Mama wants a new gun…..

I had originally written about a friend that was mysteriously missing from my friends list. I messaged her and all is well now. But I deleted all that I had written about it. So….this will be a short blog. Well….no fireworks sounds so far…guess we got our share the other night along with 3 BOOMS. Pretty sure it was gunfire and hubby says we got some crazies livin in the woods in front of us to the left. Oh ya…..was telling Jess that some of my friends are dropping away….or at least are very very busy with their own lives…and he said…well no wonder. You blog the same stuff day after day after day for over a year…. Nobody has said they were bored……so I dunno. We’re gonna make brownies in a few minutes, at midnight. Hubby is supposed to be thinking of something he wants to do tomorrow that would bring him joy. Hmmm. LOL. So, who knows what I’ll be doing tomorrow. Well….about time to do the brownies now. But first…I want to say that I need and intend to remember, each day…just before sunset…to do the sungazing. You start with 10 seconds a day and add 10 each day till you get to 44 min. Then you walk barefoot 45 minutes a day for…hmmm don’t remember how long. Why? To wake up and activate the pineal gland. Jesse and I tried it for a couple days once last year….but I want to get serious with it. I will remember to do it. I will remember to do it. I will remember to do it. Lol. Brownies made…boy is happily eating them and I shall wait till tomorrow cuz it’s already after 1. I didn’t write any tonight on the book. Only wrote 2 paragraphs last night but it’s still flowin….I’m just not. I have things on my mind. Don’t we all. Alright good people……I’ll bore you again tomorrow!!!! Yay! Night night. 1:17am = 9 = endings.

Well, it turns out hubby couldn’t think of anything fun to do for himself. He does need to go into town though…..oh well, I tried. Dude works so hard. Leaves here around 5 or 6 in the morning and usually arrives home between 7 and 8 that night. Day after day. Just thought he should do something fun, but he couldn’t think of anything. Oh well, maybe we’ll think of something while we’re out. Well, all we did was take my gun in to see why the shotgun shells stick. Turns out…they are too long. New ones ordered and a new gun on my mind. A 380 but I’ve forgotten the name. It has a clip and is way small. Wanna trade mine in….but the one I want is quite a bit more expensive….but much smaller and easier to handle for tiny hands like mine. On the other hand….if I trade my Rossi in, then I can’t shoot shotgun shells at the snakes. I don’t think the 380 allows shotgun shell. So, hmmm. Maybe for birthday or Christmas or something. So much for a fun day for hubby….but on the other hand….we stopped at the shop where my truck is and he got to hang out with the mechanic guys and he just loves that. I, however….hate going there cuz it’s very depressing to see the truck….not ready….never ready!!! A 2 year wait is not nice to an excited gal. Oh well…life.

Just went out to feed…… Crystal is so busy trying to fill her belly that she never looks up. Poor baby. Did I tell you I heard about Butters??? He is ok. She said he ran straight to the herd, knocking her husband down. Went to one and it wasn’t his mommy. Found a nanny that tolerates him and has his eye on two young gals. The human lady came home from work and he ran to her and she was able to hold him and sing to him. He musta been so scared. She said she needed to search lyrics to sing more songs…I said…amazing grace….turns out that’s what she sang to him. Awesome. He also knows….somewhere over the rainbow. So….yay for that. We may go ahead and go to the show/sale the end of the month…the one where we got Moonee. Once I hear back on the requirements…I may even show a few. Mmmmm, then I’d have to put tags in their ears. Yikes. Well, we’ll see. Also, there’s a guy there that wants Mimi. I’d still consider it. I’ve got 2 of her daughters and 2 sons. It’s an in the moment thing. We’ll see. Ok, well……I’ve got my friend back….another friend turns out has gone on vacation without telling me, lol and we’ll get there with any others. It’s a good day. So…..signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Oh ya………. Yay….I remembered!












4 thoughts on “Mama wants a new gun…..

    • Yes I think you are right. They are just very busy but I was right about the one…she thought I was too busy for her but it’s all good now. I just notice long pauses, and I worry when I know worry creates. Thank you for the reminder and thank you for telling me!!!! ❤

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