an accidental weaning………

I find myself wanting to tell someone about the new changes in the world. There are so many. Everything is so fast now. But who do I tell. Everyone is here….experiencing it. That leaves the people who have passed on. So…..I find myself wanting to tell the dead…..what the heck is happening on the planet earth….it’s crazy dude!!! You wouldn’t believe it if you tried! Everything is so fast now. Days even. Time….time is faster than a runaway train. We can talk to anyone across the world….and have them respond in seconds. Oh and dude…the movie stars are still stars, but so are the regular people now….stars and some having their own tv shows now. In fact, nearly all the tv is alike now…..they film people doing “what they do”. It’s crazy. We can see videos of people protesting across the world…live or within minutes of filming. We have a phone that talks to us. We can publish our own books! We can order things off our computer and they arrive in a few days…from anywhere. The Fed Ex people drive all the way out into the boondocks….to pick up or drop off one package! We can see the weather predictions….on our phone. The list is endless and if you were to suddenly arrive back here…your head would spin and you would probably pass out from the sheer speed of it all. It’s head turning. Ok….go back to what you were doing dude….just wanted to share.

Tonight there was a snake. It was so close to the critters that I called hubby to deal with it. Horrible, just horrible. Man, that snake was so fast…so scary. Sorry Colleen, yup…it’s gone to heaven. It’s so freaky walking outside right after a snake incident. Used to be….it freaked with me for weeks…now….just a few times outside, then it’s gone. I forget. Either way…for me…it signifies transformation. Lots of that going on. I wonder how Butters is doing. So….what’d ya think of the painting backgrounds? 25!!! A few are larger then a couple mid and the rest are smaller….oh, maybe 1 ft by 1 ft. And 3 smaller ones are still black. Black alpaca batt onto black polar fleece. Guess I just spilled something. Yup…..we bought a batt while we were there….nope, we bought 2, I think. Altogether it cost $140 there. And $140 for the batts I ordered, so……$280 in these backgrounds. Without me doing a thing….well, unless you call 4 hours of hard work nonstop, putting together, stretching, pulling, cutting….designing, felting. Ya… times that!

Now you see why things cost so much….but I will try and reprice all my things lower…not one item has been sold from the Etsy store. Oops…keep forgetting to put the link here. LOL…see…bad at this stuff. Need to get some stuff in there people might want. I had so many plans with the feltloom. So many…the very first day…. I wrote a list that covered both sides of a paper. All the things I could create with that machine. Ha….that list didn’t even include paintings!!!! Also….I tried to do something. Nobody understood. Shit…the thought made me cry. Anyways….I wanted to try something…had wanted to all along…3 years. Asked the guy at the last festival if I could try it and he said…won’t work. Well…..they rushed me yesterday…..hard to describe…but lets just say it didn’t work….but it can. Just needs more passes through the machine.

Ooooh….I finally remembered the cheesecake. I signed up for Chili’s emails since we got there fairly often since all three of us can find something we can eat there. Yesterday I got me a cheesecake free but forgot to eat it….found myself eating fruit rolled in sugar instead…..but….right now…..I’m fixin to yum out. Oh ya….I’ll be using that dessert coupon again! Wow….interesting. Another con on FB. This one was from the healing circle. I felt bad vibes from the getgo but went with it as friendly as I could as usual, even when I have bad vibes. In the end…instead of just deleting them…I said…I’m sorry. I have bad vibes and for the sake of me…I’ ending this friendship…which had only existed for 15 minutes btw…..And speaking of Btw…..Pt 4, book 4, increment 4…whatever you wanna call it…has commenced. Good Lord the fun….mingling the Wiggles, with the fairies and Emma…..and still not knowing where it’s going. I get to revisit all these old characters. Oh my…fun!!!!! Shoot…gonna have to read the Wiggles again soon……I remember Quittle and Sisbo and A tiny tad about Sereh…the rest….yup…need to read it again. Not quite there yet though, so I haven’t. OK folks….it’s late. 2:12am = 5 = change. Well heck ya….hubbys on vacation…..anything is possible. Night night my wonderful friends. Night night. Thank you for reading. 😀

This morning….I look over at the girls and I can see that Crystal is about 10 ft from her mom…or anyone for that matter. That was a first. I had to go see. Maybe Milly weaned her since Butters got taken away. Poor baby. Still haven’t heard if Butters made it safely to his new home…or if they like him. That’s got me kinda concerned. Oh and one more thing…sorry……didn’t wanna go there, but just in case some people are worried about our reasonings for saying Moonee died of bloat….well, the reason I say bloat is due to what the body looked like…..I’ve seen many a dead animal and so has hubby. We’ve never seen this. That’s why I said it was my first thought. But then see, I tried to play the blame game with myself. What did I do???? What didn’t I do???? I forgot my first inclination. Trust me folks…it was bloat….the very word spells it out for ya. Ok…done.

Hubby is making his stuffed poblano peppers today. Ha…no burgers and dogs for us! And no fireworks… danger. Crunchy grass. Well… feeding time, Milly used her horns to move her Crystal baby away from the grain. I, of course, yelled at her. Apparently, since we took Butters away……she will no longer feed Crystal. Poor baby is all alone in the field, eating eating eating, trying to fill her belly. Hmmm, think I’ll hang on to them till wean time from now on. I look out…..and she’s the sole goat in the field. Everyone else is resting under the napping tree. And still no word about Butters. Sure hope he’s ok. I did the full rounds today so got a few photos of goats you don’t see everyday. And…….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch on this grand 4th of July.














8 thoughts on “an accidental weaning………

    • I did hear and he’s good and she’s happy with him and she sang to him and cuddled him when he ran to her. Gosh girl I was just thinkin about Etsy. I’ll remember!!! ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  1. Please (for the sake of all us artists) don’t lower your etsy prices too much! It just makes folks expect that they can get handspun items for cheap, which is not helpful or realistic. I make plenty of sales at shows but have yet to make one on etsy, which can be very frustrating. But I know what my costs are, and I would rather keep stuff and give it as gifts than let some stranger buy it for less than wholesale.

    It is especially frustrating when I know that I am in competition with folks that only feel that they need to make back the costs of their materials, not pay themselves a living wage for what they do. For your felt pictures, you need to add in the cost of the backgrounds, the time you spent at the feltloom, your other materials and the time it takes to create the whole picture, plus something for your artistic ability. It shouldn’t come cheap!

    Climbing down off my soapbox now…

  2. So sorry you lost Moonie, I know how much you loved him. Your goats are looking great, their fleeces are growing out very nicely. Hugs

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