Achingly bittersweet……….

Achingly bittersweet. Today was a very good day. Instead of crying when I saw the feltloom, I was so excited to get started. I began immediately and didn’t stop for 4 hours. In the end….we did 25 backgrounds. Smaller, so much more wallet friendly. Hubby had fun, I had fun, Jesse had fun. Then tonight, as I’m walking to the Rv for the night, one of the boys calls out to me. I said, what’s wrong? He called again. I said, are you ok? He called out again. So I went to see. I’m pretty sure it was Marshall, who is most likely the new leader. They cause no problems so it’s hard to see who’s boss. Anyway, when I got to the gate, I saw a goat down and immediately called Jesse, who came running. By then I knew who it was, it was my Moonee. My Moonee Blue. One of the sweetest goats on the ranch. That boy would let anyone pet him. He loved attention. Jesse had just petted him yesterday. We just sheared him not long ago and he was fit as a fiddle. And gorgeous. This hurts my heart so. Yes, this death too shall pass, but damnit…my Moonee. God I loved that goat. Jesse’s pretty upset too. Well, since we don’t know what it was and it was too late to have him tested, I’ll worm everyone. That’s just to be safe. Maybe there’s not enough grass out there for them. Maybe he starved. Oh hell. I just don’t know.

Moonee....the day I got him at the show. Blue Moon....

Moonee….the day I got him at the show. Blue Moon….

He has been in good spirits and friendly as usual. I just don’t know. He was a big healthy buck. Only a yearling, but big. Not a fighter. Ok…sorry, I’m sorry to yuk up your moment with this death talk. Had to share though. Oh ya….I just washed his baby fleece…or part of it anyways. I was pulling the curls…even though once they dried it was obvious the lanolin was still not all out. I was pulling them anyways cuz they were so beautiful and I wanted so badly to use them, but finally I stopped myself and switched to something I would be able to use. Also…today, I was praying for and sending reiki to a strangers goat…..all the while, my Moonee was gone. He must’ve died in the night. And also…I’ve only had one goat die here from worms and she was sick. Moonee was not sick. I just don’t know.

Seems I can’t get away from it. First hubby says…..well, you haven’t been spending any time with them. Then a dear friend says…vaccinate. No. The answer…if it isn’t from other causes….is me. I didn’t worm them yet. It’s been awhile. They were way overdue. The plan is to worm them after I finish shearing that group. Problem is….I’m still shearing that group. After talking to said friend…it could be heat related. It could be due to the fact that he was a high protein show goat when I got him and he became a regular goat, fed regular food…which in this 100 degree weather can kill, least that’s what my intelligent friend said. In my opinion…’s probably both…me not worming them on time and the heat. Very hot. Plus…background info is quite important, ye know? I didn’t realize how important till now. Well folks…it’s 1:36am = 1 = beginnings…yeehaw!!!!! Nightie night.

Good morning. Sorta. I was planning to delete all of last nights writings, but ye know, I am blogging about my life, and about my goats lives. I do the best I can. I bought him exactly one year ago this month. My big huge beautiful baby buck that was so huge I thought he was a year and a half old but he was only 6 months. Three to four times larger than my babies. When I sheared his baby coat….instead of 1-1 ½ lbs….he gave me 6 ½ lbs. And peanuts…..boy did he love peanuts. My peanut boy. After discussions this morning….it was decided it had nothing to do with me not worming. It was bloat. We changed their feed situation too much and he couldn’t handle it and with the 100 heat, and then after getting no feed, he got feed…..bloat. Was my very first guess, due to what I saw….and now is the last of the why’s. Bloat. Hubby went out to see him this morning cuz it was dark and we couldn’t bury him last night. Hubby said Bloat. Yup. But still my fault. I thought they had enough grass so I took them off grain. Then, when we had extra grain….I let Jesse give it to them. In other words…..I messed with his rumen……his digestion system. I’m so sorry, I didn’t know. All I knew was not to switch feed brands quickly. I love you Moonee.

Well, Butters has gone to his new home. A few minutes after they left, we left to go to Ann’s for some fiber things she was giving me. When I went out to get in the truck…I heard Milly crying. When we returned….no crying. I just fed them….both Milly and Crystal are acting just fine. No tears….just normal. Milly doesn’t even hold it against me….she let me pet her…so did Crystal. So…they are good….here’s to prayin and hopin that Butters is good too. So… for the fiber supplies…I now have a large skirting table and a 3 level drying rack and part of a wash station. Yay. Thank you Ann!

Think I may write some more of the story tonight before I forget the characters. So far, we are at about 25,000 words….between the 3 parts of the fairy story. It’s not done, just the 3rd part is done. Also, I have all those painting backgrounds to be inspired by and I’m still working on yarn for the project for Lori L. Lots to do. Ok…..well, it’s been a full day. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Happy 4th!!!!!













4 thoughts on “Achingly bittersweet……….

  1. Sheri Lee,
    As a longtime friend I know you will always love the beautiful creatures. The ones blessed to be with you for any amount of time were given a special gift. YOU! You have accomplished so much and I praise all of your efforts.
    The animals give you so much love because of all you give.

    • Awwwwe thanks long time friend!!! Let’s long…..1990 I do believe. 23 years my friend…..23 years! I needed to hear that dear. I do love them so. Thank you dear one. Big huggs from way down here in the center of the state

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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