ve experienced it??? Huh? Anyone? To prove that’s staying…new paragraph starts NOW.

I’m watching Moneyball. Not bad the second time around. Ooooh, excellent ending!!! Yum. Love a good storyline….and good endings….I didn’t say happy…I said good. And speaking of movies…..I finally got to count how many minutes I’m missing on my homemade recording of Avatar in the beginning. I always thought 1-2….NOT….it’s 4!!!! The first four minutes of a movie are kinda key. I’m in a good mood. Despite the arguments I’ve just had tonight. One with a friend, one with the boy. Love you both!!! Ooooh, good movie on now….haven’t seen it either! Silver Wolf on Starz. I like it. On Monday…life goes back to normal for me, but it’s still hubbys vacation now. Oh……I didn’t tell ya….planning on taking the concealed firearm thing. Haha….concealed, but I just told the anyone around the world who might be reading…that I’ll soon be carrying one. Lol, not so stealth.

Funny how a gun changes things. I was in the car while hubby went inside a building to do tax something. It was hot so I opened the door. The woman in me thought…well, if anyone comes after me….I’ll slowly and nonchalantly have to reach into the bag I’d put my gun and all the different kinds of bullets for it, in…..ya right…who has time for all that. Terry, the guy working on my truck….when I told him that….said…no…always keep it loaded. So I shall. And I shall get a permit. I’m a good enough shot to do that…or at least I used to be. I used to work at a gun shop…have I told you that? I sold SKS’s and I was the signature person….my signature went on every sale…..scary that. There was a gun range out back….and I knew how to strip that sks down and back up. Did you know that they have notches? Kill notches from Vietnam? Horrible. Some go all the way up the rifle. And…they come with a bayonette. Rules are…..sell complete but tell them it’s illegal to use the bayonette…but we sell it to them. Funky, eh?

Mood was soured and brain was washed so I only wrote about 2 sentences tonight. This story wants to be told. So badly, it wants to be told. I’m the teller, it has to wait on me and it doesn’t like it one bit. Very impatient this story. But it’s going to have to wait till I’m ready. I’ve just been so busy and so mind busy. There is a bug crawling on my foot. I moved him to my hand and just let him crawl…then I dropped him. Poor bug. Sure he’s ok…but we lost the connection we were having. Ha…well…it is definitely bedtime for Bonzo here. Part of a brownie consumed and all writing is now done for the night. I hate brownies. Chocolate chip cookies, ya. Yuk brownies…no. LOL. Night night sweeeet people sweet people!!! Love you!!! Yes…..YOU! 12:23am = 8 infinity….yikes and Strong I Am. Night.

Well, it’s once again, very hot….but….there’s a possible tiny bit of rain or storm…hopefully not storm without rain! Very dry here. Everything is turning brown. All the pretty green is gone. About to have to start feeding hay to the girls. Yup…getting windy out. Crystal and Milly are still about 3 ft apart now. Yay…….rain!!!! They don’t lay next to each other anymore. Sure did change that relationship when Butters left! I feel for little Crystal. I’ve never had a mom do this before. Milly usually has boys so she’s used to them being taken from her at 4 months. So when we took Butters, she must’ve decided she was done. And now they all think it’s time to graze again cuz it rained for 3 minutes. Yup…..3 minutes. I even went outside to stand in it. Then it was gone……full sun and no rainbow. But I’m damp….to prove it was here. We kinda need a little more than that. We’re having to give some hay to the cows too. So ready for no drought living.

I haven’t gotten much accomplished this week. With hubby home…..I try to stay around him so he has company. And Jess has been coming to the Rv lately at night and I haven’t done a whole lotta writing. Just watched a movie with hubby and all I could think was….why don’t I have a project to a point that I could start to work on it while I just sit here….but I couldn’t think of any. Sure, I coulda brought all the supplies I the house to maybe work on a painting….but that’s a lot of work….hauling stuff to and fro, so no. So….I just watched the movie. Nothing else, just watched the movie. On the good side….I got to see most of the movie! LOL.

Well….the girls were actually pretty good today…. Georgia only nearly knocked me down once! Lol….bottle babies! She sticks to my side like glue. I love watching them eat their grain from the ground. They blow on it with their nostrils….and it uncovers the grain. Yes…I have feeders, but right now, with them not in the pens…..any feed I put in a feeder is claimed by one doe only. NOT. But ya…they blow and eat, blow and eat. Pretty ingenious if you ask me. Oh guess what???? I sold my first painting ever!!!! A fiber painting….but a painting nonetheless. Not the goatie one…Starry Starry Nights one. That is most awesome. I forgot to ask her if I could put her name here so I better not. But she says she wanted to own one of my works so bad….made me feel so good. Yay and thank you!!! And on that wondrous note…….I shall be signing off at YeeHaw Ranch so I can figure out what’s for dinner. Ps….got the Transformer movies for $5 each……so I actually know how the dang thing started now. It was like watching a whole new movie, since I now knew what was going on. LOL. Pss…..sorry…it was a Movie week.
















6 thoughts on “a three minute rain…….

  1. Ah. life with a young adult. Isn’t it fun? Just remember, their brains aren’t done cooking until their mid-20’s! They only think they know everything; we moms know better, lol.

  2. Congrats on selling your painting!! I wish I could send you some of our rain, the goat pens are starting to look like a swampland here…sigh. I feel ya about the kid. I have a 15 (well 16 in 2 months) yr old who looks grown so therefore he thinks he is and mama don’t know nothing…lol. I tell him frequently that I have been 15 before and every age in between so when he gets to be my age we can then discuss it…lol. I am thankful that he is a good boy and will hopefully keep his “experimenting” to a minimum and hear my voice in the background when he thinks of doing things he knows he shouldn’t. Life is trial and error and kids don’t come with a manual unfortunately 🙂 I often wonder if my boys really know how much I do for them and sacrifice for them and friends tell me they (the boys) may not see it now but they will know it in their hearts when they are grown. It keeps me going ❤

    • Thank you!! I’m excited about selling it! As for the boy. The biggest issue is I simply don’t understand his way of thinking. It’s like our minds clash. A huge fight arises and someone storms off. Pretty often too. I’m hangin in. Thanks hon. ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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