It’s a good Day……a feltLOOM day!

Well, I’m still pulling like a madlady at midnight. Turns out, none of the stuff I washed and dyed dried enough to take. It’s the strangest thing. It’s been in the hundreds for a week, and all of a sudden, it’s cool. 70’s cool. So….there went my baking sun to dry the fleeces really fast as had been my plan. I think I’ve got enough though, already ready. Wish I had more time to pull, I’ still goin but I gotta write too and I gotta relax too. Ahhh, 45 minutes later, I think I’m done…if I can keep my hands off of the curls. We’re gonna go the back roads way, so I can see if it’s something I can do by myself. Should be, we also came home from the festival that route and it seemed like just a lonely back road. Jesse’s ticked with me again, so who knows if he’ll go now. I want him there for his artistic eye and his extra hands. He put the 4 ft long shallow container full of fleece on the roof and when I asked him to get it down, we argued inbetween the two places and he went back inside. So……I crawled up with 2 grocery sacks. I tried my darndest to fill the bag….got some in, but the bag kept getting twisted up and I’m, hanging on for dear life. Then I had a brilliant idea. I had a lid that snaps on. So, I came down, yikes, and got the lid and went back up….and you wouldn’t believe how hard it was to get that lid on. It had to be just right, or it would slide away. Finally, I get it on and clamp it shut. Ok, now what? How do I swing this thing down…4 ft long….me, with bad wrists? I finally said screw it and just started pulling it towards me as I took a step down. It came down and lest I fall, I dropped it. I thought I saw fiber everywhere and yelled Shit….but nope…the lid stayed secure. And now here is the boy, and everything is cool again.

Well, it was a very late night but I was finally able to stop pulling curls. It’s addictive, you see. You swear to yourself that you’re done but if you don’t put the stuff up….you’re not done. I ended up pulling Wiwi curls the whole way to the feltloom. They were still wet, but they dried in my lap by the truck ac and the sun. We were there a solid 4 hours. Not one cigarette, not one pee break…did chug a bit of water once. Let’s just say I’m pooped. Lots of bending, standing and leaning. Pooped I tell you. Shoot, hubby is even gonna feed me dinner cuz he knows I’m pooped! Speaking of hubby……he did his own painting for me. It has a lake floating in space, with the sun, the moon and earth all having eyes and huge tongues stuck out at me. Yes, I have a silly hubby. He also helped with the laying out and the cutting and the holding and the running through of the items. Jesse was a huge helper and created his own work of art as well. In the end, I came home with many many painting backgrounds….and a few taken a little further and a few black alpaca backgrounds….for more serious stuff. I forgot 2 of the prettiest batts I bought. I’m guessing they are still in the box.

Jesse had fun and kept saying….we can do this. We can come back. Ha…something different and gets him off the farm. Whatever is causing this very odd cooler weather….I’m very grateful. Course I did ask for it to be cooler. Now I’m asking for rain. The grass is crunchy. Very crunchy. Giving thanks for the rain that shall uncrunch for us. And….as of tomorrow early afternoon…..there will be one less baby goat munching on the crunchy grass here and baby Butters will be eating crunchy grass up further north in Texas. I told him, Milly and Crystal yesterday….but I rather doubt they understood. I’ve never sold a baby before. Shoot, I’ve only sold those three to Kris. This is a 3 month old. Gotta harden my heart. I wonder if this is what will make Crystal step away from me. Usually it’s after their first shear. They are my best friends, then I shear them and they say…hey….what….no! And they keep to themselves after that but then, when they have a baby….they usually decide to be my friend again. Still waiting on Milky. She was my bud and won’t let me touch her, but she does like to be near me. Maybe after her first baby. Lila is looking great. Her eyes are healing and she’s standing better, walking better and just plain ole looks better. Oh…looks like hubby chose to feed me Chili’s! Awesome.

Ok….home and fed the frenzied mob….and survived. They were truly insane today but then again, it was 7:30!!! Feels like a good day and Jesse said it a few times, that it was a good day. Yup…feel very productive and still have lots of clean fleece to spin with and such from my frenzied washing last week. Yup…good to go for a bit. Ok…I’m plum tuckered. Gonna say goodnight and sweet dreams since I didn’t last night. And now…..signing off with a smile…oh ya…no crying at the sight of the feltloom!!! Yay me! Signing off with a smile at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps…. Photos of today’s haul will be posted tomorrow. I’m too tired.












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